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									6                                                                                            the Oarsman                                                                                   OctOber 22, 2009

Whip it! Whip it Good! C                                                                                                                d                 r        e      v        i       e        w         s
                                                                                     cially, is extremely angry, and after
                                                                                     a big fight, bliss runs away. With
                                                                                                                               Sunstreak: Once Upon a Lie
                                                                                     her new love interest away on tour
                                                                                     with his band, and her best friend not
                                                                                     speaking to her, bliss has never felt
                                                                                     so alone in her life.
                                                                                           to top it all off, her parents
                                                                                     make her choose between one of
                                                                                     her mother’s precious pageants, and
                                                                                     the championship derby game. Will
                                                                                     Bliss indulge in her mother’s fanciful
                                                                                     world, or follow her heart, even if it
                                                                                     means breaking her mother’s?
                                                                                           What makes “Whip it” charm-
                                                                                     ing isn’t the fact that you’ll walk
                                                                                     away enlightened (you won’t), it’s
                                                                                     just the guiding principle of fun that
                                                                                     these talented actors clearly convey.
                                                                                     it seems like they had a ton of fun
                                                                                     making it, and that, in turn, makes
                                                                                     the movie fun to watch.
                                                                                           “Whip it” is also believable.
                                                                                     ellen Page excels as an angst-ridden
                                                                                     teen; you feel like you’re watching
                                                                                     your best friend, not some fake,
                                           Courtesy   of   theCinemasourCe.Com
                                                                                     hollywood starlet. adding to the                                                               Courtest   of   theme   grouP
                                                                                     realism of the movie is the fact that
By Kiana Laing                            leads bliss to discover the fast-paced     the cast went to roller derby camp        B y e m a B i d i wa L a                  chasing.
Oarsman editOr                            world of roller derby. subsequently,       and handled most of its own skating.      Oarsman staFF                                   the third track is the worst of
                                          she hops on a bus to austin, tries out     marcia Gay harden, as her mother,                                                   the four tracks on the cd. it seems
      Girl-powered, coming-of-age         for the team, and somehow makes it,        plays a complex character commend-             this year, the once-famous           like a copy of the band the all
movies are plentiful, but actress         due to her surprising speed.               ably, especially when she yells at        band new Kids on the block made           american rejects.
Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut,             enamored by her team, the hurl       bliss, only to remember how hard          a successful comeback, inspiring                the lyrics are confusing and do
“Whip it,” is something refreshingly      scouts, a.k.a. “the tough cookies,”        life was for herself at that age.         older men who wanted to be rock           not fit the rhythm of the song. the
welcome.                                  bliss finds the family she always                the eclectic soundtrack featur-     stars to still pursue their dream like    rhythm is also too loud and the singer
      ellen Page, who earned an Oscar     wanted without all of the friction         ing artists such as tilly and the Wall,   sunstreak.                                is not clear in his words.
nomination for “Juno,” stars as bliss     of her life in bodeen. bruises and         dolly Parton, and the chordettes               the semi-attractive band mem-              the last track, “here in my
cavendar, a 17 year-old unhappily         laughs galore, bliss fits in perfectly     provides a nice background, although,     bers use the overheard, pop rock          arms” sounds as if it could be played
living in the small town of bodeen,       with the tough, sarcastic chicks hurl-     at times, the lyrics were comical         sound with romantic, sometimes            on a cW tV show, in a prom or slow
Texas. Bliss, or Blister, as she’s more   ing themselves around in circles at        because they literally described what     creepy lyrics.                            dance scene. the lyrics and back beat
fittingly known, yearns for some-         60 m.p.h. the hurl scouts have             was happening in that scene.                   For example, in their first song     are soft and the song itself is an easy
thing more amidst her identity crisis.    never won a game, but they don’t                 Overall, guys and girls alike       off their debut album with the same       listen.
Bliss’ mom, played by Marcia Gay          care, because they are all just in it to   should see this movie because they’ll     name “Once Upon a Lie”, the lyrics              Overall the band is nothing new
harden, is obsessed with beauty pag-      have the time of their lives.              find themselves immersed in the sto-      transition from romantic to almost        and not worth paying for. however,
eants, and bliss reluctantly obliges            But Bliss’ newfound paradise         ryline, which is both a chick-flick       stalkerish like the lines “i need your    they are worth a listen and out of the
to participate in them to make her        doesn’t last long when Bliss’ parents      and sports tale filled with triumphs,     skin tonight” and “Let me control         four tracks i listened to, 1 is worth
mom happy.                                find out that her alibi, a sat class, is   failures, and good, old-fashioned         you”.                                     purchasing.
      however, a chance encounter         really derby practices with a bunch        fun.                                           their next track “Until i met               hopefully the album will have
with some derby girls at a thrift shop    of grungy misfits. Bliss’ mom, espe-                                                 You” takes a lighter, sweeter turn        songs that are worth a purchasing or
                                                                                                                               talking about a girl meeting a boy or,    listening on itunes . however, the
                                                                                                                               in the music videos case; the singer

“Let the Wild Rumpus Start”
                                                                                                                                                                         collectable trading cards given t pro-
                                                                                                                               meets a girl who changes his whole        motional events, were a delightful,
                                                                                                                               perception of life. however, the track    momentary fun game.
                                                                                                                               sounds familiar and is not worth pur-

                                                                                                                               Jaicko: Oh [No]

                                                                                          Photo   Courtesy of dCPLive.org

B y C at h y a s a Pa h u                       Once he runs away, he hides in       with ridged horns, flowing fur, and
Oarsman editOr                            the woods where he escapes into his        independently moving feathers.
                                          imagination and sails off to a fantasy           Jonze also added a lot of depth
     after more than six years of pro-    world of wild creatures where he is        to the story by giving the “Wild                                                    Courtesy    of theBLaCKandwhite.net
duction, director spike Jonze finally     dubbed “King of the Wild things”.          things” unique personalities and
released Where the Wild things are        however, as king, max discovers            names. he also adds clarity to the
                                          that being in charge is much more                                                    B y e m a B i d i wa L a                  miss muffin fresh out the oven, can
in theatres Oct.16.                                                                  story by using Max’s issues of feel-
     Jonze is famous for direct-          difficult than he anticipated.             ing unimportant and living in the
                                                                                                                               Oarsman staFF                             I take a bite? cause you look so
ing strange and creative films such             in general, the film was well        absence of a father to justify his                                                  scrumptious,” a good rhythm, sim-
                                                                                                                                    in 2004, Usher collaborated          ple lyrics, and redundancy.
as adaptation and being John              done and beautifully shot. many            rebellious behavior.                      with Li’l Jon and Ludacris to make              the song gets stuck in your
malkovich.                                scenes were shot using a hand-held               however, the movie lacked in a      the word “Yeah” a cultural phenom-        head and just like Jaicko says “You
     Based on Maurice Sendak’s            camera, giving the film an earthly         strong central plot. there were some      enon.                                     don’t even know why you’re turning
popular children’s book, Where The        feel.                                      parts of the movie that seemed to be           In 2009, Capitol Records’ new        up your radio … i got you singing oh
Wild things are follows the story               the film was also shot on loca-      unnecessarily long to make the film       find Jaicko, is set out to do the         yeah” in his monotonous, heard-it- a-
of max, a rambunctious boy who            tion in australia, adding to the whim-     an acceptable length. there were also     same by adding an “oh” to the once        million-times voice.
embarks on an imaginary adventure.        sical and out-of-this-world feeling        certain moments that were inappro-        famous song title “Yeah” and make it            it is unlikely that this song will
in the film adaptation, max runs          that made the film aesthetically           priately frightening for the children’s   “Oh yeah.”                                hit the radio waves. What is likely is
away from home one night after his        pleasing. the animatronics and cGi         age group that was targeted. Overall           Jaicko uses the same lethal for-     that this artist will not be successful.
mother brings her new boyfriend           used to create the creatures were also     though, Jonze did a fantastic job in      mula Usher used for his hit song
home and he bites her in an act of        commendable. the creatures had             converting a nine-sentence story into     “Yeah” of tacky, lyrics such as “Little
rebellion.                                amazing details and were complete          a full-length film.
OctOber 22,2009                                                                                 the Oarsman

The New Race Arrives
                                                                                          the acting is superb from the
                                                                                     award winning Willis as well as his
                                                                                     supporting actors radha mitchell,
                                                                                     rosamund Pike, boris Kodjoe and
                                                                                                                             2518 Lincoln blvd
                                                                                                                              marina del rey
                                                                                     James Kinty.
                                                                                          the action scenes are exception-
                                                                                     able, filled with drama and excite-

                                                                                     The surrogates
                                                                                     are physically
                                                                                     perfect, and
                                                                                     there is no need                        20% off to all
                                    Photo   Courtesy of gonewiththetwins.Com
                                                                                     for their human
                                                                                     controllers to                           Venice High
                                                                                     keep up their
By gaBrieL       riCKard                    anyway you like, even if you’re
Oarsman staFF                               a man and you want to live as a
      the well-written fast-paced
thriller “surrogates,” starring brue
                                                  crime and disease have drasti-
                                            cally gone down. even discrimina-
Willis as agent tom Greer, takes            tion and social strife have declined.
place sometime in the near future.                 it seems they have found the
      in this high-tech world, people       answer to everything, but the first           even though the plot is a little
live their lives out of the safety of       murder mystery in years shakes up        confusing and hard to follow, the
their own homes, while they control         the society and reveals a conspiracy     great acting makes up for it.
a robotic surrogate.                        that forces Greer out of his surrogate        the science fiction theme is

                                                                                                                             (310) 827-8121
      the surrogates are physically         to investigate.                          truly genius, similar to irobot with
perfect, and there is no need for their           the movie, directed by Jonathan    Will smith. this movie is definitely
human controllers to keep up their          mostow, is full of suspense and the      a “go see.”
appearance.                                 plot is action-packed, full of car
      You can fix up your surrogate         crashes and explosions.

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