Environmental Risk Assessment of Veterinary Medicinal Products C h by yud11183



                                                                                                                                                                                                                    C h E M i s t R y
   loCAtion                                                                        fEEs AnD REgistRAtion
German	Federal	Environment	Agency                                               GDCh-Member	                     e	520,–
(Umweltbundesamt	Dessau)                                                        Non-member	                      e	580,–
Wörlitzer	Platz	1                                                                                                                                                             Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker
                                                                                Rates	include	instruction	material	and	GDCh-Certificate,	catering,	dinner	and	
06844	Dessau	
                                                                                bus	 transfers,	 excluding	 accommodation.	 They	 are	 not	 liable	 to	 the	 value	
                                                                                added	tax	(tax	exemption	additional	§	4	Nr.	21a)	bb)	UStG).
   how to gEt thERE                                                             Please	register	via	Internet	or	by	mail	at	the	office	of	GDCh	until		
                                                                                March	31,	2010	(deadline):
The	participants	will	receive	a	detailed	journey	description	to	the	location	
at	the	deadline.                                                                GESELLSCHAFT	DEUTSCHER	CHEMIKER	e.V.	
                                                                                German	Chemical	Society                                                                  Environmental Risk Assessment
   ACCoMMoDAtion                                                                Continuing	Education		
                                                                                P.O.	Box	90	04	40
                                                                                                                                                                         of Veterinary Medicinal Products
The	following	hotel	is	suggested	for	accomodation:                              60444	Frankfurt/Main	                                                                    Legal	Requirements	and	Regulatory	Needs
Steigenberger	Hotel	Fuerst	Leopold,	Friedensplatz,	06844	Dessau
                                                                                phone:		    +49	69	7917-364/-291                                                         Dr.	Christoph	Schlüter	
phone:	+49	340	25150,	fax:	+49	340	251177
web:	www.steigenberger.com	
                                                                                fax:		      +49	69	7917-475                                                              Dr.	Gerd	Maack
                                                                                e-mail:		   fb@gdch.de                                                                   Dr.	Bettina	Rechenberg
                                                                                web:		      www.gdch.de/fortbildung
The	hotel	is	in	walking	distance	to	the	UBA-Building
                                                                                Executive	director:	Professor	Dr.	Wolfram	Koch

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    A n D
Please	reserve	your	room	until	March	31,	2010	and	refer	to	the	UBA	pre-         Registered	charity	no:	VR	4453	·	Registergericht	Frankfurt	am	Main
reservation	(key	word:	“UBA	TAM	-Symposium”).	Attendants	have	to	cover	
                                                                                With	your	registration	you	agree	to	confirm	with	the	AGB	of	the	GDCh.		
their	own	travel	expenses.
                                                                                The	AGB	regulations	can	be	found	on	the	Internet	under		                                  	 ERA	–	Phase	I	and	Phase	II	
For	further	hotels	please	contact:                                                                                                                                        	 PEC-calculation,	Exposure
Tourist-Information	Dessau-Roßlau                                               After	receipt	of	your	registration	you	will	receive	a	registration	confirmation/
Zerbster	Straße	2c                                                              invoice	for	your	registration	(with	online	registrations,	please	ensure	that	you	         	 Ecotoxicological	testing
06844	Dessau-Roßlau                                                             print	out	the	last	page	of	your	registration)	upon	completion	of	registration	
Germany                                                                         you	 will	 receive	 detailed	 information	 with	 regards	 to	 the	 meeting.	 Should	

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    E n V i R o n M E n t
phone:		 +49	340	2041442	                                                       more	than	2	employees	from	your	company	participate	in	the	meeting,	we	
fax:		     +49	340	2041142                                                      will	offer	a	10%	reduction	from	the	3rd	employee	onwards.
e-mail:		 touristinfo@dessau-rosslau.de                                         Cancellations	 received	 six	 weeks	 prior	 to	 the	 registration	 deadline	 will	 be	
web:		     www.dessau-rosslau-tourismus.de                                      cancelled	free	of	charge.	Cancellations	received	within	six	weeks	of	this	date	
                                                                                will	be	charged	e	50	processing	fee.	There	will	be	no	refund	for	cancella-
                                                                                tions	received	after	the	deadline	the	participant	will	be	required	to	pay	the	
                                                                                full	registration	fee.	All	cancellations	must	be	received	in	writing.	Substitute	
                                                                                participants	can	be	named	without	additional	costs.
                                                                                If	the	meeting	is	cancelled	by	the	GDCh	for	whatever	reason,	paid	fees	will	
                                                                                be	refunded	in	full.	Further	recourse	is	excluded.

                                                                                   infoRMAtion About fuRthER gDCh-CouRsEs
                                                                                907/10	     Chemical	Development	and	Scale-Up	in	the	Fine	Chemical	
                                                                                	           and	Pharmaceutical	Industries
                                                                                	           Dr.	Will	Watson/Dr.	Derek	Robinson
                                                                                	           November	23	–	25,	2010	·	Frankfurt/Main	

                                                                                                                                                                         April 28 – 29, 2010 · Dessau

                                                                                                                                                                                        Accredited with 16 points
   objECtiVEs                                                                           PRogRAMM                                                               oRgAnisER
 The	 aim	 of	 the	 advanced	 training	 course	 is	 to	 inform	 about	 the	 legal	      W
                                                                                        	 ednesday,	April	28,	2010                                                              Dr.	Christoph	Schlüter
 requirements	of	an	Environmental	Risk	Assessment	(ERA)	of	Veterinary	                                                                                                          PhD	at	the	University	Stuttgart	Hohenheim	
 Products	on	the	national	and	international	level.	                                  10.00	 Optional	Pre-Workshop:	Introduction	into	the	idea	
                                                                                     	    	 of	an	Environmental	Risk	Assessment	(ERA)                                           Since	1985	he	has	been	working	at	German	Federal	
                                                                                     12.00	 Registration	and	Lunch	break                                                        Environment	 Agency;	 since	 2008	 Co-Head	 of	 the	
                                                                                                                                                                                Section	Environmental	Risk	Assessment	of	Pharma-
 The	workshop	will	start	with	an	optional	Pre-Workshop,	where	an	intro-              13.00	 Official	Welcome	and	Introduction                                                   ceuticals
 duction	into	the	idea	of	an	Environmental	Risk	Assessment	(ERA)	is	given.	          13.30	 Regulatory	affairs
 The	advanced	training	course	commences	with	a	general	overview	over	                                                                                                           Dr.	Gerd	Maack
 regulatory	affairs,	including	the	different	procedures,	non-standard	and	           14.30	 Coffee	break
                                                                                                                                                                                PhD	at	the	Helmholtz	Centre	for	Environmental		
 higher	tier	testing.	This	will	be	followed	by	a	detailed	discussion	of	the	         15.00	 Exposure	Assessment	for	Phase	I                                                     Research	(UFZ),	Leipzig,	Germany
 main	areas	of	an	ERA,	including	fate	and	effect	studies	and	PEC	calcu-
 lations.	All	respective	tests	will	be	discussed	with	special	focus	on	exe-          15.40	 Biodegradation
                                                                                                                                                                                2002-2007	 Post	 Doctoral	 Research	 Fellow	 at	 the	
 cution	and	validity	criteria.	The	advanced	training	course	will	finish	with	        16.40	 Coffee	break                                                                        University	of	Exeter,	UK;	since	2007	he	is	working	at	
 exemplary	case	studies	where	“do	and	don’t”	of	specific	tests	and	the	                                                                                                         the	German	Federal	Environment	Agency
 ERA	itself	will	be	explained	from	the	regulatory	perspective.	After	the	trai-       17.00	 Distribution	studies	and	PECs
 ning	course	there	is	the	possibility	for	individual	questions	regarding	the	        18.00	 Optional	guided	tour	(UBA	Building)	                                                Dr.	Bettina	Rechenberg
 Environmental	Risk	Assessment.	UBA	experts	from	all	areas	are	waiting	
                                                                                                                                                                                PhD	at	the	Humboldt-University	Berlin
 to	help	with	individual	problems	of	tests	and	of	the	ERA.                           19.30	 Dinner	at	the	historic	Bauhaus	style	restaurant	“Kornhaus”
                                                                                                                                                                                Since	1992	she	has	been	working	at	the	German	Fe-
   tARgEt gRouPs                                                                                                                                                                deral	 Environment	 Agency;	 since	 2006	 Co-Head	 of	
                                                                                        Thursday,	April	29,	2010
                                                                                                                                                                                the	Section	Environmental	Risk	Assessment	of	Phar-
All	 persons	 (representatives	 of	 the	 pharmaceutical	 industry,	 consultants,	    08.30	 Bioconcentration	and	Aquatic	effect	studies                                         maceuticals
contract	researchers),	involved	in	the	environmental	risk	assessment	of	ve-
terinary	medicines.	Persons	new	in	the	field	are	also	most	welcome.                  10.00	 Coffee	break
                                                                                     10.20	 Terrestrial	effect	studies                                         lECtuRERs
   PREVious knowlEDgE
                                                                                     11.50	 Lunch	break                                                     Dr.	Jean	Bachmann		        German	Federal	Environment	Agency	(UBA)
This	advanced	training	course	is	for	all	interested	persons,		experienced	and	                                                                              Dr.	Gesine	Hahn		          Federal	Office	of	Consumer	Protection	and
less	experienced.	Persons,	who	are	new	in	the	field	are	also	most	welcome	           12.30	 Exemplary	case	studies
                                                                                                                                                            	                          Food	Safety	(BVL)
as	well.	For	those	we	are	offering	an	introduction	into	the	idea	of	an	Environ-      13.30	 Closing	session                                                 Silke	Hickmann		           German	Federal	Environment	Agency	(UBA)
mental	Risk	Assessment	in	an	optional	Pre-Workshop.	                                                                                                        Dr.	Wolfgang	Koch		        German	Federal	Environment	Agency	(UBA)
                                                                                     13.45	 Optional	guided	tour	(UBA	Building)
                                                                                                                                                            Dr.	Gerd	Maack		           German	Federal	Environment	Agency	(UBA)	
   tEAChing MEthoDs                                                                  14.00	 Optional	individual	questions:	UBA	experts	from	all	areas	      (see	Organiser)
                                                                                     	    	 are	waiting	to	help	with	individual	problems	of	tests	and	ERA   Dr.	Bettina	Rechenberg		   German	Federal	Environment	Agency	(UBA)	
The	individual	session	are	starting	with	lectures,	followed	by	a	general	dis-
                                                                                                                                                            (see	Organiser)
cussion.	The	second	part	of	the	advanced	training	course	will	be	dominated	          17.00	 End	of	the	advanced	training	course                             Dr.	Christina	Redeker	     Federal	Ministry	for	the	Environment,	Nature		
by	Question	and	Answer	Sessions,	starting	with	more	general	questions	up	
                                                                                                                                                            	                          Conservation	and	Nuclear	Safety	(BMU)
to	specific	individual	questions	in	the	last	session.
                                                                                                                                                            Dr.	Christoph	Schlüter		   German	Federal	Environment	Agency	(UBA)
                                                                                                                                                            (see	Organiser)
   instRuCtion MAtERiAl
                                                                                                                                                            and	other	lecturers	from	the	Environment	Agency
The	 participants	 receive	 at	 the	 beginning	 of	 the	 event	 extensive	 backup	
materials	and	at	the	end	of	the	course	a	GDCh-certificate.

max.	50	participants

                                                                                                                 Subject to modification


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