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									 Anatomy & Physiology Lab Report Format
General Guidelines
 Every student must turn in their own lab report, even though you worked with
 Proofread your report before handing it in. Spelling and grammar errors will detract
   from your grade.
 Title each section of your report clearly
 Avoid the use of first person point of view (I, we, our)

 Cover Page
      A separate cover page on the front of the report with the following
         information :
                                      Your Name
                                      Lab Partners
                                     Date Handed in
 Introduction
      Should provide a short summary (half a page to a full page), in paragraph
         form, of the purpose(s) of the experiment
      Should include the experimental expectations (ie., hypothesis)
      Should include an explanation of why these are the expectations (ie.,
         background information)
      Should provide definitions or descriptions for any special terms used in the
 Procedure
      Should precisely describe the details of the experiment.
      If you used the lab manual’s procedures, you may say, “For procedure, please
         refer to Exercise ____: [Title of Exercise] in Human Anatomy and Physiology
         Laboratory Manual by Elaine Marieb.”
              If you changed any of the stated procedure, you must describe
                 (concisely) what you did differently
 Results
      Present the data collected in an appropriate form (such as a table or graph)
      Do not analyze the data nor form conclusions! Those go in the following
      Table columns and rows should be labeled appropriately, and titles given.
 Discussion
      Explain (ie., analyze) your data in this section. This is the most important
         section of the report!
      If you refer to other materials (your textbook, other textbooks, online sources,
         journals, etc.) to support your conclusions, you must cite the reference (use
         APA style).
                 When in doubt, cite. It is better to cite than to be caught for plagiarism.
   Summary
       Write one or two short sentences that summarize your results and the basic
         take-home message of the experiment
       Number the sentences
   Works Cited
       You must list any and all references cited in your report. The format you will
         follow is the APA format, which lists authors by last name, alphabetically.

Marieb, Elaine N. Human Anatomy and Physiology. Benjamin/Cummings Publishing
  Company, Inc. 1989.

   Sarich, Nicolene and Maloy, Stanley. “Restriction endonucleases.” Microbial
Genetics. University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign. September 10, 2000.

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