The AutoCAD 2000 Tutor Chapter 1 Getting Started with by izj14562


									The AutoCAD 2000 Tutor

Chapter 1
Getting Started with AutoCAD 2000

Time Estimate: 2-3 hours

Summary: This is a quick start chapter, designed to get a user drawing in
AutoCAD 2000 in a short period of time. The chapter covers the basic drawing
environment and how to use it (drawing surface, toolbars, right mouse click
options). The creation of Lines through various input methods (typed input polar
and XY & “point and shoot”). The Use of Object Snap points for accuracy
(Outlines each object snap method including the new Parallel and Extension),
and the new Polar tracking tools are also covered. Accessing help tools, saving
drawings and exiting an AutoCAD session properly.


Once the Chapter is successfully completed, a student’s abilities will include:
• Identifying the areas of the ACAD 2000 screen interface
• Locating and using the function keys
• Entering commands through various methods
• Managing Coolbars
• Beginning a new drawing through the start from scratch start-up wizard
• Locating and opening an existing drawing
• Creating a line through several accurate input techniques
• Setting up running Object Snaps
• Using Polar Tracking in line creation
• Combining Object Snaps and Polar Tracking to locate points on a drawing
• Creating a basic circle
• Erasing objects
• Saving drawings
• Exiting an AutoCAD 2000 Drawing session

• Start off small and make sure the students are successful on the first drawing.
   This will bolster their confidence since it is a complex program and has many
   ways to accomplish a task.
• Be consistent; Use the Toolbar’s or pull-down’s exclusively, do not mix and
   match as this promotes confusion. Personally, I start by the pull-downs and
   migrate to the Toolbars, as the students become comfortable with the
• Draw something that the students will recognize; better yet bring in a simple
   gasket or drill plate and use that object for the basis of the first drawings.

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