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					                                PHOENIX COLLEGE

MUC111: Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) I                          —       Section 7644
MUC112: Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) II                         —       Section 7646

Fall 2008 (W) 5:45 PM — 9:55 PM
Location: Music Building, Room 126

Course Syllabus

Instructor: Tony Hartman
Phone: (602) 285-7876

Course Description (From the MCCD catalog): Use of digital mixing and automation
software in conjunction with editing and recording. Includes computer operation,
troubleshooting, and file management.

Prerequisite: MUC111 prerequisite: MUC195 or MUC195AA
              MUC112 prerequisite: MUC111

Required Text: No text required

Required Materials: Earphones. Since they are for the student’s personal use, most any
type will be satisfactory. For testing purposes, writeable CDs will be provided. If the
student wishes to save personal files, he or she must provide their own memory device (e.g.
writeable CD, flash drive, etc.). Each student will need note-taking materials (pen, pencil,
notepad, etc.).

Attendance: Attendance for this class is mandatory.

       • Students do have the right, however, to observe major religious holidays without
       being penalized. At least one week prior to the holiday, please submit to me a
       written statement describing the holiday and the date of observance.

       • Otherwise, over the course of the semester, each student will be allowed one
       excused absence about which, prior to class time, the student must notify me by
       phone (602-285-7876) or by email. If I do not receive such notification, the student’s
       absence will be recorded as unexcused.

       • For each excused absence in excess of one, or for each unexcused absence, the
       student’s total semester grade will be lowered 7.5 percentage points per absence.
       Extenuating circumstances (e.g. jury duty, family death or illness, etc.) will be
       considered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the instructor.
 MUC 111 & 112 — Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) I & II — Tony Hartman, Instructor

       • Class time begins and ends at the times noted above. Tardiness and early
       departures are unacceptable. Every two late arrivals or early departures by a student
       will be counted as one unexcused absence.

Evaluation: Students will be evaluated on their work in three categories.

       Exams: A series of written exams will be administered during the semester.

       Proficiency: There will be two hands-on proficiency exams.

       Projects: DAW I & DAW II students will be required to complete projects
       commensurate with their respective proficiency levels on Pro Tools. Additionally,
       DAW II students will develop equivalent proficiency on Logic and will complete
       several projects using that software rather than Pro Tools.


               Written Exams:                        30%
               Hands-on Proficiency Exam:            30%
               Projects:                             40%

       Grading Scale:

       A = 90-100     B = 80-89       C = 70-79      D = 60-69      F = 59 and below

       Final Exam: The final exam for this class will consist of both a written exam and a
       “hands-on” proficiency. The proficiency exam, which will be used to evaluate the
       student’s mastery of Pro Tools, will be administered individually during the last two
       regularly scheduled weeks of the semester. All projects must be submitted by the last
       regularly scheduled class date, Wednesday, April 30, 2008. The “final exam” date
       for this class is Wednesday, May 7, at the regularly scheduled class time.

Disability Statement: It is a college policy to provide reasonable accommodations to
students with disabilities. If you would like to request accommodations due to a physical,
mental, or learning disability, please contact the Disability Resource Center office, Learning
Center (LC) Building, 602-285-7477

Facility Use: Students are expected to treat the Phoenix College Music Building facilities
with respect. Intentional damage to the Music Building facility (including electronic
equipment, school instruments, classroom furniture, restrooms, etc.) will result in immediate
removal from all Music Classes and possible criminal prosecution.

Deportment: The classroom is a professional setting. Students are expected and required to
conduct themselves accordingly and to exhibit, at all times, professional courtesy toward

 MUC 111 & 112 — Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) I & II — Tony Hartman, Instructor

their classmates and instructor. Profane and/or “colorful” language—regardless how
popularly used—is not appropriate in professional settings and will not be tolerated.

Food and drink are not allowed in any classrooms

Use of cell phones, pagers, etc. (including text messaging) is strictly forbidden
during class time. Turn them off prior to class!! It is my policy to penalize a
student with a recorded “tardy” if their cell phone rings in my class. It is my
further policy to penalize a student with a recorded “unexcused absence” if I
observe them using a cell phone in my class or if they leave class to accept or
place a phone call.

Course Content: Course content may deviate from the syllabus due to specific student needs
and interests.

Outcomes: Upon successful completion of MUC111 & MUC 112, students will be able to:

     • Properly manage and store files
     • Record, Edit and Mix a finished audio demo in Pro Tools
     • Insert effects using plug-ins
     • Automate mixes
     • Understand different interfaces used with Pro Tools
     • Digitally transfer Pro Tools sessions
     • Use Quick-key commands in order to be efficient
     • Bounce audio files to Disk
     • Use various audio processing effects in Pro Tools
     • Perform basic troubleshooting in Pro Tools