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     President Bill Bradley (D) -- Vice President Nancy Collins (R) [Switching Places For 16 Years Total]
          DVP National Security (Defense, Justice, State): Colin Powell (R). DVP Commonwealth (All Else): Gary Hart (D)
Counselors to the President: Michael Bloomberg (Commonwealth), Howard Dean (Electoral Reform), Al Sharpton (Poverty & Equality)

Cabinet Position         Party First Choice             Deputy/Alt         Key Intellect         Comment
Agriculture              Dem     Jim Hightower          Anthony Lovens     Paul Hawkin           Protect family farms, fight racism, food security/safety
Commerce                 FC      Clyde Prestowitz1      Ralph Nader        William Greider       Multilateral treaty adherence, global win-win, BoP2
Defense                  FC3     Sam Nunn               Tony Zinni JCS     Chuck Spinney         450-ship Navy, close foreign bases, peace operations
Education                Ind     Derek Bok              Brian Ray          Paul Ray              Equal across the land, end rote learning, value-oriented
Energy                   Grn     Paul Hawkin            Amory Lovins       Herman Daly           Wind & solar, independent in five years, two-way grid
Health & HS              Rfm4    Tom Cochran            Donald Burke5      Laurie Garrett        Focus on global public health, global mental health
Homeland Security        Rep     Rudy Giuliani6         Cass Sunstein      H. Rheingold          Bottom-up 114, 119, all languages, phase out, FEMA freed
Interior                 Grn 7   Robert Costanza        Sandra Costel8     Water author          Cut water consumption per capita in half
Justice                  Ind     Philip Heymann         Elliot Spitzer     Lawrence Lessig       Civil liberties, moral capitalism, protect info. commons
Labor                    Ind     Robert Huttner         AFL-CIO boss       Anti-WTO lady         Goal of 60% union membership in four years
State                    Rep     Colin Powell           The Terminator     Joe Nye               Redirect $100B from NS to Peace & Earth Program
Transportation           Dem     John Claybook          Mary Schiavo 9     Herman Daly           Railroads, general aviation, neighborhoods, work nodes
Treasury                 Dem     Felix Royatyn          P. Krugman 10      Jeffrey Sachs         End deficit, end WTO and IMF, start over
Veterans’ Affairs        Dem     Max Cleland11                                                   Tell truth about Gulf War disabilities, eliminate backlog
Key Non-Cabinet          Party   First Choice           Deputy/Alt         Key Intellect         Comment
Amb to Israel                    Henry Seigman 12       Hon. Brezezinski   Mike Bloomberg        Two-state solution, $25B reconstruction & water plan
Chairman, NIC            Ind     Jonathan Schell13      M. Lowenthal14     Jim Fallows 15        Elevate NIC, create OSINT agency, revitalize all
Chief of Staff WH        Rep     David Gergen 16        John Podesta       Matthew Miller        Traffic cop, not policy maker
Defense Rv Bd            Ind     Mike Hayden            Bill Lind          Max Manwaring17       Balance big war, small war, waging peace, homeland defense
Dir. Classified Intel.   Dem     Jim Clapper            Robert Herman 18   Joe Markowitz         Cut secret budget in half, focus on multinational ops/sharing
Drug Czar                MxLn    Alex Cockburn19                           Mike Levine           Empty the prisons, spend on prevention & reform
Environmental PA         Rep     Gordon Durnil20        Robert Bullard21   Joe Thorton           Focus on nuclear waste, chlorine, smog
Immigration              Ind     Pat Buchanan22         Bill Richardson                          Clean house, secure borders, living wage for citizens
IRS                      Ref     Gary Nolan23                                                    End indiviaul taxes, tougher on corporate tax avoidance.
OMB                      Rep     Sean O’Keefe24         B. Heineman 25     John Kucinich26       Restore management, transparent budget, end all earmarks
Patent Office            Ind     Jim Turner             Cass Sunstein      Richard Stallman 27   Use it within 5 years or lose it, community rights restored
Policy DG28              Grn?    John Anderson?                                                  Integrate security, competiveness policy & balanced budget.
Intelligence DG29        Rep     Brent Scowcroft        David Boren        Robert Steele30       Implement the reforms in the 15 books on IC refom.
Research DG              Grn?    Vint Cerf31            NJ Green                                 Focus on standards, interoperability, human productivity.
Strategy DG              Rep     David Abshire32        Bert Lance33       Steve Metz            Establish long-term planning, inter-agency focus.
Surgeon General                  D. Himmelfarb          Natural cure guy   Jim Turner            Go after obesity, alcohol, drugs, smoking, & preservatives.
Trade Rep.               Rep     Alfred Eckes 34                           Lou Dobbs             Fair trade with labor rights as a fundamental
UN Ambassador 35         Dem     Carol Mosley B.        D. Kucinich        Mark Palmer           Dramatically improve US role and relations

         DOI: 31 Dec 07. Prepared by Robert Steele, with assistance from Richard Bell, Jock Gill, and others. Direct 703.266.6393, cell 703.242.1701.
RESTRICTED to specifically authorized individuals.

  Served under Reagan, author of ROGUE NATION: American Unilateralism and the Failure of Good Intentions
  BoP refers to C. K. Prahalad, The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, which posits that capitalism must refocus from the one billion at the top with a one
trillion income, to the five billion at the bottom with four trillion in income. Empowering the poor and unleashing their entrepreneurial spirit will create infinite
wealth and ameliorate most of the top ten threats identified by the High-Level Threat Panel of the United Nations (LtGen Scowcroft as US rrpresentative).
  Nurture a new party, the Fiscal Conservatives, combining moderate Republicans and conservative Democrats—take the middle away from the extreme Right.
  Although the Cabinet officer need not be (but ideally would be) someone with Reformist credentials, sufficient subordinate positions could be assigned to
Reform-approved individuals so as to cause Reform Party to feel they have been given stakre-holder status in this Department.
  Resident expert on international health at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.
  Former Mayor of NYC, widely-admired Republican, keep him fully engaged and on the hook for Homeland Security.
  Although the Cabinet officer need not be (but ideally would be) someone with Green credentials, sufficient subordinate positions could be assigned to Reform-
approved individuals so as to cause Reform Party to feel they have been given stake-holder status in this Department.
  Director of the Global Water Policy Program and author of The Last Oasis
  Specializes in airline safety and security.
   Princeton economist and NYT journalist, author of The Great Unraveling.
   He’s done it before, we haveover 250,000 new disabled veterans from two Gulf Wars, make it a much more important job with lasting benefits to all veterans.
   Director of Middle East Affairs at the Council on Foreign Relations, strong believer in the two-state solution, give him a 10 year appointment and the money to
make it work.
   At Yale Law, author of Unconquerable World, knows what questions to ask and what values to weigh.
   Close to Porter Goss, provides a Republican balance, strong experience across Congressional Research Service, Department of State, in open source
intelligence world, and as de facto Associate Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis & Production.
   Very strong Atlantic Monthly journalist, several others, such as Robert Kaplan, Tom Friedman, could comprise a virtual oversight board.
   Honest broker, serves as traffic cop and omsbudsman, not policy driver.
   Colonel (Retired) and PhD, author and editor of Search for Security, Environmental Security and many other seminal works in defense strategy.
   Senior man at United Technologies, understands both the technology process and the intelligence process. Recent president of American National Standards
Institute (ANSI), and force entire intelligence community to get with the standards program and rapidly migrate the good from intelligence into the larger
information society.
   Non-sectarian Marxist-Leninist.
   Served in Bush I, author of _Making of a Conservative Environmentalist.
   Leading expert on environmental racism and justice.
   Strong on a flat tax and dumping of tax code, could lead a revolution in simplification of taxes—IRS gives citizens wrong information close to 75% of the
time. Tax reform is a huge issue, major draw for all but the most wealthy Americans.
   Libertarian candidate for President, has strong views that could help to shake up IRS (needs to be combined with very robust enforcement on corporate tax
collection and reduction or elimination of all corporate and special interest loopholes—probably warrants a joint conference committee on the Hill.
   Deputy OMB under Bush, moved to NASA, respected by OMB professionals.
   United Technologies executive, recent past president of American National Standards Institute (ANSI), can get standards back into play such that America
experiences both a major revitalization of economic productivity, and increased foreign sales from better inter-operability. Focus on global information society.
    Republican, nine-term Congressman, Budget Committee, committed to balanced budget.
   Independent in every sense. Will liberate the knowledge that is locked up for the wrong reason, while revitalizing intellectual property rights in cyber-era.

         DOI: 31 Dec 07. Prepared by Robert Steele, with assistance from Richard Bell, Jock Gill, and others. Direct 703.266.6393, cell 703.242.1701.
RESTRICTED to specifically authorized individuals.

   Policy PG supervises a deputy for national security, a deputy for national (economic) competitiveness, and a deputy for “ends and means” or national resources
of all kinds—water, energy, demographics, land, money. This is an effective”demotion” of the national security advisor position, and an elevation of a more
holistic form of policy-making.
   DG: Director General, one of four new positions in the EOP, one each for Policy (senior position), Intelligence, Strategy, and Research (coordinating
government and private sector research & development for optimal advances in economic productivity and sustainable environment).
   Top intelligence reformer, can cut secret intelligence budget in half and help rationalize rest of government, finding $500B in new revenue, $500B in savings
from waste across all Cabinet departments that can be re-directed. “Intelligence” should apply to all Cabinet jurisdictions, help President manage without falling
victim to “cooking the books” by the Cabinet stake-holders.
   True father of the Internet and of the Internet standards process. Hugely respected world-wide, could eventually orchestrate global R&D investments. Can
also create Center for Computational Mathemeatics and oversee the urgently needed oversight and regulation of Google, which has become a swupranational
predator that could overnight crash stock prices in banking, communications, computing, entertainment, and publishing.
   Former defense aide to Senator Gary Hart, first proponent for maneuver warfare, leader of the Cultural Conservatives, big-picture and long-term view.
   Regardless of the baggage, very capable. Use as a lightning rod as Sherman Adams was for Ike?
   Former trade representative for Reagan, author of Opening America’s Markets.
   Consider as long-term appointment with intent to promote them as a future Secretary-General of the United Nations, or to key Undersecretary General slots.

         DOI: 31 Dec 07. Prepared by Robert Steele, with assistance from Richard Bell, Jock Gill, and others. Direct 703.266.6393, cell 703.242.1701.

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