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                                                                                                                                               A UDIO

MILLENNIUM 2 is the new generation of Audio Codec, much more power and flexibility           Compatibility*
than all audio codecs on the market.
                                                                                                                                             G.711           G.722             Layer 2              Layer 3
                                                                                                                                                                               (64 /128            (64 / 128
                                                                                                                                                                                Kbit/s)              Kbit/s)
MILLENNIUM 2, represents a completely new class of codecs in the field of audio              Telos Zephyr                                     4                 4                4                     4
communication: Real networking capabilities, such as Internet, Intranet, LAN and WAN.        Dialog 4
                                                                                             MusicTaxi, VP, VP-PRO,                           4                 4                 4                     4
MILLENNIUM 2 is the best solution for all types of digital connections, such as ISDN,        CCS
dedicated circuits, leased lines, dial-up lines. MILLENNIUM 2 offers incomparable ease-      CDQ Prima, Prima LT,                                               4                  4                    4
                                                                                             CDQ1000, Roadrunner
of-use and flexibility for all those who need communication with no-compromise.
                                                                                             AEQ                                              4                 4                  4                   ***
Not only, the ultimate and state-of-art 24 Bit - 96kHz digital audio, combined with coding
                                                                                             GLENNSOUND                                       4                 4                  4                   ***
algorithms from G.711, G.722, Layer 2, Layer 3 , networking via ISDN, X.21/V.35, confirm     PRODYS Pronto                                    4                 4                  4                   ***
the MILLENNIUM 2’s power and extraordinariness.                                              MAYAH Centauri, Sendit                           4                 4                  4                   4

THE FINAL SOLUTION FOR ALL DIGITAL CONNECTIONS                                               * Compatibility is restricted to those algorithms, sampling rate, bitrates, IMUX and audio codecs which are already known
                                                                                             by MILLENNIUM 2. There may be different situations with different firmware of the above mentioned audio codec.
CONVENTIONAL BROADCASTING: High range of standards and J.52 compatibility
                                                                                             *** These codec do not support Layer 3 format
COMMUNICATIONS AND WEB-CASTING: Networking, Broadcast and Internet
COMPATIBILITY: Automatic Codec Detection

ALGORITHMS                                                                                   MILLENNIUM 2: ONE STEP AHEAD
MILLENNIUM 2 supports most well known codec algorithms, and is compatible with
the majority of the world ’s audio codecs. The algorithm selections are completely
                                                                                             All MILLENNIUM 2 models are designed to meet the needs of the users. The powerful user
independent from the send and receive mode, and allow asymmetric (independent
                                                                                             interface features only the most important status indicators, such as ALARM, OVERLOAD,
send/receive) transmission. The communication protocols include several standards
                                                                                             CONNECTION, FRAMED and POWER. The control buttons are flexible and easy to use.
and proprietary implementations.
                                                                                             A large LCD allows incredible menu navigation. Using the remote control software, all keys
MILLENNIUM 2 features fully automatic recognition of the remote audio codec, regardless      and the display are dispensed with. The MILLENNIUM 2 LCD model features headphone
of whether there is a CCS CDQPRIMA, RoadRunner, CDQ1000, CDQ2001, CDQ Prima                  outputs with control of source and level.
LT, Telos Zephyr, Dialog4 MusicTaxi VP, VP-Pro and SlimLine, Mayah Centauri and
Sendit, AETA, AVT (PKI) 7 Khz Telefon, AEQ, Prodys Pronto ,Glennsound and H.221,             MILLENNIUM 2’s RC-Soft remote control software supports Windows 95, 98, 2000 and
H242 and J.52 codecs at the other end of the line. As long as they use their known           NT. Via RS232 it controls all MILLENNIUM 2’s features, including remote machines.
proprietary audio codec formats for ISDN “1 and 2 B-channel” connections and
MILLENNIUM 2 knows the active algorithm and inverse multiplexing, it will be able to         The MILLENNIUM 2 model is designed for remote control while the MILLENNIUM 2 LCD
send and receive mono and/or stereo audio.                                                   model can be easily controlled manually. MILLENNIUM 2 avoids all buttons and controls
                                                                                             to be the most economic solution. MILLENNIUM 2 LCD’s control system is the core
ULTRA-LOW DELAY TIMES                                                                        navigation area in combination with the 3x4 alphanumeric keyboard.

MILLENNIUM 2’s platform is capable of handling audio coding delay close to its optimum.
Using dedicated and speed processors have resulted in ultra-low delay times.
                                                                                             All MILLENNIUM 2 models provide numerous connectivity possibilities. 1 or 2 ISDN and
                                                                                             X.21 as well as digital audio I/O for greater flexibility.
                                                                                             24 Bit A/D and D/A, and 96kHz sampling rates support the most up-to-date standards and
                                                                                             provides today ’s best possible audio, as well as being ready for the future. ADAT is a
MILLENNIUM 2 is one of the first audio codec that features the international J.52            significant move towards the production studio market, which uses this interface for many
protocol.                                                                                    applications.
J.52 was appointed from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and allows           Further data transmissions are supported over the ancillary data interface, which is a real
the perfect compatibility with all codec ISDN produced. Therefore, it has to be considered   high speed data gateway.
an essential feature for every audio codec and for those broadcasters who work with          4 additional TTL in-and outputs enable communication with remote equipment for control
a large number of external studios with different equipment.                                 and monitoring.

     AEV S.p.A. - Via della Tecnica, 3 - 40050 Argelato (Bologna) - Italy - tel +39.051.663.47.11 - fax +39.051.663.47.00
Technical Specification
Coding Mode                  ISO/MPEG 11172-3 Standard Layer 2, 3
                             Double and Single G 722
                             Double and Single G 711
                             H.221, H.242
                             CCS- TELOS-, D4-IMUX
                             CCS (N)-, CCS J.52 Based IMUX
Bit Rate
Layer II                     24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 80, 96,112, 128,144, 160, 192, 224, 256 Kbps
Layer III                    8 to 256 Kbps in intervals of up to 8 Kbps
G.722                        56 and 64 Kbps
Audio Mode                   Stereo, Joint Stereo, Mono, Dual Mono

Input impedance              Greater than 25 K (or 600 W ) electronically balanced
Input level                  Max. + 18 dBu
Sampling Frequency           32 , 44.1 , 48 Khz
A/D converter                24- bit CMOS Sigma Delta
                             Digital Anti Aliasing Filter
                             Oversampling: 128 x
                                                                 Network Interface
Connector                    XLR type-female                     Types                      ISDN BRI (2B + D)
                             Pin 1 GND, Pin 2 Inphase,                                      X.21 /V.35 / RS422, operate as DTE/DCE (optional)
                             Pin 3 Return
                                                                 Number of B channels       Up to 4 B channels (256 Kbps)
Analog AUDIO OUTPUT                                              D- protocols               Multistandard
Output Impedance             Less than 100 W (or 600 W )         Connectors:                RJ 45
                             electronically balanced
Maximum Output Level         + 18 dBu
D/A converter                24- bit CMOS Delta Sigma            Additional Data Channel Specification
                             128x Digital Interpolating Filter   Data Channel               RS 232
                             Analog Post Filter                  Connector                  9 Pin D-Sub female
                                                                 Baudrate                   Direct: 300, 1.200, 2.400, 9.600 and 38.400 bps
Connectors                   XLR type-male                                                  IMUX: 300, 1.200, 2.400, 9.600 and 19.200 bps
                             Pin 1 GND, Pin 2 Inphase,           Mode                       8 data bit, 1 Stop bit
                             Pin 3 Return.                       Handshake                  Not necessary

Distortion                   £ 0.005% at 1 KHz
Noise                        Greater than 95 dB                     Alarm Interface
Crosstalk                    Greater than 95 dB                     Connector                     9 Pin D-Sub female
L/R phase difference         < 0.5°                                 Functions                     Buzzer alarm
                                                                    Type                          Form C contact

Digital AUDIO Specification (optional)                              Control Interface
Connectors                DB9 type-female AES/EBU                   Connector                     9 Pin D-Sub female
Data Format               AES/EBU - 110 W                           Interface                     RS 232 or RS 485
                          Optical ADAT interface                    Bitrate                       300, 1.200, 2.400, 9.600 and 38.400 bps
                          (8 channel I/O)                           Mode                          8 data bit, 1 Stop bit
                                                                    Handshake                     No or XON/XOFF
                                                                    Functions                     Full Range

                                                                    Software Packages             Remote Control Software MILLENNIUM RC-Software
                                                                                                  for RS232 and Ethernet

                                                                    GENERAL DATA
                                                                    Power supply                  90 ÷ 250 VAC 47 ÷ 65 Hz
                                                                    Power requirement             60 Watts
                                                                    Dimensions                    19” rackmount 2 unit
                                                                    Weight                        6.6 Kg.
                                                                    Storage temperature           -40 to 70°C (-40 to 158° F)
                                                                    Operating temperature         5 to 45°C (41 to 113° F)
                                                                    Relative Humidity             20 to 80% non condensing
                                                                    Electromagnetic               EN 50081-1 EN 50082-2
                                                                    compatibility                                                                    AEV reserves the right to modify this informations without any notice

                                                            C ODEC
                                                     A UDIO
                                          DIG I TA L
  AEV S.p.A. - Via della Tecnica, 3 - 40050 Argelato (Bologna) - Italy - tel +39.051.663.47.11 - fax +39.051.663.47.00