Stafford Loan Request Form (LRF) by yud11183


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                                                                                                                     University of SC Aiken
             Stafford Loan Request Form (LRF)                                                                        Office of Financial Aid
                                                                                                                    471 University Parkway
                                                                                                                          Aiken, SC 29801
                                                                                               Phone: (803) 641-3476 ~ Fax: (803) 643-6840

The COMPLETE results of your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be on file in our Office to be considered
for a Federal Stafford Loan.

Instructions: Complete Sections 1, 2 and 3 only to process a Federal Stafford Loan. Complete Sections 1 and 4 to make
adjustments to a previously processed Federal Stafford Loan.

Section 1: Student Information

 Student's Last Name                                        First Name                        MI           Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)    Last 4 of SSN

 Address                                                                      City                                          State       Zip Code

 Home Phone #                                 Cell Phone #                                 Email Address

 Student's Signature                                                                                        Today's Date

Section 2: Select Lender
Check the lender you are requesting. Check only one. If you have borrowed previously at USC Aiken, you may remain with the same lender. If you are
a first-time borrower, you may consider one of the lenders listed below that has and continues to participate in the Federal Stafford Loan Program. (This
is your choice. One lender is not recommended over another.) You have the right to choose any lender.

     Citibank (826878)               Chase (803000)                South Carolina Student Loan (999739)                         Wachovia (830005)

If you wish to select a lender that is not on the list above, check this box  , return this form, and apply online with the selected lender
and ask the lender to fax the school certification form to our Office (803) 643-6840.

Section 3: Process Loan(s)

      Process a Federal Stafford Loan(s) for the maximum amount of eligibility or indicate the requested amount

Section 4: Loan Revisions

Please check the appropriate loan revision(s) you are requesting.

       Cancel Loan(s)*                      Reduce Loan(s)*                      Reinstate Loan(s)                           Increase Loan(s)
Select loan type(s) and/or write in the requested amount:
       Subsidized $                                          Unsubsidized $

Loan adjustments are made on an individual basis depending on your loan status. Revisions will be processed for the full year or for your enrollment
period if enrolled for less than a full year.

*Loan cancellations or reductions cannot be made for the semester if loan funds have been disbursed to student and/or used to process
tuition and fees bill. The next scheduled disbursement(s) will be reduced (if applicable).

School use only: Date completed _______________ Counselor ______________ Action ____________                                                    Rev 11/09

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