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Police Report Writing Assignment for “The Tell-Tale Heart”
 (Creative Writing)

        Imagine that you are one of the police officers who responded to the neighbor’s call.
Write a story about what happened from your point of view. Explain the circumstances of the
investigation and what you found when you arrived on the scene. Include descriptions of the
suspect’s appearance and of your impressions. What was going on in your mind during the
investigation? When did the suspect’s behavior begin to strike you as odd?
        Be sure to use essential facts from Poe’s original story, but most importantly, use your
imagination to embellish the story with original details of your own creation.

Please note:
This narration should be in MLA format, about 2 pages or more (double-spaced)
You will need to include some dialogue (punctuated properly)
Be original – no donut shop stop for the police officer.

Prewriting Notes:
A. Facts to use from the story:

B. Some original ideas of my own: