Glimmerings of Hope lesson plans – Southam by qpn10303


									Glimmerings of Hope lesson plans – Southam

The group meets weekly after school, for 1 ¼ hours

Lesson 1
    We looked at a map of the world, and identified Rwanda as the place the story is set.
      We talked a bit about the countries they had visited or would like to visit.
    We read Lesson 1, and answered all the questions.
    For the question about alcohol we had brought in magazine adverts for different drinks,
      and they analysed the messages behind the adverts.
    We finalised our plans for the service project

Lesson 2
    We re-read the story from Lesson 1, and then read and answered Lesson 2.
    We reviewed the success of our service project, and wrote letters to our chosen
      charities, in order to send them the money that was raised.
    We wrote poems on the theme of peace, using the letters P E A C E to start each line.
    We made and decorated covers for our textbooks.

Lesson 3
    We read Lesson 3, and answered all the questions.
    We did glass painting, based on the quote “Bestow upon me a heart, which like unto
      glass, may be illumined by the light of Thy love…”

Lesson 4
    We put candles into the glasses we had made last week, and thought about what it
      means to be illumined.
    We introduced this week’s virtue: we will all try to be illumined with the light of
    We memorised the prayer from Lesson 3.
    We acted out a play based on the story from Lessons 1-4.
    We read the story from Lesson 4.

Lesson 5
    Lessons 5 and 6 of Glimmerings
    Introduced the virtue of SERVICE

Lesson 6
    Lessons 7 and 8 of Glimmerings
    For the questions, these were written out on cards, and the JY put the cards into
      columns on the board for ‘true’ or ‘false’. After they had placed the cards, we had a
      discussion about some of the more challenging questions.
    Introduced the virtue of JUSTICE
    Made skits on the theme of making good choices

Lesson 7
    Lesson 9 of Glimmerings
    Painting based on fragile seedlings becoming fruitful trees (from the prayer)
    Introduce the virtue of UNITY (love for all races)
L8 – 2 July
    Lesson 10
    Virtue of PRAYERFULNESS

L9 – 9 July
    Lesson 11
    Virtue of COURAGE (and wisdom to make good choices).

L10 – 16 July (end of term)
    Story from Lesson 12
    Play games
    Party

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