Helping the Homeless Help Themselves                                                               Volume 16, Number 12, May2007

                                   A Way Up      And the winners
                                                are…! Winner for
                                                the low gross score
                                                at BAPL’s 19th
                                                annual Charity Golf
                                                Tourney was Team
                                                #4: Jim Drennan,
                                                Foothills Resources;
                                                Chris Boyd, Marty
                                                Trehan and John
                                                Rainwater, Aera
                                                Energy, LLC.
                                                …and thank you,
  BHC's Easter egg hunt,
  party a wonderful time!
   Fun, fun, fun! That’s just about the BEST
                                                      A TERRIFIC 19TH HOLE FOR BAPL'S
                                                           CHARITY GOLF CLASSIC!
way to describe BHC’s terrific annual
Children’s Easter “Eggstravaganza” on Sat.,
Mar. 28th at Wayside Park.
   Once again, thanks to your generosity

and great event sponsors, nearly 200 client         et us tell you about it again! BAPL’s           $220,000 over the past 19 years!
and after-care children and families had a          annual Golf Tourney in support of BHC              Participants in this year’s Golf Classic
wonderful early holiday. They bounced up            at the Rio Bravo Country Club’s Course          competed for dozens of special golf prizes
and down, got bunny ears and their faces        has to be high on the PGA’s #1 list! Despite        including$1,000, $5,000 and $14,000 Hole-
painted, visited with the Easter Bunny,         the threat of a little rain, nearly 100 partici-    in-One Prizes, Party Hole Prizes of Hogan
chomped down a great Hot Dog lunch and          pants (24 Foursome teams) turned out this           Irons, a Dell Computer System or Bose
sorted through jam-packed Easter Baskets.       year, ready for that traditional 1 p.m. Shot-       Wave Radio/CD, $14,000 towards a long-
Check out those pictures!                       gun scramble format start on Apr. 20th for          term Sports Car lease, $50 each for 1st Low
   We are so grateful to all of our sponsors/   what once more turned out to be a fantastic         Gross Scores and Low Net Scores of $80
donors for supporting this wonderful an-        day of competitive fun, fund-raising, wind-         each for 1st, $40 each for 2nd and $25 each
nual party—these activities are crucial to      ing up with a 5p.m. “Happy Hour”, Dinner            for 3rd. And, the winners included: Corpo-
healing, maintaining, and strengthening vital   at 6p.m. followed by a GIANT Prize-Win-             rate Challenge: ABA Energy; Low Gross:
family relationships for BHC client families    ning Raffle and Awards Session. As far as we        Jim Drennan, Chris Boyd, John Rainwater
and helping ensure their successful transi-     know, none of the tee-off shots wound up in         and Marty Trahan; Low Net: Randy Groves,
tions.                                          the water! …And, we think EVERYBODY                 Rob Rainbolt, Johnny Jordan and Tom Pinalt;
   Huge “Thank Yous!” to the KC Kiwanis         won!                                                Long Drive; Bob French; Closest to the
Club for once again sponsoring our                 This year, the Classic again raised more         Hole: Michael McPhetridge. Great appre-
Children’s Easter Party. Over a dozen           than $15,000 in sponsorships and special            ciation to all of this year’s sponsors: “Double
Kiwanis Club members participated this          contributions raising the total score for           Eagle“ ($2,000—The Law Firm of Bright &
              Turn to EASTER / Page 2           BAPL in support of BHC to more than                                      Turn to BAPL / Page 2

                             Bakersfield Homeless Center - Operated by Bethany Services
                                                                       Continued from Page 1
                                                                       Brown and John Quirk, Esq.; Robert Raskind Foundation; “Eagle”
                                                                                                 ($1,000—includes 2 Player’s Fees and
                                                                                                 BBQ)—The Law Firm of Bright & Brown;
                                                                                                 Berry Petroleum, Day, Carter, Murphy,
                                                                                                 LLP; Kilpatrick Energy Group; Occi-
                                                                                                 dental Petroleum; Bonanza Creek En-
                                                                       ergy; Chevron Texaco; Downey Brand, LLP; Grant Rodges &
                                                                       Associates; Hexadyne Energy Corp.; Jack Quirk; OXY Resources
                                                                       Cal, LLC; Robert Raskin Charitable Foundation; TRC Operating
                                                                       Company; and Vaquero Energy, Inc. “Birdie” ($500—includes1
                                                                       Player’s Fee and BBQ): Aera Energy, LLC; Blackwell Investment Co.;
                                                                       Driltek; EnergyNet.com; LeBeau-Thelen, LLP; Plains Exploration &
                                                                       Production; Transamerica Minerals Co.; Spectrum Land Services;
                                                                       Venoco, Inc.; White Wolf Land Service. “Tee-It-Up” ($250 Par
                                                                       3’s): Aspen Exploration Company; Blackwell Investment Co.; Gary
                                                                       L. Plotneer, RLP; DRILTEK; Jaco Production Company; Klein,
                                                                       DeNatale, Goldner; Maverick Petroleum, Inc. “Keep Your Head
                                                                       Down” Joe Anderson; Brown, Armstrong CPA; Cal-Coast Acidizing
                                                                       Service; Foothills Resources, Inc.; Title Works; Fred Cummings
                                                                       Motorsports; Midway Laboratories Inc. Petrolic Services; Petru
                                                                       Corporation, ABA Energy Corp.; and WZI Inc.
                                                                          Our special thanks to this year’s Charity Golf Classic Steering
                                                                       Committee led by Michael McPhetridge, Bonanza Creek Energy;
                                                                       Chris Boyd, Aera Energy; Jim Drennan, Foothills Resources, Inc.;
                                                                       Bridget Beard, Chevron; and Yvonne Hicks, Maverick Petroleum,
                                                                       Inc. and to Sponsorships Coordinator, Dave Kilpatrick, Kilpatrick
                                                                       Energy Group and Mary Costa (Berry Petroleum) for their tremen-
EASTER                                                                 dous contribution of time (and ENERGY!) in putting this terrific
                                                                       event together, once again! And thank you to all of the Tourna-
Continued from Page 1                                                  ment Volunteers including: Yvonne Hicks, Stephanie Maheras,
year. Coordinated by Marti Tucker, Chair of the Kiwanis Club’s         Lynne’ Munger, Bridget Beard, Nile Kinney, and Jerry Smith (Oh,
“Young Children Priority 1 Committee”, the organization provided       and also BHC Ex. Director, Louis Gill and his partner, Bob Tyner
(and cooked!) all of the Hot Dogs/Snacks for all children, families    from WESTEC, Inc. who helped quaff the thirst of all those putters
and guests.                                                            out there during that long day!).
    Not enough? They also donated and prepped 200 Easter                  Current Officers and Executive Committee members of the
Baskets and a ton of party supplies, including ALL of the HUN-         Bakersfield Associations of Petroleum Landmen are: President,
DREDS of Plastic/real Easter Eggs the kids gathered up in a riotous    Jim Taylor (Independent); Vice President-Membership and Direc-
hunt!                                                                  tory, Rob Rainbolt (Hexadyne Energy Corp.); Vice President-
    Special appreciation to “Incredi-Jump”, our local Jumper/          Activities and Events, Mike McPhetridge (Maverick Petroleum,
Inflatable company for their donation of that great Bounce House;      Inc.); Vice President—Meetings and Education, Bridget Beard
to Bakersfield Heart Hospital CEO, Chip Robertson and his              (Independent); Treasurer, Chris Boyd (Aera Energy, LLC); Secre-
family for all the Games and Bubbles; Clinica Sierra Vista             tary, Mary Cost, (Berry Petroleum); AAPL Director, Bob Bailey
volunteers for painting all those little faces and fitting them with   (Matrix Oil Corp). Thank you, BAPL!
Bunny Ears (AND..for their wonderful early Easter Party for our
“Champ Camp” kids!). And, thank you to BHC’s Easter Event
coordinator this year, Jerri Alvarado and all of the special BHC
staff who put it all together. What FUN!
                                                                                              Thank you!
                                                                            Please let us take a minute here to express a special “Thank
    And, once again, we followed with our annual Family Easter
                                                                         You!” to all of the following for their generous support:
Dinner on Easter Day, Apr. 8th. Hundreds of our BHC client and
                                                                            · Bakersfield High School’s VERY special Clay Sculpture
after-care families and less fortunate in the community poured into
                                                                         Arts Class for its annual fund-raising sale for BHC. Organized
our Bethany Bistro throughout the afternoon to share a wonderful
                                                                         by BHS’ class instructor, Yvonne Cavanaugh, the event raised
Ham entrée feast.
                                                                         more than $200 this year!
    Our special thanks to all of you for your financial and in-kind
                                                                            · Charles & Valerie Hashim for their special Easter holiday
donations supporting our vital holiday activities—we could not do
it without you!
   Word Director                   from
       Happy Mother’s Day! Combined with our love, all the
   gratitude and special appreciation for all that our mothers
   have done for us, from the rigor of birth, to our nursing as
                        infants and the daily care and support
                        throughout our lives, is endless, isn’t it?
                        It should be. Our fathers are special, too,       Champ Camp goes to Korea! Thanks to Dr. Gene Clark, Cal
                        but we’ll talk about that next month!
             Q ui m e™ and a                                              State’s Associate Director of Humanities and Social Science, BHC’s
                            With an average of 100 client chil-
       Phot -JPEG decom pr essor
     ar needed t see t s pi ur
       e        o    hi ct e.
                                                                          artistic client children will have their winning after-school water
                        dren at BHC, you know we have a lot of            color artwork on display during the Boksagol Art Festival May 3-
                        mothers here, too. And, despite the               6 in Bucheon City, South Korea. Dr. Clark is personally taking the
                        difficult family traumas that have led to         pictures asked for from children in Bakersfield by the mayor of
   their family’s homelessness, those mothers have not — in any           Bucheon, one of our “sister cities,” for the festival. Theme of this
   way — abandoned their precious role in their children’s                year’s festival is “Love of Water.” Seven foreign and seven domestic
   lives. Those children are cared for, stimulated and mentored           cities will participate in the event — terrific!
   by their mothers every minute — we see it! And, through our
   Discovery Depot Pre-School Child Care, our Champ Camp
   After-School program and other support, like the Bakersfield            Annual drive a "Guaranteed" shoe-in!
   Boys & Girls Club, the Police Activities League, and, YOUR                 Okay! …Tired of those old, but gently worn shoes hanging
   help, those mothers and children are getting the vital                 around your bedroom? Forgot to bring
   support they need to stabilize and make that important                 them last year? Well, NOW’s the time to
   transition—and they are. Thank you, Mom!                               browse the store’s great selection of quality
        Once again, I should mention that by the time you                 footwear and trade them in for a BIG
   receive this newsletter, our client kids will be out of school         bonus!. Pick them up — right now! — and
   for a couple of months and looking forward to lots of fun              bring them down right to Bakersfield’s
   without that homework!                                                 GREAT Guarantee Shoe Center at the
       Also, don’t forget that as early as next month, “Back to           corner of 21st and Chester where you will get $10 off for any new
   School” time will be cranking up! Back packs!                          pair over $50 plus free coupons for Little Caesar’s Pizza and
       Thank you for all your generous help ...                           Skateland starting May 16! Guarantee is open Mondays through
       Sincerely, Louis B. Gill, Jr., Executive Director                  Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Fridays 'til 8 p.m.) and even on
                                                                          Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
                                                                             This is the 15th year that Guarantee’s president, Rosco Rolnik,

 Chevron kicks off baby support drive!                                    has once again organized this terrific annual Shoe Drive for the
                                                                          homeless, benefiting BHC client families and others less fortunate
   Chevron fuels your heart! Last year, the California Land               in our community. This year’s Shoe Drive will run from May 16
Division Diversity Team of Bakersfield’s Chevron company put              to May 27. As we’ve noted before, in addition to your gently used
together a terrific winter coat drive that brought in more than 100       shoes, you can also bring along any good clothes, which can also
items for BHC client families.                                            be a BIG help.
   Now, the firm’s Diversity Team (Peggy Rivera, Terry Enders and            Weighing in to assist Rosco’s effort this year are special
Justin Black) have put together a follow-up prize contest drive to        sponsors Galbraith North American Storage, Sangera Auto
collect needed items for BHC’s client toddlers — a GREAT idea!            Group, BCSD Downtown School, Little Caesar’s Pizza, Skateland
   The Diversity Team has put out fliers to all of Chevron’s KC           and KERO-TV Ch. 8 and American General Media. Thank you!
employees, family members and business partners to bring in new              Guarantee’s Homeless Shoe drive has consistently filled a BIG
and lightly used items for the collection by May 8. Each donor will       gap in the needs of our community’s homeless — vital work shoes
get Diversity Team “points” for each item they bring in: baby             and boots, great fun tennis and other kid’s shoes, appropriate
furniture — cribs, strollers, changing tables: 5 pts per item; diapers:   women’s footwear for employment and job interviews and much,
3 pts per dozen; baby clothing: 2 pts per item; baby toiletries: 1 pt     much more! And your total generous contributions for this drive
per item; non-perishables — baby food & drink: 1 pt per item; and         keeps going up and up: since he initiated the shoe drive, Rosco
toys (no items small enough to swallow): 1 pt per item.                   Rolnik has brought in more than 30,000 pairs of shoes.
   The team is organizing a host of fabulous prizes that will be             AND, Guarantee’s suppliers have stepped up to the plate,
awarded to the top-ten point gatherers!                                   supporting the drive and have donated more than 2,000 BRAND
   While we don’t know the magnitude or the winners at this time,         NEW shoes and boots over the past two years.
we’ll let you know! Huge thanks to Chevron and its California Land           A great effort — and you can take part. Call the Guarantee Shoe
Division Diversity Team!                                                  Center at 325-8751 if you have any questions.
                                                      BAKERSFIELD HOMELESS CENTER                                                                                                                                  NON-PROFIT
                                                      operated by:                                                                                                                                                ORGANIZATION
                                                      BETHANY SERVICES                                                                                                                                             US POSTAGE
                                                      1600 E. Truxtun Ave                                                                                                                                              PAID
                                                      Bakersfield, CA 93305                                                                                                                                          PERMIT 396
                                                      (661) 322-9199; Fax: (661) 322-9203                                                                                                                         BAKERSFIELD, CA 93305

Chairperson: Jeff Green
Vice Chair: Darlene Mohlke
Treasurer: Gregg and Ann Braun
Secretary: Jess Snyder
Jan Bans                          Michelle Oxford
Susie Geiger                      Bruce Keith
Lorna Brumfield                   Dr. Stanley E. Clark
Jeff Warren                       Raj Srinivas
Pam Sisco                         Julia Ball
Ed Taylor                         Richard Dimaggio
Roy Hall                          Pat Black
Melissa Bellinger                 Thomas Fullerton
Cynthia Clemente                  Al Wagner
David Couch                       Michael Rubio
Executive Director: Louis B. Gill, Jr.
Associate Director: Diana Campbell Rice

          BHC, a United Way agency
                                                                                                        BHC newsletter production:
                                                                                                              Joel Torczon
                                                                                                             Castle Printing
                                                                                                           Anderson Printing

                                                    IN MEMORY                                                                                            ITEMS NEEDED AT BHC -- PLEASE HELP!
        We would like to gratefully acknowledge the following                                                                                           Administration: A good storage cabinet for our miscellany!
     special contribution to BHC during the past month:                                                                                                 Social Services: Okay…we need a storage shelf and help to
        • From John W. Stephenson in memory of Shirley and                                                                                           repair our men’s restroom light—talk you into it? And, for our
     Randy.                                                                                                                                          waiting room, we could use some toys, crayons, coloring books, a
          This section lists the names of loved ones as well as the donors,                                                                          mid-size fridge and a toaster oven. Got any hedge clippers?!!!
     if the donors want their names listed. The amount of the donation                                                                                  Kitchen Services: Still looking for regular sponsors for snacks,
     will not be listed. Please attach a note with your check indicating that                                                                        milk, eggs, etc.—any help would be great! And, THANK YOU to
     your BHC financial donation is in memory of a loved one. Clearly                                                                                everyone who helped make our Easter Dinner a success!
     state the name of your loved one as you would like it to appear in                                                                                 Basic Client Services: To aid our client families in their
     the listing. If you do not want the name to appear in the newsletter                                                                            transition we need appliances (of any type), mattresses, dressers,
     section, please indicate that on the check.                                                                                                     tables/chairs. We can also use board games, towels and baby/adult
                                                                                                                                                     hygiene items.
                                                                                                                                                        Child Care/Discovery Depot: We could really use a volun-
                                       MONTH IN REVIEW                                                                                               teer to mow our lawn and help clean our playground — those
               DECEMBER                                                  Job Placements.........................................................29   weeds grow fast in April! And…a water dispenser, double strollers,
         (Fiscal year begins in July)                                            FiscalYear to date........................................172       big “Bibs,” diapers (#3 & #4 size); swimmers (2T & 3T); baby
Dorm Beds Occupied ....................................4,976             Housing Placements..................................................14      bathing suits, beach towels, king-size comforters and boy’s swim-
       FiscalYear to date..................................44,250                FiscalYear to date........................................ ..53     ming trunks.
Meals Served....................................................10,289   Volunteer Hours.................................................4,046          “Champ Camp” After-School: Colored Popsicle sticks???
       Fiscal Year to Date..............................107,373                  FiscalYear to date...................................27,979         …And, craft kits?!!!

BHC SALUTES COMMUNITY PARTNERS                                                                                                                          BHC appreciates your donations and will gladly give you a receipt for tax use.

                                                                                East Hills Mall store
                                                                                                                                                                                    WEB SITE
                                                                                                                                                     BHC’s Internet home page can be seen at: www.bakhc.com

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