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Final Construction Inspection Request Form and Developement Inspection - DOC - DOC by abo20752


									                                                                        Compliance and Asset Oversight – Physical Inspections
                                                                                      Attn: Gavin Reid, Inspections Specialist
                                                                                 P.O. Box 13941 - Austin, Texas 78711-3941
                                                                                   Phone: 512.657.5619 - Fax: 512.475.3359

Development Name:                                                                 TDHCA File No.:
Development Address:
Development City:                                                               Development County:

                                  NAME and ADDRESS of OWNERSHIP ENTITY
Name:                                                                    Contact:
Mailing Address:
City:                                         ST:                                       Zip:
Phone:             (   )      -            Ext.                                          Fax:      (        )    -
Email Address:

             NAME and ADDRESS of ONSITE CONTACT (Authorized Owner’s Representative)
Name:                                                                        Title:
Phone:             (   )      -              Ext.:                       Fax:       (          )       -
Email Address:

Owners are required to submit evidence of construction completion within 30 days of completion. The Department will conduct
a final inspection after receipt of this Final Construction Inspection Request Form. Note that some information requests are
repeated because the form is used for multiple purposes.

Copies of the following documents must be provided with this form. The request package should be submitted by email
attachment if possible (upon review of the documents the Department may request additional information):

           Copies of the final Application and Certification for Payment, AIA Documents G702 and G703 Continuation
           Sheet certified by Architect;
           Photographs of the Development (several photos showing interior/exterior construction completion);
           Complete the appropriate fields and boxes in Sections A, B, C and D; the appropriate boxes under the
           heading Item Installed in Sections E, F, and G; and the parking space totals in Items 97-100 (these sections
           are the first 4 pages of the Inspection Checklist);
           Owner’s verification documents listed on page 6 for Department-required amenities and optional amenities
           committed in the application,
I (we) hereby acknowledge and certify that the project is at least  % complete, as of        (date). Evidence that the
Development has been placed in service is substantiated by documentation provided which I (we) certify to be true and correct.

                                                                                                           TDHCA Date Stamp
        Signature of Owner                                     Date

        Printed Name                                           Title

December 2009 V1
                                                                                                                         Page 1 of 6
                                       Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs
                                 Development Inspection Checklist
Inspection Date:                                                           Inspector Name:
Development owner: please complete sections A through G and submit with plan review request or inspection request
                                                  A. GENERAL INFORMATION
                     Development Information                                                      Owner Information
Devel. Name:                                                               Owner Entity:
TDHCA File #:                                   CMTS:                      Owner Contact:
Devel. Address:                                                            Owner Address:
City / Zip Code:                                                           City/State/Zip:
Site Contact                                                               Site Contact ph #:     (        )        -
                                              B. PROGRAM / INSPECTION TYPE
Single Fam.                                                                                            CDBG                          Other
                           HTC       BOND             HOME                       HTF
Multifamily                                                                                       Disaster Recovery
Plan Review
Mid Inspection                                          #                        #                         #                          #
Final Inspection
                                             C. DEVELOPMENT INFORMATION
New construction:                    Development acreage                   2-Plex:                Completion of construction %:
Rehabilitation:                      Some 2-story townhouses*              3-Plex:                Number of residence buildings:
Date of original           (rehab)   Elderly only:                         4-Plex:                Maximum number of floors:
construction:                        SRO:                                  5-Plus:                Number of elevator buildings:
                                                      D. UNIT INFORMATION
Unit Type (bdrm./bthrm.)                    Unit Type Totals                  Area Per Unit Type                    Department Use (committed)
     (each floor plan type)          (#of units of each floor plan type)     (net rentable area sq. ft.)        Type           Total #         Area
                                                                                                               Y   N           Y    N         Y   N

    Department Use                                                                                             Accessible units distributed among types:

  Total # accessible units           Accessible units: (Bed/Bath Type – Unit #’s) e.g.(1/1–#2, 6, 9) (2/1–#4, 24) (3/2–#25)                Yes
           Mobility                                                                                                                       5% rounded up

    Sight/Hearing:                                                                                                                        2% rounded up
 (separate fr. mobility)

December 2009 V                                                                                                                                  Page 2 of 6
                                      E. Threshold Criteria & Amenities – Unit Interiors
                                                                                              Inspector Comments                     Inspect.
Inspector: Take full-room photos of kitchen/bath/amenities           Item Installed                                                  Verified   Dept. Use
                                                                                        Note any owner info discrepancies                       committed
Owner: YES if installed; INC if not yet; NO if it will not be        YES   INC   NO   Note unit type if any unique answer per item
1.  2 Lock devices ext doors/1 keyless deadbolt or equivalent                                                                                    Required

2.  Exterior security lighting (parking lots and at stairways)                                                                                   Required

3.  Fire sprinklers in all units
4.  Smoke alarms                                                                                                                                 Required

Flooring (estimate percent) (any difference between stories?)
5. Carpeting                                                                      %
6. Ceramic tile      Entry Kitchen Bathroom                                       %
7. Vinyl flooring                                                                 %
8.    Counter tops laminated
9.    Counter tops tile, cultured marble, or granite
10.   Dishwasher
11.   Dishwasher Energy Star (see logo, manual, or note model #)
12.   Faucet-low flow / L-flow aerators OK in rehab (note gpm)
13.   Garbage disposal
14.   Microwave oven
15.   Oven/range
16.   Oven self-cleaning
17.   Oven/range hood/fan
18.   Oven/range hood/fan Energy Star exhaust outside
19.   Refrigerator
20.   Refrigerator w/ice maker
21.   Refrigerator Energy Star (see logo, manual or note model#)
22.   Commode - high efficient (note gallons per flush gpf)
23.   Counter tops laminated
24.   Counter tops tile, cultured marble, or granite
25.   Exhaust fan vent to outside
26.   Exhaust/fan Energy Star outside (logo, manual, or model#)
27.   Faucet - low flow 2 gpm / L-flow aerators OK in rehab.
28.   Shower low flow 2 gpm / L-flow aerators OK in rehab.
29.   Tile tub/shower
Miscellaneous Features
30.   Ceiling fixtures all rooms, light+fan in living & bedroom
31.   Ceiling fixtures E-Star in ea. room see logo, manual or #
32.   Ceiling fans in living areas and all bedrooms
33.   Ceiling fan E-Star living & bedrooms see logo,manual, #
34.   Covered entries
35.   Covered patios or covered balconies
36.   Evaporative cooling
37.   HVAC indicate SEER/rating
38.   Laundry connections in all units
39.   Laundry equipment all units (front-loading in mobility unit)
40.   Monitored unit security (monitored at central location)
41.   Network for phone w/Cat 5e or better wiring (ask rep.)
42.   Network for data w/Cat 5e or better wiring (ask rep.)
43.   Network for TV w/COAX cable (ask rep.)
44.   Nine foot ceilings living room & bedrooms (every story)
45.   R-15 wall systems and R-30 ceiling insulation (ask rep.)
46.   Radiant barriers in attic (rehab. only / ask property rep.)
47.   Storage ≥9 sq/ft on property (not bedroom, entry or linen)
48.   Water heaters for each unit
49.   Water heater - tankless, or tank w/ impervious flooring
50.   Window coverings on all windows

December 2009 V                                                                                                                           Page 3 of 6
                                 F. Threshold Criteria & Amenities – Common Use Facilities
Inspector: Take full-room photos of kitchen/bath/amenities                  Item Installed                 Inspector Comments                     Inspect.   Dept. Use
                                                                                                                                                  Verified   committed
Owner: YES if installed; INC if not yet; NO if it will not be             YES      INC     NO        Note any owner info discrepancies
Exterior Walls (estimate % of coverage)
51.   100% Masonry (stucco, Hardi-, brick, mortarless conc. siding)
52.   75+% Masonry (stucco, Hardi, brick, mortarless conc. siding)
53.   Brick and/or stone veneer                                                               %
54.   Energy efficient wall system (i.e. SIP w/ min. R-20)                                    %
55.   Hardiboard or Hardiplank siding (fiber cement)                                          %
56.   Plywood/composite hardboard                                                             %
57.   Stucco                                                                                  %
58.   Synthetic stucco (EIFS/ hollow thump, deflects if pressed)                              %
59.   Vinyl, aluminum, or wood siding                                                         %
Common Amenities (1 of each amenity type is accessible)
60. Accessible walking/jogging path separate from sidewalk
61.   BBQ / picnic table sets # grills                  # tables
62.   Car wash area (accessible-sized area, water provided)
63.   Children’s activity center (daycare, note business hours)
64.   Commercial kitchen (community meals)
65.   Community dining room w/ warming kitchen tenant use
66.   Community garden (partly accessible, water provided)
67.   Community room (furnished)
68.   Community theater<52”screen/surround sound/DVD/seating
69.   Controlled access gate(s) (vehicles & wheelchairs)
70.   Covered pavilion min. 1 BBQ grill/table set (arbor OK)
71.   Elevator(s)                    indicate #
72.   Enclosed sun porch or covered community porch/patio
73.   Business/computer learning center min. 1 computer/fax
74.   Business/computer learning center w/min. 1 computer
      /30 units, min. 1 printer/3 computers, min. 1 fax machine
75.   Fireplace(s)                    site #            # units
76.   Fitness rm. equipped            Equip.w/ *see list below
77.   Fencing full perimeter
78.   Game/recreation room (describe)
79.   Gazebo with sitting area
80.   Health screening room
81.   High speed internet service to all units at no cost
82.   Horseshoe, putting green, shuffleboard court
83.   Jacuzzi / Hot tub
84.   Laundry room for common-use
85.   Library w/accessible sitting area (not community room)
86.   Public restroom(s)
87.   Public phone / 911 / accessible/avail. to tenants 24/7
88.   Residential kitchen (for tenant use, all appliances available)
89.   Secured entry to elevator style bldg (unit entries in bldg.)
90.   Senior activity room (describe if shared w/ another space)
91.   Service coordinator office (in addition to leasing office)
92.   Sport court (tennis, b-ball or v-ball accessible route to edge)
93.   Swimming pool (accessible route to edge)
94.   1 playground equipped (accessible route to edge)
95.   1 playscape equipped for 5-12 yr olds, or 1 tot lot
96.   2 playscapes equip. for 5-12 yr. olds, 2 tot lots or 1 ea.
* Fitness Center is equipped w/ min. of two of the following fitness equipment pieces, and min. one piece for every 40 living units, to a maximum of five pieces of
      equipment required: Stationary bicycle, elliptical trainer, treadmill, rowing machine, universal gym, multi-functional weight bench, sauna, stair climber.
                                           UFAS Unit FHA Unit                 UFAS & FHA resident totals do not include accessible spaces for common-use facilities
Parking Spaces                  Total #
                                           Resident #        Resident #       Spaces are provided for visitor parking Yes:                     No:
97. Uncovered spaces
98. Covered (carport)
99. Garage Attached
100. Garage Detached

December 2009 V                                                                                                                                        Page 4 of 6
                                        G. Threshold Criteria & Amenities – Green Building
 Inspector: Take photo of one of ea. green building amenity                 Item Installed        Inspector Comments             Inspect.   Dept. Use
                                                                                                                                 Verified   committed
 Owner: YES if installed; INC if not yet; NO if it will not be              YES   INC   NO   Note any owner info discrepancies
 Miscellaneous Green Building Features
 101. Solar water heaters (serving all units)
 102. Irrigation & landscaping (describe). Rainwater collection
 provides 50% of irrigation. Trees, plants for shade, groundcover.
 103. Submetered electric meters
 104. Photovoltaic panels (note power output in kilowatts, ask rep)
 105. Water permeable walkways and parking (min. 20% is
 porous pavers, crushed granite, open-cell or open-jointed block, etc.)
 106. Construction waste management for erosion control
 during construction. Describe methods.
 107. Healthy building materials. 1) Flooring is bamboo, wool
 carpet or linoleum; or straw board, poplar OSB, or cotton batt
 insulation is used; and 2) min. 50% of 1 st floors are finished concrete
 or ceramic tile, and 50% of upper stories floors are ceramic tile and/or
 material with low VOC emissions (ask representative).

Inspection Process
When the Construction Inspection Request Form is completed by the property owner and all requested documentation is received by
the Department, the inspection is assigned by construction inspection staff to the regional field office located nearest to the property to
be inspected. Assignments are typically made at the end of the week that the request was received. Contingent on the current
workload, it is the inspector’s goal to contact the person listed on the form within two weeks to schedule an inspection. Once the
inspection is performed, the field report is typically prepared and submitted for Department review at the beginning of the following
week. It is the reviewer’s goal to evaluate the field report and issue a final report within 30 days of receiving it. When the property
owner’s response is received, it is again the reviewer’s goal to evaluate and issue a response within 30 days.
Units to be inspected will be selected by the inspector at random. One dwelling unit of each floor plan type may be inspected. Any
required corrective action resulting from findings identified in an inspected unit will apply to the same condition in all units of the
same type.
Department field inspectors do not make determinations on whether an item passes or fails. The checklist used by the inspector
should be regarded as an inconclusive field report intended for information gathering only. It is recommended that property owners
wait for the final report to be issued from the Department before taking any corrective action based on apparent findings indicated in
the field report.

Scope of Inspections
The TDHCA Development Inspection Checklist is posted on the Department web page at under “Construction Progress Reports.” This has been made available to
help developers and designers understand the criteria and scope of Department inspections. It should be noted that the checklist is
periodically revised and that it remains the developer’s responsibility to satisfy all application commitments and program requirements
regardless of whether an item is addressed in the current checklist.

Property Owner’s Verification Documents
Some inspection items require property owners to submit back-up evidence that a commitment has been fulfilled. To speed up the
process of verifying these amenities at inspection it is suggested that owners submit with the Inspection Request Form the following
documentation, as applicable, or to be prepared to show the documentation to the inspector on the day of inspection. Please make
1.   Accessible parking. Provide a reduced as-built site plan showing the location of each accessible parking space, site amenity,
     property boundary line, and building footprint with general location of each mobility accessible dwelling unit (Items 97-100);
2.   Efficient air conditioning. If committed, provide documentation showing the SEER rating for new construction (Item 37);
3.   Radiant barriers. If committed in rehabilitation developments, provide evidence or arrange for the inspector to view the
     installation (Item 46);
4.   Energy Star appliances. Unless the Energy Star logo is clearly displayed on the appliance, provide documentation showing
     Energy Star qualification or records showing the make and model number of exhaust fans, lighting, ceiling fans, and each type of
     dishwasher and refrigerator installed on site. For pre-2008 developments, provide documentation only if the items were
     committed in the application (Items 11, 18, 21, 26, 31, 33);

 December 2009 V1
                                                                                                                                            Page 5 of 6
 5.    Communication cabling. Provide evidence that dwelling units are wired with CAT5e data, CAT5e phone, and COAX cable
       (Items 41-43);
 6.    Insulation levels. If committed, provide evidence that the attic is insulated with at least R-30 insulation and wall systems are at
       least R-15 (Item 45);
 7.    Water conserving devices. If water-saving shower heads or faucets were committed, provide product documentation (in gallons
       per minute) showing that new units are provided with low-flow fixtures or rehab units are provided with low-flow aerators. If
       water-saving toilets were committed, provide product documentation (in gallons per flush) showing that high efficiency toilets
       are provided (Items 12, 22, 27, 28);
 8.    Rainwater collecting systems. If efficient landscaping and rainwater collection were committed, provide evidence (including
       calculations) showing that at least 50% of the irrigation needs are provided by the system and that the trees and ground cover on
       the site are specifically selected for this purpose (Item 102);
 9.    Solar water heating. If committed, provide evidence that the system serves all dwelling units (Item 101);
 10. Photovoltaic panels. If committed, provide documentation showing power output in kilowatts (Item 104);
 11. Construction waste management. If committed, provide documentation describing methods used in construction (Item 106);
 12. Healthy building materials. If committed, provide evidence showing that bamboo, wool carpet or linoleum flooring was used, or
     strawboard, poplar OSB, or cotton batt insulation was used. Also, provide evidence showing that at least 50% of first floors are
     finished concrete or ceramic tile, and at least 50% of upper floors are ceramic tile and/or flooring material that bears the Floor
     Score seal, has been installed with Floor Score certified adhesive, and has a 7-year wear-through warrantee showing it is
     certified to comply with stringent specifications to limit emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) (Item 107).

Please contact the construction inspection staff with any questions concerning the scope of inspections or specific design
requirements. Kimbal Thompson can be reached at 512/475/3887, and Gavin Reid at 512/657/5619.

December 2009 V                                                                                                              Page 6 of 6

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