Microcontroller (ATMega128) with motherboard Study Board (Digital by udr50599


									                                                           Home Lab Basic Kit
                                                           Microcontroller (ATMega128) with motherboard
                                                           Ÿ Board (Digital I/O), LCD display
                                                           JTAG-USB programmer
                                                           Measurement device
                                                           Software, examples, exercises & videos
                                                           Ÿ supply, cables

All together the Home Lab Kit is a mobile ready to use
a small test stand, which can be connected to PC and
                                                                                                                System is developed and prototype produced by the
operated in home or working place. The aim of lab
                                                                                                                support of EU Leonardo Da Vinci programme
toolkit is to provide a practical and effective hands-on
                                                           Sensor & Actuator Add-On Kit
training. Students can combine variuos solutions on
                                                                                                                You can test the system online:
different levels of complexity        and functionality,   Ÿ
                                                           Sensor module (LDR, NTC, Pote)
based on modules in the kit. The Home Lab Kit main         Ÿ
                                                           Distance sensors (ultrasonic, infrared)              Access to Mechatronic Home Lab Community:
feature is mobility - toolboxes are small and compact      Ÿ
                                                           Actuator module with encoder support                 http://homelab.autostudy.eu
and all modules with necessary tools are seated into       Ÿ
                                                           Electrical motors (DC, RC Servo, Stepper)
box. Toolkit has a USB connection to PC (for example       Ÿ
student home computer). Simple and easy to install
                                                           Automotive Add-On Kit                                Developers:
software is used to connect main controller to
                                                                                                                Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia)
computer. This is particularly important because the       Ÿ
                                                           Microcontroller                                      Hochschule Bochum (Germany)
student can start his/her experiment in school then        Ÿ nodes
                                                           CAN                                                  Helsinki University of Technology (Finland)
continue in home or even in his/her workplace. The         Ÿ
                                                           Cables                                               Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)
Home Lab toolkit includes all pedagogical materials,
lab exercises and source code examples. In addition        Home Lab Advanced Kit
practical questions and advanced exercises are given
                                                           Ÿ Lab Basic + Sensor & Actuator Add-On Kit
                                                           Home                                                 Commercialization and marketing:
in the end of every lab. Solutions are also given as a
                                                           Ÿ module & tags
                                                           RFID                                                 ITT Group,
HEX files on the disc.
                                                           Communication module (Bluetooth, Ethernet, SPI)      Mecatro Systems
All users will get special access to Home Lab Support      Ÿ
                                                           Machine Vision module (CMUCam3)
website for advanced examples. Teachers get access         Home Lab Economy Kit
to solutions and advanced exercises.                                                                            Product listing and ordering information:
                                                           Cost effective combination from Home Lab Basic Kit
                                                           and Sensor & Actuator Add-On Kit                     info@ittgroup.ee +3725163560
                                                        Mechatronics Home Lab Community website
                                                        is a suppot site for Home Lab users and teachers. Site
                                                        includes lots of materials in different languages.
Distance Lab                                            Website has forum for discussions and wikipages for
                                                        user contributions.
The remote lab management website is an interface
to access different (e.g. mobile robotic) distance      Textbook - Integrated Systems & Design
labs. The multi-robot environment is developed as a     presents a selected overview of integrated system
pilot and is located in the university, consisting      and design issues. The book has mainly descriptive           Intelligent
number of similar robots equipped with short range      orientation aiming to give a general overview for the          RobotiC
wireless communication module. The site is fitted       reader through the practical university student            Study Concept
with web camera and server which communicates           involved projects. The book includes expert opinions
                                                        from scientists and specialists of their specific areas,
with the robots. Server has a master communication
                                                        helping students to see perspectives and advances of
                                                                                                                   With equipment
unit which can be contact with any robot on the field
and reprogram it at any time when needed. The site      the interdisciplinary studies. The book contains
server is connected with the portal server passing      where possible also aid, practical tips and examples
and validating the communication between the robot      for students for solving different practical problems
and user input.                                         in research and future development of mechatronic
                                                        systems.                                                         Mobile Home Lab Kit
                                                                                                                             Distance Lab
You can try out the online programming feature by       Hands-On book                                                       E-environment
requesting the account.                                 Includs practical microcontroller oriented labs:            Textbook & Hands-On exercises
                                                        microcontroller and digital i/o, sensors, actuators,
                                                        navigation, communication, control, machine vision.
                                                        Exercises are fully compatible with Home Lab and
                                                        Distance Lab hardware.

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