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									                 Save energy. Save money.                                                 What if one decision you made
                                                                                          today could save money at your
                 New programs offer incentives to                                         home or business every day?
                 stretch your energy dollar.
                 Consumers Energy has rebates and instant savings on energy               In Michigan, what if has
                 efficient products that can reduce your utility bills year after year.   become what is.
                 Start saving today.
                 For a complete list of tips, tools and simple steps to help you use
                 energy more efficiently at home or in business, please contact us:
                          (800) 477-5050, press 5

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                            Bring the                                            Consumers Energy Business
                            Savings Home                                         Solutions

                            R   educe your home energy bills and save
                                money with the power of energy efficiency.       G    ive your business the power of energy efficiency and
                                                                                      save money. Consumers Energy has incentives on energy
                                                                                 efficient products that can reduce your energy use and deliver
Appliance Recycling                                                              significant savings on your bill.
We’ll	pick	up	your	qualifying	and	operating	second	refrigerator	or	freezer	at	   Our incentives make initial investment costs more affordable for
no	cost,	recycle	it	in	an	environmentally	safe	way	and	give	you	$30	just	be-     businesses of all sizes. Two types of incentives:
cause	you’ve	chosen	to	recycle.	It’s	that	easy	to	save.	Note: In 2009, pickup
areas are limited to Consumers Energy service territories in and around          Prescriptive Incentives
Flint, Saginaw, Jackson, Battle Creek and Kalamazoo, but the program             These “off the rack” solutions allow you to install energy efficient
will be expanding to all Consumers Energy electric customers in 2010.            equipment and achieve predetermined savings which qualify
To schedule a pickup, visit us online or call (877) 270-3519.                    for incentives. Incentives typically average 20 percent to
                                                                                 50 percent of the incremental cost of purchasing qualifying
Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL)                                               technologies.
Get instant lighting savings from Consumers Energy at
Michigan	stores	near	you.	Simply	purchase	a	qualified	                           	     •	Lighting	 	           	         •	Water	Heating	
item	from	one	of	our	participating	retailers.	Prices	on	                         	     •	HVAC	(electric	and	gas)	        •	Miscellaneous	
qualified items will be reduced in the store.                                    	     •	Motors	and	Drives	

ENERGY STAR® Appliances                                                          Custom Incentives
Get	rebates	on	certain	ENERGY	STAR	appliances	and	products	                      These “tailored” solutions are custom fit to your business. Incen-
such	as	clothes	washers	and	programmable	thermostats.	Rebates	                   tives are determined on a case-by-case basis. The payback period is
will reduce product prices while the appliances and products                     more than one year and less than eight years.
will reduce your energy costs every month.                                            Eligible Custom Measures
                                                                                      Custom measures include, but are not limited to:
Heating and Cooling
                                                                                 	    •	Process	improvements	
Consumers Energy has valuable rebates on energy efficient
                                                                                 	    •		 ir	compressor	controls	and	end	use	reduction	improvements
air conditioners and furnaces that can make your purchase
                                                                                 	    •	New	technology	applications	
more affordable. If your system has reached its rated
                                                                                 	    •	Refrigeration
lifetime, usually between 10 and 15 years, use our rebates
                                                                                 	    •	Chiller	plant	optimization	
to upgrade to high-efficiency equipment. It will lower your
                                                                                 	    •	Cooling	tower	optimization	
energy costs. (866) 234-0445
                                                                                 	    •	Window	replacements
                                                                                 	    •	Insulation	improvements	
Water Heating
                                                                                 	    •	Heat	recovery	projects
Whether	you	install	a	new	energy	efficient	water	heater	or	
insulating pipe wrap, our rebates reduce your purchase price.
                                                                                 For more information related to your business,
And	with	the	savings	you’ll	get	on	your	utility	bills,	
                                                                                 visit our FAQ page online, call us toll-free at (877)
it’s	an	investment	that	virtually	pays	for	itself.
                                                                                 607-0737 or e-mail us at ConsumersEnergyBusiness
(866) 234-0445

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