The Challenges of Sound Liquidity Risk Management by kdb20316


									Seminar 05/15/01 #OCC6231-1
Seminar 05/16/01 #OCC6231-2
                                                                      Who Should Participate?
OCC’s Telephone Seminar: The Challenges                               The topic for this telephone seminar will be of         Comptroller of the Currency

of Sound Liquidity Risk Management                                    particular interest to bank:                            Administrator of National Banks

                                                                        • Chief executive officers
Registration Form                                                       • Directors
                                                                        • Senior managers
Registrant Name                                                                                                               The Challenges of Sound
                                                                        • Compliance officers
                                                                        • Risk management officers                            Liquidity Risk Management:
Bank/Company                                                            • Consultants                                         OCC Expectations and Policy for Community Banks
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❑ May 15, OCC6231-1               ❑ May 16, OCC6231-2
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• Site registration and one set of written materials
                                                                      Price                                                   Convenient • Informative • Cost Effective
  ❑ National Banks: $99
                                                                      Participation is $99 per connection for each national
  ❑ Others: $125
                                                                      bank listening site and $125 per connection for each
• Audiocassette tapes and one set of written materials
                                                                      non-national bank listening site.
  ❑ National Banks: $49 participants, $99 non-participants
  ❑ Others: $65 participants, $125 non-participants                   Audiocassette Tapes
• Check method of payment:                                            Audiocassette tapes of the seminar, with supporting
  ❑ Check made payable to KRM                  ❑ MasterCard           materials, are available for purchase. The price for
  ❑ American Express                           ❑ Discover Card        national banks is $99; for others, it is $125.
  ❑ VISA                                                              Seminar participants (national banks and others) may
                                                                      order tapes for $49 and $65, respectively.
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                                                                      Questions for Speakers?
Expiration Date:
                                                                      If you would like to submit liquidity questions to
Signature:                                                            the speakers prior to the seminar, please e-mail
Registrations after 05/04/01, please add $8 for expedited handling. or fax them to
Total Payment:                                                        (415) 442-5388.
What Is a Telephone Seminar?                      This Seminar Will Enable Participants to:             Interact with OCC Experts:

This 90-minute telephone seminar allows           • Learn about current market conditions and
an unlimited number of people to listen to          their potential effect on liquidity.
                                                                                                                      Kathryn E. Dick,
OCC experts and to discuss with them their        • Understand the fundamental elements of a                          Treasury and Market Risk
experiences and policy imperatives over             contingency funding plan.
individual telephones or with colleagues on       • Gain insight into the OCC’s expectations for
speakerphones. The experts’ interaction with        liquidity risk management.
you, the listener, will make the program a
valuable learning experience and enjoyable         • Ask questions about sound liquidity practices
                                                     and supervisory policy.                                          Deputy Comptroller
to listen to. And you can ask questions from
                                                                                                                      John F. Robinson,
wherever you are.
                                                   • Learn what to expect at your next examination.                   Western District
There is no rush-hour traffic, no parking,         Discuss Topics:
no travel time or expenses. You can remain
in the office and share information with a        • How has liquidity risk changed and why does
                                                    this pose greater challenges today than in
large group of colleagues for one price per
                                                    the past?
site. A moderator guides the presentation                                                                             Lead Capital Markets Expert
and the open forum, much like participating       • Why are sound liquidity risk management                           Joey Johnson,
in a talk-radio program.                            processes more important now than                                 Southeastern District
                                                    ever before?
                                                  • How will inherent risks associated with
                    Welcome by                      increased reliance on wholesale funding
                    John D. Hawke, Jr.,             sources affect exposure to liquidity risk?
                    Comptroller of the Currency   • What are the most common examination
                                                                                                                      National Bank Examiner
                                                    findings at community banks?
                                                                                                                      Michael Drennan,
                                                  • What are OCC expectations for board and                           Treasury and Market Risk
                                                    senior management oversight, information
                                                    systems, controls, and contingency funding
                                                    plan processes?

How to Register                                                                                                       National Bank Examiner
                                                    • Faxing the form to 800/676-0734.
Those wishing to attend the seminar may                                                                               Stephen Sage,
                                                    • Mailing the registration form to KRM
register by:                                                                                                          Treasury and Market Risk
                                                      Information Services, P.O. Box 1187,
• Filling out the online registration form at         Eau Claire, WI 54702-1187.                               Registrants receive a special toll-free number
• Calling 800/775-7654 between the hours            and a PIN number for entrance to the telephone
   of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CDT and providing           seminar. You will receive written materials prior
   registration information.                        to the call via the Internet or direct mail.

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