Writing the lab report NOTE Each person has to by udr50599


									Writing the lab report
NOTE: Each person has to hand in a lab report. The only things that may be the same between
group members are: title, hypothesis, materials, method, and results. If your introduction,
discussion, and conclusion are not original, you will receive a mark of ZERO.

         The title needs to be descriptive. Simply calling the lab “Lemon battery” will NOT suffice. A descriptive
title needs to reflect the research question (mention the independent variable). E.g. “The effect of pH onE. coli

       Needs to include:
       – the nature of the problem
       – background research ( Redox reactions, how batteries operate, draw and label the components of the
           lemon battery (the anode, the cathode, the electrolyte))
       – the selection of independent, dependent, and control variables. These need to be justified and
           discussed (how are you going to make sure that every trial is the same in every way except for the
           variable you will change? How will you measure the dependent variable?)
       – Explain your reasoning for choosing your hypothesis

      A statement, using the format IF... THEN..., that clearly reflects the research question. E.g. If the
temperature of the solution is increased then the conductivity of the solution will increase.

       The materials list is complete and includes amounts/concentrations

       The method is complete and descriptive. Another student should be able to follow your method and get
the same results that you did. Labelled photo(s) or diagram(s) should be provided.

       –     Data is clearly and logically organized in a TABLE and an appropriate GRAPH. Remember that in a
             graph the independent variable goes along the x-axis and the dependent variable goes along the y-
         –   All appropriate labels and units have been included in the appropriate places
         –   A summary statement points out to the reader any trends/patterns noticed in the data

       – The discussion arrives at a conclusion based on a valid interpretation of the results that includes data
            collected for this purpose
       – A reference is made to the original hypothesis. Did your results support or refute your hypothesis?
       – Weaknesses in the investigation are identified and appropriate modifications suggested to overcome
            such problems if the inquiry were to be repeated.
       – Suggest new questions that have come up that would be possible to investigate

Summary: The summary statement identifies the key learning. (a statement that says what you did, what you
found, and what you learned)
References: List any references you use. I won't be sticky about format, as long as you are consistent. Do not
copy a source directly – paraphrase in your own words!!
Lemon Battery Challenge - Evaluation
Categories                   Level 1                 Level 2                  Level 3                 Level 4
Understanding of
concepts – (e.g.             Demonstrates                                     Demonstrates            Demonstrates
                                                     Demonstrates some
Understanding of             limited                                          considerable            thorough
                                                     understanding of
electrochemical cells –      understanding of                                 understanding of        understanding of
their role and reactions.    concepts                                         concepts                concepts
Oxidation & reduction)
Knowledge of facts and                                                        Demonstrates            Demonstrates
                             Demonstrates         Demonstrates some
terms (e.g. Anode,                                                            considerable            thorough
                             limited knowledge of knowledge of facts
cathode, electrolyte,                                                         knowledge of facts      understanding of
                             facts and terms      and terms
voltage and current)                                                          and terms               facts and terms

Application of the skills
and strategies of
scientific inquiry (e.g.                                                                              Applies all or
                             Applies few of the      Applies some of the      Applies most of the
Initiating and planning,                                                                              almost all of the
                             skills and strategies   skills and strategies of skills and strategies
performing and                                                                                        skills and strategies
                             of scientific inquiry   scientific inquiry       of scientific inquiry
recording, analysing and                                                                              of scientific inquiry
interpreting, problem
                             Uses tools,             Uses tools,                                      Demonstrates and
Use of tools, equipment,                                                      Uses tools,
                             equipment, and          equipment, and                                   promotes the safe
                                                                              equipment, and
and materials (e.g.          materials safely and    materials safely and
                                                                              materials safely and
                                                                                                      and correct use of
voltmeter/multimeter)        correctly only with     correctly with some                              tools, equipment,
                             supervision             supervision                                      and materials
Communication of
information and ideas                                                                               Communicates
(e.g. Proper lab report      Communicates            Communicates             Communicates
                                                                                                    information and
                             information and         information and ideas    information and ideas
format – use of              ideas with limited      with moderate clarity    with considerable
                                                                                                    ideas with a high
tables/charts, correct                                                                              degree of clarity and
                             clarity and precision   and precision            clarity and precision
format of hypothesis,
logical conclusions, etc.)
                                                                              Uses scientific
                             Uses scientific                                                          Uses scientific
Use of scientific                                    Uses scientific          terminology,
                             terminology,                                                             terminology,
terminology, symbols,                                terminology, symbols,    symbols,
                             symbols,                                                                 symbols,
                                                     conventions, and SI      conventions, and SI
conventions, and standard    conventions, and SI
                                                     units with some          units with
                                                                                                      conventions, and SI
(SI) units (e.g. V, A, g,    units with limited                                                       units with a high
                                                     accuracy and             considerable
                             accuracy and                                                             degree of accuracy
moles, etc.)                                         effectiveness            accuracy and
                             effectiveness                                                            and effectiveness

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