Vocational Rehabilitation COOP by myh13361


									Pacing Guide: Cooperative Work Experience Program (COOP)

The information listed below is tailored to meet the student’s needs and is based on IEP and
transition goals.

Dates of completion and/or implementation will vary depending eligibility determination and the
student’s disability.

COOP Program Eligibility

1.      Students must have a need for vocational preparation.
2.      Students must meet eligibility requirements through the Department of Elementary and
        Secondary Education and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR). This includes
        authorization for Orchard Farm School District to release educational records, as well as,
        any additional evaluations arranged and funded by VR.
3.      Students must be at least 16 years of age to participate.
4.      Students will have vocational and transition objectives included into their Individual
        Education Plan (IEP).
5.      Students must complete a personal interview with the WEC at the beginning of the school
6.      Students will be awarded 1/2 credit for every 150 hours of work experience completed
        (approximately 10 hours/week). Credit should not exceed 1 per year; however, additional
        credit may be awarded according to state guidelines, and on a case by case determination,
        according to the IEP.

Placement Procedures

Students who apply for and are accepted into the COOP program are given the following forms to
assist them in their job search (located in the COOP manual):

1.      Employer Letter of Introduction informing prospective employers that the student has
        been accepted to the program for the school year.

2.      Sample Letter of Application to Employer from Student to help the student prepare an
        acceptable letter in response to “Help Wanted” ads or to take along to an interview, if

Responsibilities of Work Experience Coordinator (WEC)

1.      Provide related learning experiences in the classroom
2.      Acquaint the student with occupational requirements and opportunities.
3.      Assist students in locating employment related to their career goal, as needed.
4.      Visit the training sites and consult with the employer/supervisor regarding progress on
        the job.
5.      Discuss the student’s on-the-job progress and job performance on the quarterly
        evaluation report.
Responsibilities of the Student

1.      Show a desire to obtain the knowledge of skills needed for future employment.
2.      Work in a part-time job related to the goals of the COOP program.
3.      Work the minimum hours required by the program per week (10 hours).
4.      Meet with the WEC on the last day of the month to discuss progress on the job.
5.      Turn in paycheck stub within 2 days of pay date
6.      Turn in monthly journals on the last day of the month

Responsibilities of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)

1.      Meet with student, parent, and WEC (intake) to determine eligibility
2       Assign the counselor to work with Orchard Farm to develop training opportunities
3.      Develop an Individualized Plan of Employment (IPE) within one month of eligibility.
4.      Meet with student and WEC on a monthly basis as determined by WEC

Responsibilities of Employers

1.      Provide educational on-the-job experiences for the student.
2.      Work with the Work Experience Coordinator (WEC) to train the student for successful
3.      Evaluate the student’s performance quarterly.
4.      Provide adequate supervision for the student employee.
5.      Provide the student with a minimum of 10 hours per week.

Detailed information is available in the COOP manual and is given to the student when eligibility
is determined.

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