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									WILL JASPER

Tel: 07734 228 221

CALLBOX: 01932 592 572


Project              Company        Director          Producer           Position

Feature Films

Mixed Up             Black & Blue   Lawrence Pearce   Jonathon Sothcott 1st    AD
Tidal Barrier        Render         Thomas Nerling    Rob Sheffield     1st    AD
Wreckers             Pogo Films     Dictynna Hood     Simon Onawah      1st    AD
Buddy’s Last         True Word      Ken Kelsall       Ryan James        1st    AD
The Hike             MPH            Rupert Bryan      Ben Lloydd Holmes 2nd    AD


The Academy          2 Act          Peter Hinton      Humphrey Barclay 1st AD

Short Films

One Man and his Dog Between the Eyes Johnny Hopkins   Maddy Elles Hill   1st   AD
Snails              Loki             Nick Scott       Bob Ford           1st   AD
War Wounds          Independent      Katy Egan        Marshall Leviten   1st   AD
When in Rome        True Word        Ken Kelsall      Jasper Jones       1st   AD
It’s a Classic      Independent      Tom Coombes      Charles King       1st   AD
Wormwood            True Word        Ken Kelsall      Jasper Jones       1st   AD
Breaking            True Word        Gerry Ramsey     Harriet Green      1st   AD
GK                    Rother Films     Lawrence Pearce Lawrence Pearce      1st AD
Vengence              Independent      Craig Viveiros George Morris         2nd AD
The Happiest Day      One Small Step   Lorrin Braddick Dan Kreeger          2nd AD

Pop Promos

Samson                Rother Films     Lawrence Pearce Aadel Nodeh          1st   AD
Characters            True Word        Stephano Reina Jasper Jones          1st   AD
Rhydian               Crossroads       Trudi Bellinger Francesca Barnes     2nd   AD
Red Light Company     Pulse            D.A.R.Y.L        Neil Andrews        2nd   AD
Dima Bilan            Crossroads       Trudi Bellinger Hera King            2nd   AD
Placebo               Crossroads       Howard Greenlagh Kwok Yaw            2nd   AD
Dakota                Spring 69        Nikolaj Larsen Adam Farley           2nd   AD
Paulo Nutini          Academy          Corin Hardy      Liz Kessler         2nd   AD


6 Nations Rugby       Red Bee          Toby Crawford     Nicole Coleman     1st   AD (2
Calvin Klein (Test)   Rother Films     Lawrence Pearce   Aadel Nodeh        1st   AD
Wii Sport Resort      Kream            Jane McGee        Jane McGee         1st   AD
Nike                  Flynn            Thom Bryant       Emma Comley        2nd   AD
Heineken              RSA              Matt              Garfield           2nd   AD
Vision Express        Hijinx           Mitch Stratten    Sally Newson       2nd   AD
6 Nations Rugby       Red Bee          Marcus Jones      Edel Erickson      2nd   AD
Tesco                 Smuggler         Neil Harris       Jess Ann De Weil   2nd   AD
LG                    Hungry Man       Scott Vincent     Tim Nunn           2nd   AD
U-Switch              COY              Sean & Ben        Sara Cummins       2nd   AD
Armadillo             Stink            Darkfibre         Blake Powell       2nd   AD
Tarrant Let's the
Kids Loose            Red Bee           Henry White      Carrie Hart        2nd AD
Pedigree              Crossroads        JAM              Hera King          3rd AD
Knife Crime           Sonny             Guy Manwaring    Alice Grant        PA
German Free TV        Streetlight Films Alex Krause      Adrian Harrison    PA


Project                    Company          Director             Producer              1

M & S                      Serrious         Vaughn Arnell        Donnie Masters        I
Head & Shoulders           Outsider         Pedro Romhanyl       Gareth Francis        B
Hovis                      Rattling Stick   Ivan Bird            Kate Martin           I
Currys                    Moxie            James Griffiths      Jess Ensor       B
Comic Relief              Hungry Man       Richard Bullock      Matt Buels       S
TK Maxx                   Annex            David Baksh          Basil Stephens J
Combat Stress             Bare             Jim Weedon           Helen Hadfeild M
Tesco                     Smuggler         Neil Harris          Jess Ann De Weil B
First For Business        Sky News         Vix Box              Jilly Ticehurst B
HSBC                      HLA              Simon Ratigan        Mike Wells       I
Nike                      Archers Mark     Mike Brett           Adam Booth       A
BMI Virals                Th2ng            Stuart Fryer         Hannah Cooper    R
Tesco                     Smuggler         Neil Harris          Jess Ann De Weil B
RAF                       Hungry Man       Steve Huddson        Tim Nunn         B
Visa                      Archers Mark     Steve Jamison        Mike Brett       A
Samsung                   Mad Cow          Hoya Sungho          Tony Moon        B
Actimel                   Moxie            Rupert Jones         Sam Levene       B
Walkers                   Crossroads       Ben Tonge            Hera King        B
McVities                  Stink            Trevor Cornish       Martin Box       B
World Darts               Sky Sports       Mark Valledy         Jane McCullen    L
Benecol                   Hotspur & Argyll Theo Delaney         Linsey Romano    S
Dell                      Rumpus Room      Tom Rope             Melissa Fallon
Vaseline                  Bare             Joanna Bailey        Kelly Doyle      R
Little Boots              Colonel Blimp    David Wilson         Tasmin Glasson R
Alaphabeat                Flynn            Toben Seymour        Leanne Stott     S
Florence and the Machince Partizan         Tom & Tabitha        Paul Weston      J
Jamie Cullem              Pulse            EMMA                 Neil Andrews     R
Natalie Imbruglia         Flynn            Mike Baldwin         Leanne Stott     R
The Script                Colonel Blimp    Paul Minor           Leanne Stott     B
Remi Nicole               Crossroads       Harvey Bertram Brown Francesca Barnes A
JLS                       Bikini           Max & Dania          Scott Clark      C
Bombay Bicycle Club       Grasshopper      James Appleton       Clare Spencer    S


ADA Tracking Vehicle and Stunt Co-Ordination trained.
First Aid – Appointed Person (Not to replace on set Medic).
Experienced with Low loaders, cranes, kids, crowds, nights, tracking, CGI.
Own car and Mac Pro edit suite,

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