Organic Research Paper Rubric by abo20752


									                               Organic Research Paper Rubric

Criteria                                           Possible Points   Points Earned

Turing In A Paper                                    10

Text formatting                                       5
(Including margins, font, spacing, etc..)

Grammar/Spelling                                      5
(Correct use of the English language)

Structure                                             10
(Organization of content)

Content                                               30
(How well main ideas are developed,
supported, and summarized)

Readability                                           5
(Flow of information)

Parenthetical Citation                                15
(Correct use of in-text citation)

Paper Formatting                                      5
(Cover sheet, appendices, works cited)

Works Cited                                           15
(Correct MLA citation of sources)

                                            Total:____100_____       ___________

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