RESIDENTIAL LEASE THIS AGREEMENT made the day of by udr50599


									                                                     RESIDENTIAL LEASE

THIS AGREEMENT made the _______ day of ___________________ BETWEEN:

(the Tenant(s))

(the Landlord)

The rental premises is a _________________________ unit (main floor, 2nd floor, etc), located at:

There will be ____ person(s) only occupying the rental premises on a full-time basis and their names are:
(provide tenant ’s full names)

__________________________________                    ___________________________________

__________________________________                    ___________________________________

Except for casual guests, no other persons shall occupy the premises without written consent of the Landlord.

The term of this agreement shall be as follows:
This shall be a ____ year tenancy which shall begin on ________________20___ and end on
_________________ 20___.

The parties agree that the following services or appliances are included in the rent:

Electricity       Yes___     No___                    Refrigerator    Yes___   No___
Water             Yes___     No___                    Stove           Yes___   No___
Gas-Heating       Yes___     No___                    Washer          Yes___   No___
Cablevision       Yes___     No___                    Dryer           Yes___   No___
Telephone         Yes___     No___                    Microwave       Yes___   No___

The tenant agrees to pay for the continuous supply of the following utilities during the terms of the tenancy and
to be responsible for any damages or costs, which may be incurred as a result of the failure to do so:
Electricity _____ Gas(incl. hot water tank charges) ______ Water & Sewer ______

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The tenant agrees to pay rent to CHARAH.CA in advance, on or before the first day of every month during the
tenancy, by cheque or money order, to the landlord’s address (300 March Road, 4th floor, Kanata, Ontario K2K
2E2) or at such place as the landlord directs from time to time as follows: $_____________ per month.

The tenant agrees to pay $20.00 (or such greater amount as is permitted under the Applicable Legislation from
time to time) as liquidated damages for any late payment of rent, and for the handling of any cheque returned by
the tenant’s bank.

The landlord will permit the rent to be paid by uncertified cheque until any cheque is returned by the tenant’s
bank after which time the landlord may require payment to be made by money order or certified cheque.

The tenant agrees that the rent shall not be withheld for any reason.

The Landlord agrees not to raise the rent for the 12 months, and any increase given thereafter shall be in
accordance with the applicable provincial act dealing with landlord/tenant relations. The next allowable rental
increase is scheduled for: ________________, 20_____ .

At the time that keys are provided to access the premises, the tenant agrees to deposit with the landlord the sum
of $__________ as a deposit for the last month’s rent. If this lease is renewed by agreement, or by operation of
the law, the tenant shall increase the amount on deposit for the last month’s rent to the then current monthly
rent. The landlord shall pay the tenant interest on the deposit for the last month’s rent in accordance with the
Applicable Legislation.

The following terms shall apply to the deposit:
   a) The Landlord may claim only the amount reasonably necessary to repair damages to the premises
       caused by the misconduct of the Tenant, except deterioration caused by fair wear and tear, or to remedy
       any other default by the Tenant under the provisions of this agreement.
   b) The Landlord shall at all times maintain the premises and appliances provided by him/her in a
       reasonable condition satisfactory to the Tenant. All appliances are warranted to be in good working

Unless the landlord and the tenant enter into a new lease, or the landlord or the tenant gives a notice of
termination 60 days prior to the termination date, this tenancy shall renew as a month-to- month tenancy.

If the Tenant remains in possession after a lawful termination without the Landlord ’s consent, the Landlord
may apply to the appropriate governing or regulatory bodies for an order of possession. The Landlord may also
recover damages from an overholding Tenant, which exceed the amount of any retained security deposit.

The Landlord agrees to give Tenant first right of refusal to execute a new tenancy agreement at the end of this
term - terms and conditions to be mutually acceptable by both parties.

The landlord may alter or add to the locking mechanisms on any doors of the premises as long as the landlord
provides the tena nt with the replacement keys or access cards. The tenant will not change, add or alter any lock
on a door without first obtaining the written permission of the landlord. The tenant agrees to provide the
landlord with a duplicate key for any additional lock, which is installed on any entry door to the premises. The
tenant further agrees to return all keys and access cards to the landlord at the termination of the tenancy.

The Tenant agrees not to assign or sublet the premises witho ut the Landlord ’s written permission and consent.
The Landlord shall not unreasonably withhold consent.

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300 March Road, 4th floor, Kanata, Ontario K2K 2E2   Phone: 613-878-2724   Fax: 613-599-9441   E-Mail:
The Landlord shall give ______hours notice of his/her intent to enter the Tenant ’s premises during reasonable
hours, but such notice need not be given in the event of an emergency or if the Tenant consents to the Landlord
’s entry without such notice being given.

The Tenant agrees to notify the Landlord of an intended absence of more than __7___days and will permit the
Landlord to enter the premises during the absence if reasonably necessary.

The tenant agrees to comply with each of the Policies and Rules attached as Schedule A.

The premises shall contain _____parking spot(s) at the ______________________(location) of the building.

The landlord has equipped the premises with smoke-detecting devices. The tenant further agrees to
immediately advise the landlord in writing of the non- functioning of such smoke detector devices except where
it results from the failure or non-replacement of the batteries.

The tenant, the tenant’s family, occupants, guests or any person permitted in or about the premises by the tenant
shall not make or permit any improper noise in or about the premises or the building or do anything that will
annoy or disturb or interfere in any way with other tenants or those having business with them.

The tenant further covenants:
   a) To observe strict care not to allow their windows to remain open so as to admit rain or snow or to allow
       water pipes or heating pipes to freeze.
   b) To avoid interference with all hot water radiators, valves and pipes in the premises or the building.
   c) That in case water or waste pipes become clogged by reason of the Tenant ’s neglect or recklessness, the
       Tenant shall repair the same at his (her) own expense as well as pay for all damage caused.
   d) Not to leave water running unless it is in actual use.
   e) Not to do or permit anything to be done in the premises, or bring or keep anything which will in any way
       create a risk of fire or increase in the rate of fire insurance on the building, or contents and to maintain in
       a good state of repair all appliances presently on or brought on to the premises.

The tenant is liable for all damages caused to the building, to the landlord’s furnishings and appliances, or to
any other tenant by the tenant’s misconduct, neglect or breach of any obligation under this lease or the
Applicable Legislation, or by such misconduct, neglect or breach by any person permitted in or about the
premises by the tenant. If such damage occurs, the tenant shall notify the landlord immediately. The tenant
shall repair all damage to the landlord’s property to the satisfaction of the landlord, or pay the landlord the cost
of the repairs.

The tenant acknowledges that the landlord is not an insurer of the tenant’s property, and does not carry any
insurance for the tenant. The tenant agrees to obtain and keep in force insurance on this premises for loss
caused by theft, burglary, fire, or vandalism, and to obtain and keep in force liability insurance (that is,
insurance against any claims the tenant may be liable for as a result of his negligence or the negligence or fault
of persons the tenant permits in or about the premises).

The Tenant is not permitted to have any pets without the expressed written permission of the Landlord.

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THIS DOCUMENT is intended to be a complete record of the rental agreement. Both parties are to have a
complete copy of this agreement. All promises and agreements must be included herein in writing and agreed to
by both parties or they are not enforceable.


(the Tenant(s))

(the Landlord)

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300 March Road, 4th floor, Kanata, Ontario K2K 2E2   Phone: 613-878-2724   Fax: 613-599-9441   E-Mail:
                                                           Schedule A

                                                     POLICIES AND RULES
1. Nothing shall be thrown out of the windows or doors or off the balconies of the building. Nothing shall be
   placed on the outside of windowsills or building projections.
2. Tenants shall not alter any part of any mechanical or electrical system or device or equipment in or about
   the building or the premises without first having obtained the written consent of the landlord, which consent
   may be arbitrarily withheld.
3. Tenants shall use only those appliances supplied by the landlord unless written permission is obtained from
   the landlord for the use of other appliances. Tenants shall pay for all repairs to appliances other than normal
   wear and tear.
4. Tenants shall not install or permit to be installed any heating, cooling or other electrical apparatus which
   may result in overloading the electrical circuits in the premises.

1. Tenants shall immediately notify the landlord or the landlord’s agent of any heating, electrical, plumbing,
   air circulation devices, water installation, window or door that is out of order.
2. Tenant shall not use toilets, sinks or drains for any purpose other than those for which they are constructed,
   and shall not place any sweepings, garbage, rubbish, rags, ashes or other similar substances therein.
3. No awnings, shades, flower containers, t.v. or radio aerials, satellite dishes, air conditions or any other
   extensions or obstructions shall be erected on or through the exterior walls, windows or roof of the building
   without the written consent of the landlord, which consent may be arbitrarily withheld.
4. If the tenant wants additional television or telephone connections, the landlord will direct the electricians or
   other workmen as to where and ho w the wires are to be introduced and without such direction no boring or
   cutting for wires will be permitted. If the tenants want to install; add to or alter electric light fixtures they
   must arrange with the landlord for the necessary connections and no electric wiring will be permitted which
   the landlord has not authorized in writing. Any costs attributable to changes made with the landlord’s
   permission shall be entirely at the tenant’s expense.
5. If provided by the landlord, drapes, drapery track, blinds, carpeting, appliances, light fixtures or other
   fixtures, shall not be removed or disconnected from the windows, walls, the floors, or electrical circuits of
   the premises without the prior written permission of the landlord.
6. Only drapes, blinds or shades shall cover Windows.
7. Tenants shall clean and maintain floors, carpets, fixtures, appliances, and clean and maintain all washable
   surfaces in the premises sufficiently often to prevent abnormal wear and tear or deterioration, and shall
   leave the premise in a condition of cleanliness and repair suitable for immediate re-rental.
8. Tenants shall not make any changes or alterations to the premises or decorate walls or ceilings or erect or
   remove partitions without the written permission of the landlord, and such permission may be arbitrarily
   withheld. If any such changes or alterations are made they become the landlord’s property (without any
   obligation on the landlord to compensate the tenant for their cost or to maintain or insure the changes or
   alterations), and at the end of the term of the lease the landlord may require the tenant to remove them and
   to restore the premises to their original condition at the tenant’s expense.

1. The tenant shall not make any improper noises in the building or grounds or do anything that will annoy or
   disturb or interfere in any way with other tenants or others having business with them. No noises caused by
   musical instruments or other devices, which, in the opinion of the landlord, may disturb the comfort of other
   tenants, shall be made in the premises, nor shall any noise be repeated after a request to discontinue the
   same has been made by the landlord. Particular care must be taken between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7:00
2. Tenants shall not place or leave any debris or garbage in the common areas of the building and premises so
   as to obstruct the common parts of the building.
3. The tenant shall remove snow and ice from the entrance walk to the premises and stairs, in common with
   other tenants, and be responsible for their parking area.
4. No vehicle belonging to a tenant shall be parked in such a manner as to impede passage to the street or to
   prevent access to the property. Tenant shall only use assigned and designated parking spaces. Tenant’s
   vehicle(s) must be registered with the Landlord.

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