Formal Evaluation Lesson Plans by jpw10107


									    Teacher: ________________                        Class/Subject: 8th Grade LAL
    School: _________________

   NJCCCS          3.1G1, 3.1G5, 3.1H4, 3.5A1, 3.5
                   Given articles from the New Brunswick “First 100 days…” website, students will
                   read, evaluate, and analyze several articles in order to narrow their search for a
                   research topic down to three possible choices.
                   How do you write a research paper?
 Unit Essential

                   How do you identify the central idea of a piece of non-fiction? How do you
Lesson Essential   choose a research topic? How do you make a connection between non-fictional
   Questions       writing and your own beliefs?

                   -Laptop or desktop computers (if possible) OR enough photocopies of articles
                   from the NBPS Resource page for Obama’s First 100 Days webpage to allow
                   each students to have one
                   -President Obama’s First 100 Days Research Topic Article Guide (online or
                   At the beginning of class the teacher will read and discuss the writing situation
                   and task for the 8th grade research paper. Teacher will explain that the students
Anticipatory Set
                   will be choosing their research topic as a result of reading an article from the
                   “First 100 days” webpage.
                   1. Teacher will read an article with their students and model how specific topics
                   can be synthesized from it (for example, after reading “Energy and Climate Bill
                   Advances” from day 85 the teacher could write “renewable energy”, “solar
                   power”, or even “global warming” as potential topics that could be derived from
                   the article
                   2. Students will have the remaining class period (or additional periods, as
                   desired) to read articles from the page. Students who are using computers to
                   access the “100 days” page the students will read the articles online. Students
                   working without a computer will read printed out articles that they will exchange
                   with other students when they are finished.
                   3. Students will be responsible to fill out a “President Obama’s First 100 Days
                   Research Topic Article Guide” for three (3) articles that they read.
                   4. After they finish their three Article Guides, students will choose one article to
                   act as the focal point for their research topic, and synthesize their topic.
                   At the end of the class the students will share one article that they chose to write
                   an Article Guide about, and why they found the discussed issue interesting.
  Independent      For homework, students will re-read their articles and if not already done, select
    Practice       their specific topic.

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