TIP – A – COP by malj


									                      TIP – A – COP

                 Monday, May 4th, 2009
                  From 5:00 PM – 9:00

       At: Coach’s Grill and Bar, 720 Caroline Ave.

  I have had several Officers contact me about helping out at
Coach’s on this coming Monday. I still need more Officer’s to
come out, especially at about 4:45 to 6 PM, on Monday, May 4th,

   I am putting up a sign up sheet on the black board in the
Briefing room. Even if you contacted me before, can you sign up
with the times you can be at Coach’s.

  I can use some of our fine Police Department Support staff to
man our table to sell shirts and raffle tickets, please sign up too.

   Please wear a JCPOA tee shirt or one of the polo shirts that say
Junction City Police Department. For the new Officer’s who do not
have a JCPOA shirt, see Officer Blake for a JCPOA shirt.

   We will be following the waitress’, helping them, busing tables.
We just can not serve alcohol. It will be very crowded inside there,
especially for the first two hours. There will be envelopes on the
tables for donations.

                        Thank – you very much
                         For all of your support
               During the last 14 years, this is my final year.

                                                        John Hagerty

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