Solar and Lunar Eclipses by malj


									Solar and Lunar Eclipses         NAME ___________________________________________ PD _____

Refer to your textbook, pages 765 - 767, for explanations of eclipses.

    1. Using words, but not pictures, what is a solar eclipse?

    2. Draw a picture of the position of Earth, moon, and sun during a solar eclipse. Include the two
       distinct shadow zones in your drawing.

    3. Define the following terms relating to a solar eclipse:



    4. During a solar eclipse, do more people see a partial eclipse or a full eclipse? Explain your
       answer. (the answer to this question is not specifically addressed in the textbook)

    5. During what phase of the moon can a lunar eclipse occur? Why can it occur only during this

    6. Draw a picture of the position of Earth, moon, and sun during a lunar eclipse. Include the two
       distinct shadow zones in your drawing.

    7. According to the textbook, the reason why we don’t see a lunar eclipse every time the moon
       orbits Earth is because “the moon’s orbit is tilted 5 relative to the ecliptic.” Convince me with an
       explanation and/or drawing that you know why we don’t have lunar eclipses every moon cycle.
Solar and Lunar Eclipse Data from 2003 to 2009

  Type        Date          Shadow       Find a calculator and answer the following questions.
lunar       1/21/2000      penumbral     You must show your mathematical work in order to
solar       2/5/2000       partial       receive credit for a correct answer.
solar       7/1/2000       partial
                                         8. How many lunar eclipses occurred during this period?
lunar       7/16/2000      total
solar       7/31/2000      partial
solar       12/25/2000     partial
lunar       1/9/2001       total         9. What percent of lunar eclipses are total eclipses?
solar       6/21/2001      total
lunar       7/5/2001       partial
solar       12/14/2001     annular
lunar       12/30/2001     penumbral
lunar       5/26/2002      penumbral
                                         10. What percent of lunar eclipses are partial eclipses?
solar       6/10/2002      annular
lunar       6/24/2002      penumbral
lunar       11/20/2002     penumbral
solar       12/4/2002      total
lunar       5/16/2003      total
solar       5/23/2003      annular       11. How many solar eclipses were observed during this
lunar       11/9/2003      total         period?
solar       11/23/2003     total
lunar       1/28/2004      total
solar       4/19/2004      partial
lunar       5/4/2004       total
solar       10/14/2004     partial       12. What percent of solar eclipses are total eclipses?
solar       4/8/2005       hybrid
lunar       4/24/2005      penumbral
solar       10/3/2005      annular
lunar       10/17/2005     partial
lunar       3/14/2006      penumbral
solar       4/29/2006      total
solar       9/2/2006       annular
                                         13. What percent of all eclipses are lunar eclipses?
lunar       9/7/2006       partial
lunar       3/3/2007       total
solar       3/19/2007      partial
lunar       8/28/2007      total
solar       9/11/2007      partial
solar       2/7/2008       annular       14. What is the average number of eclipses per year
lunar       2/21/2008      total         (counting both solar and lunar)?
solar       8/1/2008       total
lunar       8/16/2008      partial

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