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					                                                    MP3 Digital Audio Player
                                                               Versatile message repeater
Digital audio player              This new MP3 player has been designed to meet the specific needs and
                                  requirements of exhibit designers. The versatility of the CompactFlash
                                  memory card simplifies the process of updating your audio files.

                                                          •   MP3 audio message repeater or music player
                                                          •   Perfect for interactive audio exhibits
                                                          •   Sequenced or ambiant audio environment
                                                          •   Games, lighting and electronic capabilities
                                                          •   Connects to a variety of accessories

                                                          • Dimensions:
                                                                 - L: 19 cm x W: 8.5 cm x D: 3.5 cm
                                                                 - L: 7.5 in. x W: 3.4 in. x D: 1.4 in.
                                                          • Frequency response: 20Hz to 22kHz (stereo)
                                                          • Power supply:
                                                                 - Electric: 12V DC (mono or stereo)
                                                                 - Batteries: 6V DC (mono or stereo)
                                                          • Can be activated by 8 push-buttons
                                                            (more than 8 optional)
                                                          • Headphone output: Stereo minijack (optional)
                                                          • Monochrome LCD display and keyboard for
                                                            player controls (optional)
               Protective plastic enclosure

• Storage media: External CompactFlash memory card
 (32Mb to 512Mb)
• Playback content: MP3 mono or stereo
• Content update with USB reader/writer
                                                                             3005 Maricourt Ave, suite 220
• Data rate (duration):                                                Sainte-Foy, Québec, Canada G1W 4T8
       - Stereo 44.1 kHz, 128 kbps (1 minute/Mb)                      Tel.: 418-654-1115 Fax: 418-654-1560
       - Mono 16 kHz, 20 kbps (6 minutes/Mb)