Agricultural Power Systems Lesson Plans - DOC by jpw10107


									                     Agricultural Electricity Lesson Plans

1. Introduction to Electricity
       a. Fundamentals
               i. Vocabulary
              ii. Service
             iii. Production
       b. Types of systems: electrical, and use to control the following: mechanical,
          hydraulic, pneumatic, and refrigeration.
               i. Displays and demonstrations.
2. Safety

3. Identification
      a. Parts.
      b. Tools.
      c. Motors.
4. Motors
      a. Types.
      b. Uses.
      c. Wiring.
5. Calculating load and measurement
      a. Ampacity.
      b. Voltage.
      c. Resistance.
6. Wiring diagrams
      a. Residential.
      b. Commercial.
      c. Agricultural.
      d. Industrial.
                i. Equipment operation.
               ii. Implement identification.
7. Floor plans
      a. Houses.
      b. Barns.
      c. Shop.
8. Wiring
      a. Single phase.
      b. Three phase.
      c. House/ meter loop.
      d. Agricultural.
      e. Industrial

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