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					                                        S    nacks
                                        YMCA afterschool programs can receive cash
    What kind of food                   reimbursements for serving nutritious snacks.
    should we serve?                                                                               How to get…

A snack must include at least two
                                        N     utrition
                                        Good nutrition is essential for full physical and
of the following:                       cognitive development.
                                                                                                   Funding for
      One serving of milk
      One serving of fruits and/or
                                        A    fterschool                                            Afterschool
                                        Serving snacks after school helps children get the

      One serving of grains
                                        nutrition they need to learn, play and grow.               Snacks at
◊     One serving of protein
                                        C    hildren                                               Your YMCA
A snack could be as easy as             Children up to age 18 can get snacks through the
                                        CACFP Afterschool Snack Program.
- Celery and peanut butter
- A banana and milk
- Cheese and an apple                   K    nowledge
                                        Programs that provide nutritious snacks after school
With or without kitchen facilities,     can improve student performance.
you can provide great snacks for
children.                               S    tate child nutrition agency
                                        To learn more about serving snacks at your YMCA,
Snacks also provide an important        contact your state child nutrition agency.
opportunity for children to eat fresh
fruits and vegetables.

Your state child nutrition agency can                  Food Research & Action Center
provide information on developing                      1875 Connecticut Ave NW
                                                       Suite 540
menus and the exact amounts of                         Washington D.C., 20009                        Prepared by the Food Research &
                                                       202-986-2200                                           Action Center
food required.

.                                         The Food Research and Action Center is the leading
                                          national nonprofit organization working to improve
                                          public policies to eradicate hunger and undernutrition
                                          in the United States.
    What is the Afterschool                      Would our YMCA qualify?                              How much funding would
        Snack Program?                                                                                          we receive?
                                             To participate in the CACFP Afterschool Snack
                                             Program, your YMCA must:                             ◊    The snack reimbursement is 68
It provides federal funds to afterschool
                                                                                                       cents per snack (2008 rate). The
programs run by YMCAs to serve snacks
                                             ◊   Be operated by a private nonprofit                    rates are adjusted every July.
to children age 18 and under. The
                                                 organization. A school or local government
snacks can be served at any time during
                                                 agency can participate as well.                  ◊    A program serving a snack to 50
the afterschool program.
                                                                                                       children 5 afternoons a week during
                                             ◊   Be located in a low-income area or serve              the school year could receive
              Why should our                     low-income children. Your state child                 around $6,100 per year. With
                                                 nutrition agency can tell you whether or              each new child the program would
            YMCA participate?                    not you qualify.                                      receive an additional $122 per
                                             ◊   Offer educational or enrichment activities.
Participation allows you to:

                                             ◊   Be licensed if state law requires it.                How do we get
◊    Attract more children to your
     afterschool program.                        Otherwise, your program must meet state                  started?
◊    Improve the health and well-being of        and local health and safety standards.

     the children you serve.                                                                      To participate in the CACFP
◊    Ensure that the children are more           Who prepares the snacks?                         Afterschool Snack Program, call your state
     alert and can fully benefit from the                                                         child nutrition agency, typically located in
                                             Your YMCA can either prepare the snacks or
     educational and enrichment activities                                                        your state department of education.
                                             contract with a local vendor to prepare and
     your YMCA offers.                                                                            Contact information for each state agency
                                             drop off the snacks at your site. Your state child
◊    Counter the childhood obesity                                                                is listed on FRAC’s Afterschool Resource
                                             nutrition agency can give you information on
     epidemic with healthy food and                                                               Center at www.frac.org/afterschool.
                                             vendors in your area.
     nutrition education.
◊    Strengthen the financial
     sustainability of your program.