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22 8977AP-4U Digital Audio Processor – Unbalanced IO wDelay by dyr60218


									22   8977AP-4U Digital Audio Processor – Unbalanced I/O w/Delay

     Key Features                                          The 8977AP-4U is a compact, high-                                                               8900UE-R
     •	 Eight independent channels of audio
                                                           performance, high-density digital audio
        processing                                         processor. It provides processing at channel                                                       J1          J2

                                                           level for up to eight PCM audio channels.
     •	 Four AES inputs and four AES outputs – all         It also provides sample-rate conversion
                                                           and synchronization for asynchronous and                                                           J3          J4
     •	 Auto tracking delay to video synchronizers         consumer-type sources. Automatic delay
     •	 Fixed delay for each channel up to 10s             tracking synchronizes the sound to a video
                                                           synchronizer, while a user-configurable delay
     •	 Smooth audio handling when adjusting                                                                                                                  J5          J6

                                                           can compensate for fixed latency processing.

     •	 Channel routing for PCM signals, stream            A particularly powerful feature of the
        routing for Dolby E                                8977AP-4U is its ability to handle Dolby E                                                         J7          J8
                                                           streams. These can be both routed and
     •	 Dolby E programmable delay and routing             delayed while preserving the non-PCM data.
     •	 Sample rate conversion accepts 32 kHz,             The 8977AP-4U can handle a mix of Dolby E
                                                                                                                                                              J9         J10
        44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, or 96 kHz and outputs            streams and PCM channels so that, for
        48 kHz                                             example, a Dolby stream on AES input 1 can
     •	 Uses local or frame reference for                  be routed to AES output 2 and then replaced
        synchronization                                    by selected PCM channels on output 1. Audio
     •	 High density (80 PCM channels per 2 RU             input and output connectors are unbalanced                                    module by fitting the optional 8900GEN-SM
        frame)                                             (see 8977AP-4B for balanced connectors).                                      reference input sub-module or alternatively
     •	 Remote control and monitoring via                  PCM	audio	can	be	synchronized	to	a	reference;	                                taken from one of GeckoFlex’s two internal
        Ethernet frame interface                           either a color black video reference, tri-level                               busses. This allows several modules in a frame
                                                           syncs, an AES feed, or even word-clock can                                    to share a reference feed including sharing it
                                                           be used. Reference can be fed directly to the                                 with a video synchronizer.
     •	 A companion to the 8985, 8995, and 8981
        modules with video synchronization to                             Two Channels or One Stream           Programmable      Dolby E & Non-PCM Path
        provide AES audio handling with tracking                                                                    Delay
        delay                                                                                    Sample Rate   Programmable                                                    Mono/Stereo
                                                            AES 1 In          Synchronizer                                    Tracking Delay     Gain          Channel                       AES 1 Out
                                                                                                  Converter         Delay                                                        Switch
     •	 To route and control PCM channels                                                                                                                          /
        combined with Dolby E audio streams                 AES 2 In      Two Channels or One Stream                                                            Router            M/S        AES 2 Out

                                                            AES 3 In      Two Channels or One Stream                                                                              M/S        AES 3 Out

                                                            AES 4 In      Two Channels or One Stream                                                                              M/S        AES 4 Out
                                                                            External                            Genlock
                                                              Ref In       Reference                           Adjustment

                                                                                                Bus     Bus

     Specifications                                                                                                                      Ordering Information
     Supported Frame Types                                 Reference                                                                      This module can be mounted in a GeckoFlex
     GeckoFlex with 8900NET (Net Card) for configuration   See 8900GEN-SM genlock submodule                                               frame but not in other 8900 series frames,
                                                                                                                                          including Gecko-A or Gecko-V frames. As this
     Power Rating                                          Tracking Input                                                                 module has no card-edge controls, in order to
     6.0 Watts – single slot                               One wire serial interface (RS-232 type)                                        configure this module, an 8900NET (Net Card)
                                                           Format: 1200 baud                                                              Network Interface module is required.
     Audio I/O
     AES four inputs, four outputs                         Parity: Even                                                                   8977AP-4U
                                                           Bits/word: Seven                                                               Audio processor – eight channels – unbalanced audio
     Signal Type                                                                                                                          I/O, front and rear module set
                                                           Stop bit: One
     Unbalanced: AES-3id-2001
                                                           Connector type: BNC                                                            8977AP-4B
     Common mode range: Unbalanced: N/A
                                                                                                                                          Audio processor, front and rear – eight channels –
     Input sampling rate (FS): 32, 44.1, 48, or 96 kHz     Electrical Length (delay)                                                      balanced audio I/O (see previous page)
     Input resolution: 16-, 20-, or 24-bit                 PCM mode: 1.7 ms to 3.9 ms depending on input
                                                           sampling rate, typically 3.9 ms at 48 kHz                                      8900GEN-SM
     Input return loss: >20 dB (100 kHz – 128 FS)
                                                           Non-PCM mode: 280 µs                                                           Reference input submodule
     Output sampling rate: 48 kHz
                                                           Sync PCM mode: 280 µs
     Output resolution: 20- or 24-bit
     Output return loss: >15 dB (100 kHz – 128 FS)
     Input impedance:	Unbalanced:	75Ω
     Connector type: Unbalanced: BNC
                                                                                                                                         For detailed specifications, installation, and setup
                                                                                                                                         instructions see:

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