Lesson Plans for Integer Project Deana Lorenson

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					                                Lesson Plans for Integer Project
                                       Deana Lorenson
Main Textbook:
       Connected Mathematics Project (CMP) 7th grade, “Accentuate the Negative”
Additional Resources:
       MATH Thematics (STEM) 7th grade
       MathScape 7th grade “Making Mathematical Arguments”

Day 1 – 3
Ordering of Integers
Absolute value
       Investigation 1, CMP

Day 4
Number Line Activity
       Labsheet 3A-3C, STEM, Module 2
Talk about what patterns we can see from Labsheet 3C

Day 5-8
Adding Integers
      Investigation 2 CMP
Check up- Mathematical Reasoning
      Pg. 7, Look for Counterexamples, MathScape

Day 9-13
Subtracting Integers
       Investigation 3, CMP
Check up- Subtraction table
       Pg. 35, problem 9, MathScape

Day 14-19
Multiplying and Dividing Integers
        Investigation 4, CMP
Multiplication Table
        Labsheet 4C, STEM, Module 4
Integer Product Game
        Labsheet 4.3, CMP
Check up- Multiplication and Division Puzzle
        Pg. 36, problems 11 & 12, MathScape

Day 20-21

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                                                          (Integer Project)

Content Standard: M a t h e ma t i c a l R e a s o n i n g & N u mb e r S e n s e   Level:Partial

Specific Statement(s) from the Standard:

Standard: Apply skills of mathematical representation, communication and reasoning throughout the remaining four
content strands.
    2. Appropriately use examples and counterexamples to make and test conjectures, justify solutions and explain

Standard: Use positive and negative rational numbers, represented in a variety of ways, to quantify information and to
solve real-world and mathematical problems.
     3. Locate and compare positive and negative rational numbers on a number line.

A television or radio broadcast, a brochure, display, poster, rap, song or letter

Task Description:
The student is responsible for creating a product that explains the proper procedure for adding, subtracting, multiplying or
dividing positive and negative integers. The product must correctly explain how to do the procedures and should include
examples for each operation. The examples must be grade level appropriate and the product should be attractive and
interesting so that it will capture the audience’s attention. Those that choose to produce a television or radio broadcast must
submit a written copy of the script with their project.

Special Notes:

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                                       PERFORMANCE PACKAGE TASK 1
                                              (Integer Project)

                                FEEDBACK CHECKLIST FOR TASK 1
The purpose of the checklist is to provide feedback to the student about his/her work relative to the content standard. Have
the standard available for reference.

N=Needs Improvement

     Student                                                                                            Teacher

                    The procedures and examples for addition are correct.

                    The procedures and examples for subtraction are correct.

                    The procedures and examples for multiplication are correct.

                    The procedures and examples for division are correct.

                    The examples given are grade level appropriate.

                    The product is free of grammatical and spelling errors.

                    The product is organized well.

                    The product is attractive and interesting.

Overall Comments (information about student progress, quality of the work, next steps for teacher and student, needed
adjustments in the teaching and learning processes, and problems to be addressed):

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