Legal Issues of Patient Records by qpn10303


									                          Legal Issues of Patient Records
                          Presented by: Sue Gray, RHIA
                                    July, 2006

1. Who owns the patient record?
    A. Physical Record
    B. Intellectual property of the college for publications (e.g. photographs, tissues,
        1. Publications/Photographs/Video/Digital Photos (Internal//External)
            a. Non-patient Specific
            b. Patient Specific
        2. Tissue/Lab Specimens/non-identifiable body organs/parts
        3. Dead Bodies/Identifiable body Parts
2. Ownership versus Co-Ownership
3. Insurance
4. Rights of Investigation – Animal Control/local/federal – Acts of Violence – what
    information is ours versus theirs –
5. Informed Consents
    A. Health Care Services
    B. Release of Information
6. Necropsy – Educational/Memorial/Post Mortem Exams
7. Photography, video, digital pictures, etc. – related to patient care
8. Errors in the record – paper versus electronic
9. Mentors – Record Completion
10. Forms
11. Foundation Accounts

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