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									               Fiesta Lesson Plans
• Save the PowerPoint template to the student directory. First
  remove this instruction slide.
• During the reading of the book to the class, the teacher will
  complete the alphabet slides with students. Save.
• Students should then open the template and save to their
  personal directories.
• The “During Fiesta” slide will then be done on an individual
  basis. The students will list at least three things that they like
  or would like to do during Fiesta.
• On the last slide, compare the celebrations of Fiesta and
  Fourth of July. Have students type next to the star to note
  similarities and differences.
• There is a rubric on the last slide if you want to use it.
  Fiesta Lesson Plans – Extensions
• The students can then be directed to open
  Kidspiration and complete a web of the different
  events that happen during Fiesta, as well as the
  reasons that we celebrate Fiesta. They may also
  color the events that they have attended in a different
  color. This may be done as a class or individually.
  This may be printed out if desired.

• The students may also open an additional
  Kidspiration and web their ideas of how Fiesta shows
  American’s love of freedom, individualism, and
             Based on the book: Fiesta from A to Z : the
             ABC's of San Antonio's celebration by
             Linda Sulser and Jeanne Schaefer


1.2(B) compare the observance of holidays and celebrations, past and present
1.13(D) explain how selected customs, symbols, and celebrations reflect an American love of
individualism, inventiveness, and freedom
              F is for flowers
• Brightly colored
  flowers have always
  been an important part
  of FIESTA. We even
  decorate the Battle of
  Flowers floats with
              H is for heroes
• Fiesta is San
  Antonio’s celebration
  to remember the men
  and women who
  helped win freedom
  for *       .
               K is for kings
• The two kings that
  reign over San
  Antonio help to raise
  money for good
  things. They also visit
  schools and other
  places. One King’s
  name is King *
              P is for parades
• During Fiesta there are
  three major parades.
  The Battle of *
  Parade, the Texas
  Cavaliers’ River
  Parade and the Fiesta
  Flambeau Parade.
                W is for women
• At the first Fiesta in 1891,
  women drove decorated
  horse-drawn carts around
  Alamo Plaza and threw
  real *        at each other
  to symbolize the Battle of
  the Alamo. This is why it
  is called the Battle of
  Flowers Parade.
During FIESTA these are the
     things I like to do:
Compare Fiesta to Fourth of July

    *               *
RUBRIC   1                   2                   3                   4
         I didn’t finish     I finished most     I finished all of I finished all of
                             of my               my presentation. my presentation
                             presentation                          and added extra!

         I didn’t get very   I got most of my I got all of my        I got all of my
         many answers        answers right.   answers right!         answers right
         right                                                       and added extra

         I didn’t know       I could do most     I did all of the    I did all of the
         how to work the     of the things on    things on the       things I was
         computer very       the computer        computer I was      supposed to do
         well.                                   supposed to do!     and added extra!

         I didn’t            I remembered        I remembered        I remembered
         remember the        some of the         all of the          all of the
         reasons we          reasons we          reasons we          reasons we
         celebrate Fiesta.   celebrate Fiesta.   celebrate Fiesta!   celebrate Fiesta,
                                                                     and added extra!

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