Vivienne Cunningham-Smith trained as a Social Worker many moons by hcj


									                      2008 CONFERENCE

Day 1 – THURSDAY 6th November

KEYNOTE        9.30-10.45 am

KEYNOTE – Michael Mc Queen
Author of “New rules of Engagement : Engaging generation x and gen y.
Workshop One: Engaging young people – how to use the web based strategies as a social

Michael McQueen is a Sydney based speaker, social researcher and business owner.
Graduating from the University of Wollongong in 2002, he is the founder of a training and
consultancy company called Nexgen Impact. Nexgen‟s mission is to partner with schools and
businesses to assist students in making a successful transition from school to work. Each
year, Michael and his organisation present to just over 20,000 students on employability
skills and goal setting. As the author of the recently released book The New Rules of
Engagement, Michael is a sought after presenter across Australia and South East Asia. He
will be sharing some ideas on how to better understand and engage Generation Y.

MORNING SESSIONS - 11.00am - 12.30pm

1.0     Engaging young people – how to use the web based strategies as a social network.
Facilitator:    Michael McQueen
Michael McQueen together with participants will explore more in-depth strategies for
building relationship, engagement and commitment with the younger generation.

1.1     Solution focused brief therapy - helping young people cope with change e.g parental
separation,, grief and loss etc.
Facilitator: David Hedger – Acting Manager Shoalhaven Drug and alcohol
David Hedger is currently the Acting Manager for the Shoalhaven Drug & Alcohol Service,
SESIH. David has provided counselling and health education for adolescents & their families
for over fifteen years, as well as providing consultation & training in Brief Therapies. David
has a Bachelor of Nursing and a two year advanced certificate in Solution Focused
Brief Therapy. He has also completed further training in Brief Therapies in England, Canada
& the United States and remains passionate about working within the clients theory of

1.2     Challenging Myths: promoting facts about different youth subcultures
Facilitator: Alison Bradford: Wollongong City Council Youth Services

Alison currently works at the Wollongong youth centre with a range of diverse young clients.
She will explore with delegates common myths and facts about different youth subcultures
and give information and training on useful strategies to engage and assist different groups
of young people.

1.3      Getting the best out of your staff - how to ensure that work is productive and
sustainable for you and your staff!
Facilitator: Andrew Munro: CEO CareSouth
This workshop is aimed at team leaders, coordinators, managers or any person who
experiences some degree of difficulty at times when managing staff. Andrew will walk
delegates through strategies to assist you to improve conflict resolution and management
specifically in relation to human resource management.

Andrew Munro is a social worker, trained at both UNSW and Monash. Previous
work experience includes 5 years as a youth worker, 12 years in Child Protection and OOHC
with DoCS and the last 5 years as CEO of CareSouth. Andrew lives at Berry, is married as
has 3 children.

2.0 Technical futures: Utilising the web to develop and maintain client contact, get and give
    information - some practical strategies to navigate social networking sites such as face
    book, my space.
Facilitator: Priscilla Brice-Weller . ( ANTaR) Australian for native title and Reconciliation

Priscilla Brice-Weller is the online campaigner coordinator for ANTaR (Australians for
Native Title and Reconciliation) which is using social media in many creative ways. Priscilla is
committed to technology as a rung on the ladder of engagement. She also supports and
encourages the role of technology in non profit activism She has been working with non-
profits to improve their online communications for about six years. Since starting with
ANTaR in January 2007 her initiatives have increased the number of unique visitors to
ANTaR's website by over 300% and has also increased the number of active ANTaR
supporters significantly. Priscilla also manages her own blog which focuses on
ICT for non-profits, and is also the vice-president of the Web Industry Professionals

2.1. „Start out right‟ contracts, employment, tenancy, credit and debt issues affecting
young people: useful strategies to assist.
Facilitators: Warren Wheeler and Matt Turner Illawarra legal Centre

This workshop is a collaborative effort to assist youth workers to increase their knowledge
about contracts, tenancy, employment and financial credit and debt matters affecting young
people aged 15-18years.

Warren wheeler has worked as a tenants advocate for 3 years at Illawarra legal Centre.
Prior to this, Matt worked at Community Housing as a Tenancy worker. Matt Turner has
extensive legal experience and has been employed by Legal Aid for 10 years in the civil
section. Prior to this he worked as a tenants advocate in South West Sydney TAAS. Matt
has also worker as a CSC Mediator and in private practice.

2.2     Encouraging youth to seek support with problem behaviours associated with AOD
use: Assessing for change and practical strategies to use in your work.
Facilitators: Kelly Winter & David St Quintin– Youth Drug and Alcohol SESIAHS

Kelly Winter is a Registered Psychologist currently working with the Drug and Alcohol
Community Youth Team (DACYT) in Wollongong. She has worked with adults and young
people with substance use issues in both a community and residential setting and also within
a health promotion framework in an educational setting. She also has experience working
with young people with complex behaviour problems in a residential setting. In her current
role, Kelly provides individual counselling to young people and their families with substance
use issues and works in a community development capacity with other organisations.

David is a Registered Psychologist working with the Drug & Alcohol Community Youth Team
(DACYT) in Wollongong. His role in the team consists primarily of one-to-one counselling
with young people (ages 12-24) and their families / significant others. David believes that
drug use is best viewed in its familial, social, and developmental contexts and that working
with young people requires taking all these areas into account to help them meet the
challenges in their individual situations.

David has been with DACYT for 2 years. Prior to this he was working with the Community
Mental Health Service in Wollongong and brings with him an interest in the overlap between
mental health and substance use issues. He is currently studying towards his PhD in Clinical
Psychology, with research focusing on the causes and consequences of feelings of
hopelessness in adolescents and young adults. In his spare time, he likes to build hot rods
and make films.
2.3 SEE Young People (Screening and Engaging Early) to improve mental health outcomes
Facilitator: Sherrill Spears Psychologist - Headspace Wollongong

This workshop is for youth workers, residential & community workers, all “first contact”
workers with young people. This is an interactive workshop with focus on psychosocial
development, barriers to care, mental health & substance abuse problems experienced by
young people. The workshop will assist development of skills in mental health screening and
early engagement of young people with mental health issues.

Sherrill is a Education and Training Co-ordinator with Head space Illawarra and also works
part time for Southern Youth and Family Services as a consultant to the Out Of Home
Care Service. She has worked as a clinical psychologist with adolescent mental health and
early psychosis services for 25 years.

AFTERNOON SNAP SHOT SESSIONS - Discussion groups 3-30-4.45pm

3.0 Talking about: Legal rights of workers assisting youth being questioned, Police powers
related to entry of premises, interviewing young people, bail conditions: curfews, probation,
good behaviour bonds etc
Discussion leader: Ben Walsh – Police Youth Liaison officer
This discussion group will lo at effective ways youth workers can work with the police while
still supporting their clients.

3.1 Talking about: Making first contact count: client friendly strategies to improve your
workplace!! Establishing rapport and boundaries and addressing youth complaints
Discussion leader: Project officer: NSW Commission for Children and Young people.

3.2 Talking about: The oral competence of youth: goal setting and young people - helping to
build resilience
Discussion Leader: David Hedger – Acting Manager Shoalhaven Drug and alcohol

3.3 Self defence strategies for youth workers – A practical workshop of smooth moves for
Discussion Leader : Raelene Holz

3.4 Risky Drinking & young people: – A practical workshop that gives workers practical
prevention strategies to promote and use in your services
Discussion Leader : Pam Talty – Youth Off the Streets & Youth Work Diploma Students
Shellharbour TAFE

DAY 2 – FRIDAY 7th November

KEYNOTE ADDRESS – 9.15-10.15am
KEYNOTE ADDRESS–              Dr. Richard Denniss

Richard will talk about our affluent society and the impact it‟s having on achieving sustainable and
equitable economic and social outcomes. He will discuss ideas on building a sustainable future.

 Dr Richard Denniss is an economist with a particular interest in the role of regulation in
 achieving sustainable and equitable economic and social outcomes. Richard has published
 widely in academic journals, is a frequent contributor to national newspapers and was the
 co-author of Affluenza: When Too Much is Never Enough ( 2006). Richard currently
 works with The Australian Institute in Canberra. He previously worked as an Associate
 Professor at the Crawford School of Economics and Government at the Australian
 National University: Canberra. His research interests focus on the role and design of
 regulation in developed countries, with an emphasis on labour market and environmental
 regulation. Richard has had extensive experience working on policy outside of academia.
 He has previously worked as Chief of Staff to the then Leader of the Australian
 Democrats, Senator Natasha Stott Despoja, was the Deputy Director of the Australia
 Institute, a Canberra based think tank, and was Strategy Adviser to the Leader of the
 Australian Greens, Senator Bob Brown.

PANEL DISCUSSION 10.15 – 11.15
Panel To Explore: Key Areas of Change, Risks, Action and Future for the Community Sector
with: Narelle Clay, CEO SYFS, Vivienne Cunningham Smith Manager, Barnardos South Coast,
ASU representative and Helen Backhouse Manager Illawarra Forum.

Narelle Clay (A.M) is the Chief Executive Officer of Southern Youth and Family Services
which provides services in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven areas of NSW. Narelle has been
active in the community sector and particularly in the area of homelessness for twenty
three years and is well known in her field and more broadly for her activism and commitment
to seek social justice, and her endless energy to challenge but also work with Government to
make changes. Narelle's Member to the Order of Australia Award (AM) is for
"Distinguished service to the community through social justice advocacy and the provision of
accommodation, housing and support for homeless people especially young people." She has
been a teacher for twenty two years with TAFE and a trainer in various courses related to
human services including advocacy, community management, policy development and
industrial relations. She is the President of the Australian Services Union (ASU) NSW and
Act Branches and Vice President of the Australian Services Union NSW, Community
Services Branch, a Member of the Association of Child Welfare Board, and an active
member of the Youth Accommodation Association NSW. Narelle was the first Independent
Chairperson of the Australian Federation of Homelessness Organisations (AFHO now HA),
previous Chairperson National Youth Coalition of Housing (NYCH), Previous Member of the
Commonwealth Advisory Committee on Homelessness (CACH) and on Housing (MACHA),
Previous Member of the NSW Ministerial Advisory Council on Homelessness, Member of the
previous National JPET Advisory Group and others.

Vivienne Cunningham-Smith Vivienne Cunningham-Smith. Senior Manager. Barnardos South
Coast. Viv is a social worker with 24 years experience in government and non government
services in the areas of community health, HIV/AIDS and child welfare. Her expertise and
interests lie in community development its practice and research , social justice management
and strategic and service planning. She has also run her own social work planning and
management company specialising in working with community development organisations and
taught welfare for 10 years. Viv has published papers in the areas of Agency Partnership
and Collaborative Practice Models, Integrated Service Delivery, Models of Preventative and
Early Intervention work in Child Welfare and Models of Child and Family Community

Helen Backhouse is the Manager of the Illawarra Forum Inc, the regional peak for
community based organisations whose aims include the pursuit of social justice and
resourcing and supporting the region‟s community organisations. Helen has worked in the
community services field for 24 years in a number of fields.


4.0     Cyber bullying - protection strategies for young people and their privacy, AVO‟s-
       emerging trends and strategies for workers to assist protect young people from
       stalking and bullying
A panel will discuss
Cyber bullying - what is it? How is it happening? Promoting cyber etiquette
Speaker: Professor Brian Martin from the Uni of Wollongong

Legal Protection strategies for young people - what can they do about bullying in the
playground and /or online –
Speaker: Louise Sutherland – Solicitor Children‟s Legal Services

AVO's and children - emerging trends when are they appropriate? What is the consequence
of breeching AVO Orders?
Speaker: Sharon Callaghan - Illawarra Legal Centre & Louise Sutherland

Professor Brian Martin -The University of Wollongong
Brian is a Professor of Social Sciences in the Faculty of Arts at UOW. The central theme in
his research is the dynamics of power, with special attention to strategies for challenging
repression and exploitation.

Louise Sutherland – Solicitor Children‟s Legal Services
Louise currently works as a solicitor with the Children‟s Legal Services in Sydney. She has a
wealth of knowledge in the area of children‟s law and processes of the court. She will share
information and knowledge on processes of the court and the best way a youth worker can
assist and support a young person

Sharon Callaghan - Illawarra legal Centre
Sharon Callaghan is the Coordinator of the Children‟s Court Assistance Scheme (CCAS) and
Community Legal Education Worker with the Illawarra Legal Centre Inc. Sharon has worked
in the community sector for 25 years in areas covering a range of community sector issues
including housing rights, tenancy law, health, juvenile justice, employment and education. Her
experience in trade union and human rights campaigns, work in journalism and efforts to
document social activism, have linked with her community work and sector‟s struggle for
human rights and justice.

4.1 “ Self harming behaviours‟ Practical strategies.
Facilitator: Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

4.2 Development in the Not for Profit Sector and YOU!
The NFP sector -its importance to the economy and career pathways for agency workers
Facilitator: Robbie Collins – U.O.W. Shoalhaven Campus coordinator

The workshop targets frontline staff, project management staff, managers, board or
management committee members. The workshop is an exploration of the importance of Not
For Profit sector in the economy. It will overview career pathways especially in the not for
profit and government sectors and explore skills developed on the job and the notion of
qualification or equivalence using the national training framework

Robbie Collins has been Head of University of Wollongong‟s, Shoalhaven Campus for the past
five years during which time there has been significant growth and development of the way
the campus links with the community. She is interested in the learning organisations need to
undertake to make effective linkage with their communities, and she believes that staff
self confidence and orientation to lifelong learning are critical parts of this. She has always
worked in roles which call for collaboration with communities at all levels and the action
learning processes of change. She is passionate about the importance of links between
education and business and communities generally. She brings with her a passion for the
development of powerful individuals and groups and a breadth of knowledge developed while
working in frontline and management roles in the community sector.

4.3 Practical Program‟s showcase – programs to easily implement in your service.
Facilitators: Berenice Murphy, Annie Bowen and Shellharbour TAFE representatives
This workshop is a practical session that overviews tried and true programs that have been
researched, developed, facilitated and evaluated. The programs will be discussed and will be
packaged for workers to take away to their services to use in raising awareness, developing
life skills or educating your clients about specifics issues.


5.0 The HOT game : getting educated about sexual health
Facilitator : Naomi Holt – HARP unit
The aim of the HOT Game is to engage young people in discussions and problem solving
around sexual health issues, in a way that is fun. The HOT Kit is a sexual health education
resource for people working with homeless and at risk young people. It was created by the
Health Outreach Team (HOT) at the Youth Accommodation Association (YAA) of NSW.
The HOT project is funded by NSW Health. HOT is a health promotion project targeting
homeless and “at risk” young people. Its aims are to reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS,
other blood borne viruses (BBV) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among the
target population. The HOT game was created in 1994, and has since developed into the
product it is today through the input of hundreds of workers and young people.

Naomi Holt – Is a sexual health promotion officer with the HIV/AIDS and Related
Programs Unit (HARP) in the South Eastern Sydney Illawarra Area Health Service. Naomi
has a Degree in Psychology and Population Health as well as a Master‟s Degree in Public
Health. Naomi has been in her current position since March 2008. Before this, Naomi
worked for the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing, working in Family Planning,
Nutrition and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health. Naomi believes that sexual
health is an important aspect of young people‟s development and aims to assist both young
people and those who work with them get a better understanding of sexual health and how
it can be discussed openly and effectively.

5.1 Looking after your Mental Health – 3 practical activities/ strategies
Facilitator: TBA

5.2 Young People and Public space – contemporary issues exactly what is the law?
Facilitator: Louise Sutherland – solicitor Children‟s Legal Services
Louise Sutherland – Solicitor Children‟s Legal Services
Louise currently works as a solicitor with the Children‟s Legal Services in Sydney. She has a
wealth of knowledge in the area of children‟s law and processes of the court. She will share
information and knowledge on processes of the court and the best way a youth worker can
assist and support a young person

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