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									                               LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT



       I, __________________, a resident of ________ County, _____________, do make,

publish and declare this instrument to be my Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all wills and

Codicils, if any, previously made by me.

                                               ITEM I

Payment of Debts, Expenses and Taxes

       I direct that my Executor, hereinafter named, shall pay out of my estate my lawful debts, the

expenses of administering my estate, and the expenses of my last illness and funeral. My Executor

shall also pay estate and other death taxes which shall become payable by reason of my death,

whether in respect of property passing under this Will or otherwise, without apportionment.

                                             ITEM II

Section A- Bequest of Tangible Personal Property

       I give and bequeath all of my tangible personal property, including automobiles, household

furniture and furnishings, jewelry and other personal effects to my wife/husband,

_______________, if he/she shall survive me.

Section B- Alternate Bequest of Tangible Personal Property

       If my wife/husband shall not survive me, then I give all of my said tangible personal

property to my children who are living at the time of my death. I presently have ___ children

whose names are ____________________________________. Such tangible personal property

shall be divided among my children in such manner as they may agree, and if they are incapable or

unable to agree, then in such manner as my Executor shall deem fair and equitable.
Notwithstanding the foregoing and in lieu of making distribution to my children my Executor shall

have the power to sell any item of my tangible personal property which the Executor may determine

to be not susceptible of substantially equal division among my children or not suitable for

distribution to any one of my children. The Executor shall a
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