Purchased Services Agreement by yud11183


									                                   Purchased Services Agreement

TYPE OF SERVICE:               Hood Cleaning             Fire System Inspection           Fire Hose Inspection

                                           Exit Lights              Portable Extinguisher Inspection


City:                                       State:                                Zip:
Phone:                                                   Fax:


City:                                       State:                                Zip:
Phone:                                                   Fax:
Business Owner or Contact:                                                      Title:

Description of services to be provided:

Compensation to be paid in the following manner:

Term of Agreement: From:                         To:

This agreement continues in effect and renews annually unless or until either party gives a 30-day written
notice of termination. Both parties in writing must agree to price adjustments to this agreement. The
contractor must provide written notice to the business agent within 30 days from the end of the contract
period of such proposed increases.

            Each of the undersigned confirms that they have read, reviewed in its entirety, and understand the
                                           obligations under the agreement.

Authorized Business Agent:                                      Contractor:

X                                        Date:                  X                                   Date:

This agreement supersedes any and all previous verbal or written agreements for the goods or services within this
agreement. Any work performed beyond the scope of this agreement must have written approval, such as a signed
invoice from the business agent before the contractor may commence work.

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