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									Elena Garcia
May 15, 2009.


India is a country located in South Asia and it borders the Indian Ocean in the South and the

Arabian Sea in the West Their culture consists of 4 major religions; Hinduism, Buddhism,

Jainism, and also Sikhism where it originated in India. India became an independent country in

1950's, after a struggle in becoming independent, that year was nonviolent resistance, and a new

constitution was ordered into effect. Since the independence, India has faced challenges from

religious violence, terrorism and regional separatist India is a republic country consisting of 28

states and seven union territories with a very parliament system of democracy. The Indians

constitution shows 18 different languages that are to be learned for Indian groups. English is also

spoken as a common language for them, especially those to work for the government. Most

Indians like to follow their custom arranged marriages and actually go through with it, mostly

chosen a couple by their family. Indians eat a largely vegetarian diet by eating rice. Shiva is one

of the major gods of Hinduism. He is known as the many headed many armed destroyer or

restorer. Most people think that most are born with like a gift or a duty to do when they are

young and are chosen to do that as a moral job when they are old enough to handle the job.

About two-thirds of Indians people rely on farming for their lively hood. Most farms are

however really small and crop yields are low. Most farm families have a lot of struggle to keep

crops and food for themselves as well; most people try land reform to help their families. That

one change made a huge impact though, after a series of families in the 1960’s agricultural

science introduced new farming techniques and higher grain varieties to improving the products.

The program was later called Green Revolution! Things such as cotton textiles have been a big
Elena Garcia
May 15, 2009.

deal and a really great sale in India as well. India enjoys sports, music and movies such as

ourselves, and other sports as well; soccer is the most common and loved sport in India. Most

Indians still live in farms or in a small craft store or industry. As the economy changes though;

more people are finding work in the cities and offices in industries. The ability to read and write

has improved a lot since the 1950’s. In the city slums however, schools are way low in their

literacy and most kids don’t learn much because of sometimes in low tolerance and also they do

not have a lot of material to provide for the children or they don’t have much books or lessons to

show because the low dept they are in. the government is also trying to improve on that as well

because they believe that every child should have the knowledge like others too. Indi could not

feed its vast population in the 1950’s. It needed foreign aid. Today, with the population of more

than one billion, India is self sufficient. But now Indians are starting to grown a high variety of

wheat crops and rice too.

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