Lesson plans- Making a Landing Module by qpn10303


									Project plan - Apollo Lunar Landing Module
David Grigor
For Upper Primary and Lower Secondary (Space camp and Space Academy)

Constructing a Landing Module used in the Apollo missions.

    Introduce the design of the landing module- what it’s capable of, and
       why and how.
   (Its legs are made of aluminium foil bound together to be light and durable).
    Examine the 3D element of the module to the technology of its design.
    Understand how the module fits together, and why it’s designed that
    Have a better understanding of the sculptural input of space design-
       what works in space is different to that on earth.

    Produce a replica model of the landing craft using household resources.
    Using drawing templates construct the capsule and connecting
    Learn about the capsules purpose as a space craft and why it was so
      successful during the NASA missions to the moon

    Lesson 1- Make 1st box using template 1. Using Card, scissors, and
    Lesson 2- Make 2nd box larger using template 2 same materials as
    Lesson 3- Make 4 legs for module using wire- bend to shape then wrap
      in 3- 4 layers of silver foil. Thread wire legs into card and loop to secure
    Lesson 4- Make adjacent rectangular box with semi circle as entrance
      to module. Glue onto top box.
    Lesson 5- Glue silver foil strips onto model. And attaching buttons as
      pads to the legs.
    Lesson 6- Add further details to model like radars (cut round shapes of
      card and attach to wire to attach to model. and steps for the astronauts
      (straws are good for this).

   Card, glue, scissors, pencils, wire, silver foil, paint, buttons.
   Look at books on Space exploration, Astronomy and the NASA website.

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