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					 French & Spanish Programs
                                                                           ~PROGRAMS~                                             ~AFTER SCHOOL~
       Learning a second language                         Baby Bees                                                Bumble Bees
            is so much fun!                               Ages 12 – 36 months                                      Ages 5-8
                                                          30 minute program                                        60 minute program
                                                          Offered Daily Monday-Saturday                            Offered Daily Monday-Saturday
Bilingual Boston™ offers entertaining immersion
programs that are filled with interactive songs &                                                                  Interactive immersion curriculum that encourages logical
                                                          Introduces children to colors, shapes, numbers,
games. Our programs are designed to excite children       greetings, animals, body parts and more through songs,   thinking through a variety of activities covering a variety
with interactive conversational skills – not rote         dance and movement. Story Telling, Puppets, Songs and    of topics. Children learn vocabulary as well as verbs
memorization.                                             simple instruments for older babies.                     using written and oral expression.

             Start at a Young Age                                                                                  Juniors Bees Ages 9+
                                                          Children attend this class with a parent or caregiver.
                                                                                                                   60 minute program
Research shows that children's brains are especially      Busy Bees                                                Offered Daily Monday-Saturday
receptive to learning a second language from birth to     Ages 3-5
about age 12 and that children are able to reproduce      45 minute program                                        A well balanced mix of entertainment and educational
a native accent as they learn their first language.       Offered Daily Monday-Saturday                            activities as well as oral expression, reading, and cultural
Young children can absorb the sounds, intonation          Interactive immersion program with thematic curriculum
patterns and rules of a second language intuitively       that involves motor skill enhancement activities,
without rote memorization.                                expression                                                 Register By Phone, Mail, Fax or On Line
                                                            We Invite Your Child to Try a Trial Class
Children who learn a second language show
enhanced creativity, problem solving skills and
greater overall mental function.                                                                                               Call us or visit our website
                                                                                                                               to sign up for a free class!
                                                                         SUMMER PROGRAMS                                              508-651-2221
       Learn from Native Speakers
                                                             $99/week - 2 hour class 5 classes per week
Our native speaking teachers offer your child the                                                                                   Bilingual Boston ™
best opportunity to speak with a native accent.                  $20/day drop (based on availability)                               222 North Main St
                                                                                                                                    Natick, MA 01760
              While Having Fun!                                                 FALL 2008                                      We are located on Route 27
                                                                                                                             Near the intersection of Route 9
Learning seems effortless when children are having            $99/month for 1 class per week                                    Across from Building #19
fun, so we strive to make every class an exciting, fun-                                                                       Staples, Stop & Shop, Paneras
filled experience that they will enjoy and look
                                                             $158/month for 2 classes per week
forward to attending.
                  Benefits That Last A Lifetime                French & Spanish Programs
                                                                      For Children
              Children who learn a second language
        show enhanced creativity and problem solving skills

                 Learning a second language encourages                                                         Be Bilingual!
               flexible thinking and communication skills

                   Learning a second language endows
                    children with cultural sensitivity

           Give Your Child the Gift of Language!

                                                                           Learn a Language While Having Fun!

                                                                 Our programs are filled with games & music to ensure
                                                                that your child will have a fun “Edutaining” experience.
Bilingual Boston™
222 North Main Street
                                                                                 Bilingual Boston™ 2008
Natick, MA 01760                                                           222 North Main Street, Natick, MA 01760
                                                                           Phone: 508-651-2221 Fax 508-655-1498
                                                                           Visit our website:

                                                              On Route 27 near the Route 9 intersection - Across from the Stop & Shop Plaza

                                                                CLASSES OFFERED IN NATICK, NEWTON and ARLINGTON