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									                       Digital Audio Broadcasting
                       Software Toolkits
                       Product Description
                       To address the growing market of Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) receiver testing,
                       Averna proposes a complete suite of DAB testing solutions. Since DAB signals
                       can be generated from either stored pre-modulated waveform files, or from data
                             streams known as Ensemble Transport Interface (ETI) files, Averna offers
  DAB ETI Modulator          two options which cover most design and test requirements. The first
    Software Toolkit         option is the DAB Waveform Player Software toolkit, a waveform player
                             playing either a standard file from its library or a custom file specially
                             designed to cover the requirements of a manufacturing test plan. The
                             second option is the DAB ETI Modulator Software Toolkit (ETI file player)
                             which modulates ETI files stored on the controller’s hard disk. The ETI files
                             may be taken from the DAB/DAB+/DMB standard library included with the
                             toolkit, or be custom encrypted files generated by DenMux, a DAB encoder/
                             multiplexer from Vericast, an Averna technology partner.
                             The Averna DAB Software Toolkits are well adapted for development,
                             product validation, and manufacturing tests with the possibilities of manual
                             or automated use, and the flexibility to change parameters such as power
DAB Waveform Player
                             and frequency to the desired values.
    Software Toolkit
                             For manual use such as software development, an intuitive interface (or
                             Soft Front Panel) enables you to recall test files and view their content. The
                             DAB ETI Modulator Software Toolkit can read the Fast Information Channel
                             (FIC) and display the service components such as protection level and bit
                             rates. The content description is a text file that can be edited by the end
                             user to provide additional details as required. Since all files have a fixed
                             duration, an on-screen counter provides the elapsed time, as well as the
                             total length of the file being played, expressed in seconds.
                       For automated use, both the DAB Waveform Player and the DAB ETI Modulator
                       Software Toolkits include interfaces for programmatically controlling all aspects
                       of the DAB generator. Integration within National Instrument TestStand™ is
                       simplified by a LabVIEW™ instrument driver and custom TestStand™ step
                       types. The interface for setting the parameters can be called directly from inside
                       TestStand, and a GUI similar to the manual option interface is provided to adjust
                       the test conditions according to the specific test plan. Moreover, an Application
                       Programming Interface (API) is also available when the toolkit needs to be
                       controlled by another application.
URT Digital Audio Broadcasting Software Toolkits

                          Product Description (Cont.)
                          Directly accessible from the DAB Software Toolkits, and provided with the
                          required hardware configuration, the highly-customizable Averna Audio
                          Analyzer Software Toolkit provides a centralized locale for all standard audio
                          measurements such as Signal to Noise (S/N), Total Harmonic Distortion (THD),
                          and Frequency and Level on single-tone audio. The analyzer’s single-tone
                          measurements are automatically detected and all audio measurements are
                          continuously refreshed.

                                                audio                visual       broadcast
                                                 .wav              slide show      website

                                                               encoder                             Pre-encoded library sources

                                                                                                        DAB Multiplexer
                               Vericast DenMux
                               eti file (*.eti) accepted format:                                        Encrypted ETI File
                                        eti (ni, g:703)

                                                          dab eti modulator                   Pre-modulated DAB waveform file (*.dab)

                                                                                                     DAB Waveform Player
                               Averna DAB Toolkits
                                                      RF OUTPUT (Modes I, II, III, IV
                                                                                                    RF OUTPUT (Bands III, L)
                                                             Bands III, L)
                                                                         Digital Audio Broadcasting Software Toolkits                              URT

General RF Specifications                                                                                 Product Features
Power (with Dynamic Range Extender)                                                                       - Contextual help for all screen elements
- Power range                       |     -120 dBm to +5 dBm                                              - Unlimited setups for save and recall
- Amplitude resolution              |     0.1 dB                                                          - Test file size limited only by the controller’s
                                                                                                            hard disk
- Amplitude accuracy                |     ±1.1 dB over full range                                         - An associated file describes the test
                                                                                                            file contents
Power (without Dynamic Range Extender)*                                                                   - Adjustable insertion loss to compensate for
- Power range                       |     -70 dBm to 5dBm                                                   cable or RF distribution (-99 dB to + 25 dB)
- Amplitude resolution              |     0.1 dB                                                          - Adjustable frequency over the VHF and UHF
                                                                                                            bands (100 MHz to 2 GHz)
- Amplitude accuracy                |     ±1 dB over full range
                                                                                                          - Adjustable power from -120 dBm to
* Note: For lower power than –70 dBm, it is recommended to use an external attenuator of 20 dB or more.     5 dBm (with DRX) or -70 dBm to 5 dBm
                                                                                                            (without DRX)
Output                                                                                                    - Optional audio analyzer
                                                                                                          - LabVIEW™ application can easily be inte-
- Output terminal                   |     SMA
                                                                                                            grated within NI TestStand™
- Impedance                         |     50 ohms                                                         - Plug-in DLL supports integration of
- VSWR                              |     1:1.6 or less                                                     URT modules in a Windows®-based
                                                                                                            automation tool
- Max DC level                      |     25 Volts (except high transient current)
                                                                                                          DAB ETI Modulator Software Toolkit
Frequency                                                                                                 - Display Ensemble label
- Frequency                         |     100MHz to 2.0 GHz                                               - Display protection level of primary service
- Frequency resolution              |     1 Hz                                                            - Primary service content can be used for
- Frequency accuracy                |     < 0.1 ppm (first year at 25˚C)                                    BER measurement
- Aging                             |     0.1 ppm per year                                                - Standard ETI files with audio tone available
                                                                                                            with no charge
Spurious                                                                                                  - Compatible with Vericast DenMux encrypted
                                                                                                            ETI (NI) files
- 2nd harmonics                     |     -40 dBc maximum
                                                                                                          - Additive White Gaussian Noise
- Non harmonics                     |     -60 dBc maximum
                                                                                                          DAB Waveform Player Software Toolkit
Internal Frequency Reference                                                                              - Test files included
- Frequency                         |     10 MHz
- Reference input                   |     50 ohms, SMA female
                                                                                                          DAB Specifications
- Signal input                      |     -5 dBm to +16 dBm                                               - Compliant with EN 300 401, EU 147
- Input frequency range             |     10 MHz ±0.5 ppm                                                 - Compliant with EN 300 799, ETI (NI)
- Output signal                     |     10 MHz, square wave                                             - Supports all four transmission modes:
                                                                                                            I, II, III, IV
- Output amplitude                  |     6.7 dBm into 50 ohms, (1 ± 0.1 Vpp sine)                        - Supports all frequencies on Band III
For more information, refer to the National Instruments NI-PXI-5671 and NI-PXI-5610 datasheets.             and L-Band

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