How to finance, develop and build utility scale solar projects in MENA by heidihafes


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									                             The Solar InduSTry’S PremIer norTh afrIca and mIddle eaST meeTIng PoInT

                            MENASOL 2010
 2nd NOrtH AfricA & MiddLE EASt
                            SOLAr cONfErENcE
                      MAy 4-5, iNtErcONtiNENtAL city StArS, cAirO
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How to finance, develop and build utility scale                                                                SAvE
                                                                                                                up to
solar projects in North Africa and Middle East                                                                 $400!
    Industry                                                                                     tHe Best QualIFIed
                            • SOLAR TARGETS COUNTRY-BY-COUNTRY - Gain exclusive
leaders speakIng                                                                                 speakers sHarIng
                             insight into the government targets to develop utility scale
                                                                                                tHeIr knOWledge and
                             solar plants and drive growth
       Philippe Lorec                                                                           eXperIenCe WItH yOu!
       Mediterranean        • BEST STRATEGIES TO SECURE SOLAR FINANCE - Hear directly
       Solar Plan            from the top international organisations and expert private
                             investors on how to gain the funding you need to develop
       Anhar Hegazi          your next solar project
       UN ESCWA
                            • TECHNOLOGY TERRITORY - Benefit from a comprehensive
                             guide on the technology best suited to each country, enabling
                             you to make the most profitable choices for your plant
       Jamila Matar
       League of Arab       • WHAT UTILITIES WANT FROM SOLAR - Find out directly from
       States                utility companies how they plan to work with solar technology
                             and get the insider’s knowledge that will help you develop
       Houda Allal           long-term partnerships with them
       Observatory          • SOLAR PROJECTS UPDATE - Uncover practical tips and advice
       Energy                by hearing real life lessons from plants on the ground and
                             new opportunities for your business in upcoming projects
       Gerhardt Gleissner
       Abu Dhabi Water      • SOLAR DESALINATION POTENTIAL IN MENA - Prepare your
       & Electricity         business for the next big solar advancement in the MENA
                             region and find out exactly what you need to know to make
                             the most of this growth opportunity
       José Manuel Nieto

                              Are you serious about solar projects                                      Gold sponsor:
                                           in MENA?
       Michael Geyer
       Abengoa Solar          6 excellent reasons why you must attend this event
                              Over 250 solar industry        Over 20 hours of networking and
                              experts set to attend          business building opportunities

       Thomas Rueschen
                              top case studies from the      4 segments tailor your own
                              region and international       conference experience               The conference provided the
       Deutsche Bank
                              projects                       Country by Country sessions,      perfect venue for those who are
                              Bigger and better exhibition   discussion groups, keynote        serious about the solar industry
                              Hall for 2010                  speakers

       David Gonzalez                                                                           in MENA to move forward with
                            …the biggest and best MENA solar event of the year…                      their business plans
       Investment Bank                       simply unmissable!                                        Samer Zureikat,
                                                                                                       MENA Cleantech

OPEN NOW                       for the full conference program!
            North Africa and Middle East – Set for exponential
               solar industry growth in 2010 and beyond!
2009 was a record breaking year for           MENA-specific questions you need to                       Off Takers
solar investment - governments, private       address...                                                No off takers = No project!
companies and international organisations
                                              The potential in MENA is undeniable, investment is        Discover which utility companies want to use solar,
all committed billions to this emerging
                                              pouring in, and almost all governments now support        what needs to be done to overcome their concerns
industry. As the MENA territory receives so
                                              solar projects – but how will this support translate      and how you can win their partnerships now and
much sunlight each year, it is no surprise
                                              into real world action? The biggest challenge of          lock in long term relationships that could set you up
that this region is seeing aggressive
                                              MENA solar, is that business works differently            to supply countries across the region and Europe!
growth. This trend is set to intensify in
2010.                                         here. Local knowledge is the gold dust that will
                                              transform your opportunity in to a commercial reality.    If you are serious about succeeding in MENA you
                                              There are a number of questions that are critical to      have to attend this event - there is simply no other
MENA GrOWtH By tHE                                                                                      way you can meet more insiders and hear more
NUMBErS                                       your success:
                                                                                                        business intelligence in two days and at such low
                                              •	 How	and	when	will	tenders	be	assigned	in	the	          cost. It would take thousands of man hours and
•	 Egypt has a Combined Cycle Power
                                                 MENA region in the short and mid-term?                 great expense for you to track down and make all
   Plant under construction that is
                                                                                                        these individual contacts yourself.
   expected to start operating in 2010.       •	 Who	are	the	local	and	international	financiers	
   A 140 MW ISCC plant with a 20 MW              eager to fund projects in this region?               Don’t miss your chance to secure your future in
   parabolic trough solar field has been                                                              MENA and be at the heart of the clean energy
                                              •	 What	unique	technical	and	logistical	challenges	are	
   built                                                                                              revolution.
                                                  presented by developing in desert environments?
•	 Morocco has a $9 billion solar energy                                                              MAKE THE SMART CHOICE AND BOOK
                                              •	 Which	technologies	are	suitable	for	which	regions?
   project underway, with 5 new sites                                                                 NOW TO GET THE VERY BEST PRICE
   throughout the country set to produce                                                              TICKET AVAILABLE!
   2,000 MW of electricity by 2020            MENASOL 2010 has the answers
                                              you need to capitalise on this                          CALL +44 207 375 7206 TODAY OR
•	 Tunisia - 40 projects are planned          untapped market                                         EMAIL REGISTER@NEWSOLARTODAY.
   for 2010-2016, 29 schemes financed                                                                 COM TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE
   by private sector with the rest by the     At MENASOL 2010 you will receive two days of
   Tunisian government                        region specific solar presentations, case studies and
                                              workshops - policy makers, investors and technology                 Speakers include:
•	 Abu	Dhabi has seen $2 Billion                                                                                                                      M
                                              experts will share with you the tips, strategies, real-                                            speaore
                                                                                                      Jamila Matar, League of Arab States               k
   investment in photovoltaic                                                                                                                      t er s
                                              life lessons and best practice guides that will help                                             con f o be
                                                                                                      Anhar Hegazi, United Nations ESCWA            irme
   manufacturing                                                                                                                                          d!
                                              you get your MENA project off the ground.               Chandrasekar Govindarajalu, World Bank
•	 Masdar	and	Abu	Dhabi - around 1500                                                                   Daniel Calderon, Masdar
   MW of CSP is slated for development        Governments                                               Philippe Lorec, Mediterranean Solar Plan
   by 2020, with the first 100 MW already     No knowledge = No project!                                Oliver Steinmetz, DESERTEC
   under construction at Madinat Zayed
                                              Get the low down on the various policies and              Country Representatives
   and due for completion in 2011
                                              regulations that affect solar development - the           Morocco - Mohamed Berdai, Centre de
•	 Jordan - the JOAN1 project is              very knowledge you need to kick start your solar          Dèveloppement des Energies Renouvlables (CDER)
   scheduled to fire up in 2013 - making      project - direct from the key decision makers from        Jordan - Walid Shahin, National Research Energy
   it the largest CSP project in the world    governments and national bodies you want to               Centre
   using solar direct steam generation        work with.                                                Ziad J. Sabra, Ministry of Energy and Mineral
•	 Algeria has set the goal of meeting                                                                  Egypt - Dr Hafez Salmawy, Egypt Electricity Utility
   10 % of all energy demand through          Financiers
                                                                                                        & Consumer Regulatory Authority
   renewable energy by 2025. One solar        No money = No project!
                                                                                                        UAE - Daniel Calderon, Masdar
   thermal plant is under construction and    Today’s financial climate is tough, but at this
   two more ISCC plants, each with an                                                                   Kilian Balez, RCREEE
                                              conference you will hear from banks, venture
   output of 400 MW and 70 MW CSP, will                                                                 David Gonzalez, European Investment Bank
                                              capitalists, equity investors and international
   be developed between 2010 and 2015                                                                   Ravi Suri, Standard Chartered Bank
                                              organisations who are willing to bet on solar projects    Simon Monk, Instrata Capital
                                              in the MENA region. Hear direct from them what you        Thomas Ruschen, Deutsche Bank
Solar energy in the Middle East is going to   have to do to win their backing.                          Shereen El Gazza, Dow	Jones
be a boom market for the next 10 years                                                                  Peter Heller, German Aerospace Centre (DLR)
- with 9,000 MW of concentrated solar         Technology Experts                                        Tamer Shafik, Deputy Commercial Director, Orascom
power capacity planned by 2020 and more       No expertise = No project!                                Michael Geyer, Abengoa Solar
than 40,000 MW by 2030. This is one                                                                     José Manuel Nieto, Acciona
                                              Harsh desert conditions present specific technological    Gerhard Gleissner,Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity
market you simply can’t ignore.
                                              challenges. Having limited MW’s on the ground,            Company (ADWEC)
                                              means limited experience that will burn a hole in         Houda Allall, Mediterranean Observatory Energy
To position yourself to win big in MENA you   your project’s finance and future profits! You have to    Luis Crespo, Protermosolar
need first class information and excellent    get this right - that’s why we are giving you practical   Klaus Wenzel, MED ENEC
contacts. And that is why you need to         lessons and real-life case studies focused on the         Pedro Banda, ISFOC
attend the MENASOL 2010 Conference.           technological knowledge you need.                         Dana Younger, International Finance Corporation (IFC)

          reserve your place today – Call +44 207 37 57 575
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                                                             EVENt At A GLANcE
Here you can see exactly what is taking place at the MENASOL 2010 Summit. check out the unique presentation & panel
sessions, roundtables and networking events to design a conference agenda to suit your business needs

     date                                Morning                                        afternoon                                                 evening

    day 1               Solar Strategy - Today’s plans and Tomorrow’s            finance - Hearing from a mix of international             networking Party
                        opportunities disclosed. Taking a country by             and regional banks, equity firms, venture
      Wed                                                                                                                                  Perfect to get all the
                        country look from the decision makers on solar           capitalists and organizations that are keen to
     4 May                                                                                                                                 contacts you need!
                        policy, regulations and plants!                          fund solar projects in MENA
                        Technology Territory - Experts showcase what,            off Takers - With so many ambitions solar                                             to be
   day 2                how and why which technology is best suited to           projects set to get off the ground, who are                                        confirme
      thu               desert conditions. Gain a comprehensive guide on         the early adopters, and how can you work in
     5 May              issues and solutions that will save time and money!      partnership with them?

                        Site Visit (optional)                                    All day trip with lunch. A great way to network, check out the
                                                                                 plant and get the inside track on how a real plant operates.
                        Visit Kuraymat
                        The Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Power Plant
   day 3                (ISCC) Located 87 km South of Cairo, The ISCC            LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE –
       Fri              Kuraymat is a first of its kind construction of a
                                                                                 BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT
     6 May              combined cycle power plant with solar generated
                        steam input
                        Sponsored by:
                        In Partnership with:

        WHO atteneded MenasOl last year?                                                                 Show off your products & services
Below is a list of some of the companies that attended last year in Abu Dhabi. For information on     MENASOL 2010 offers an excellent range of sponsorship and
who you could meet at MENASOL 2010, see the website at         exhibition opportunities to suite every need and budget. We can
                                                                                                      literally tailor make a sponsorship package to your needs meaning
MASDAR                    Badr Investments           SolFocus                 Green Energy            that you speak, build your brand or organise meetings with the
Dow Chemical              Chescor Capital            Delta Solar System       Reem Emirates           leading figures in the solar space in North Africa and Middle East.
GE Energy                 Global Technology          Taqa Misr                Aluminum                Do not miss out on unrivalled opportunity to do business and secure
                          Holdings                                                                    sales from the solar industry in MENA!
Saudi Aramco                                         SCHOTT Solar             Lotus Solar
                          Siemens                                                                     Opportunities available include:
Tyco Flow Control                                    Bosch Rexroth            Technologies
                          Flagsol                                                                     •	 1	to	1	meetings	with	key	decision	makers
Mitsubishi Corp                                      Solar Energy WA          Sener - Abu Dhabi
                          Guardian Industries                                                         •	 Take	a	speaking	slot	and	address	200	industry	leaders
World Bank                                           National Steel           Isolux Corsan
                          Enviromena                                                                  •	 Show	off	your	latest	products	and	services	in	the	exhibition	hall
Ausra                                                Fabrication
                          ISFOC                                               Sol3g                   •	 Build	your	brand	with	exclusive	promotional	opportunities
Samsung C&T                                          Tecnoma Energia
                          US Digital                                          New Energy              •	 Host	interactive	workshops	with	core	clients	and	prospects
Corporation                                          Sostenible
                          IDOM                                                Strategies              AND MUCH MORE!
Acciona Energía                                      Hawe Hidráulica
                          SPX                                                 Centrotherm
Mulk Holdings                                        Solar Energy WA                                  Limited opportunities! Secure your space today to ensure you fill
                          Torresol Energy                                     Photovoltaics           your sales book for the next 18 months!
Saint-Gobain Glass                                   Guardian Industries
                          First Solar                                         ACME Tele Power
Solar                                                AES Oasis Energy                                   Solution and service providers…ever find yourself asking
                          Tokai Carbon Italia
Masdar Institute                                                              Electrical                these questions?
                          Suntrof Mulk Energy        Global Technology
of Science and                                       Holdings                 Contracting Co
                          Group                                                                         •	 Where	can	I	find	new	customers	for	my	solar	products	and	
Technology                                                                    IDOM                         services?
                          Concentrix Solar           Isolux Corsán
Linde Gas Middle                                                                                        •	 Which	emerging	challenges	will	offer	my	business	lucrative	
East                      Pure Renewable             Ausra                    Chescor Capital
                                                                                                           opportunities going forward?
                          Power                      Guardian Industries      Olivotto Glass
Arabian Consulting                                                                                      •	 Which	partnerships	will	allow	me	to	take	my	solutions	into	
Engineering Center        Hitit Solar Enerji                                  Technology
                                                     MJ & sons                                             new markets and add significantly to my bottom line?
Sharp Middle East                                    Concentrix Solar         First Solar               Well, ask no more! Secure a sponsorship or exhibition package
FZE                       Carruthers Consulting
                                                     Isolux Corsan            Solar Junction            at MENASOL 2010 and you’ll be guaranteed to meet and do
Arab Technical            Semprius                                                                      business with over 200 solar industry leaders who need you
Construction                                         Solel Solar Systems      Silk Road Capital         solutions and services!
                          Pure Renewable
Company                   Power                      CSEM                     EnLight                   Contact Mark Wheeler: +44 207 3757 177
Air Liquide               SCC MENA                   Ingemetal                Developments

For the latest speaker updates Visit
                                                          How to finance, develop and build utility

       CONFERENCE DAY ONE:                                         tHe eMergIng regulatOry                                               netWOrk yOur
   PLANNING FOR MENA SUCCESS -                                     FraMeWOrk FOr Mena sOlar                                              Way tO neW
                                                                   •	 Find	out	exactly	where	to	start	projects	and	how	to	
  FORECASTS, DEMAND, INvESTMENT                                        guarantee national support by examining the various areas         ClIents and neW
         AND LEGAL ISSUES                                              of law reform that impact renewable energy projects
                                                                                                                                         BusIness In Mena
                                                                   •	 Understanding	incentives:	master	the	intricacies	of	feed	
keynOte address: unIted                                                in tariffs, competitive bidding, green certificates, export
natIOns VIsIOn FOr Mena sOlar                                          opportunities, finance structures and more                        Generating new business is not just
                                                                   Dr Hafez Salmaway, Egypt Electricity Utility & Consumer               about what you know but also who you
•	 Discover	how	the	United Nations ESCWA aims to promote                                                                                 know, especially in MENA.
   regional integration and cooperation among member               Regulatory Authority
                                                                   Kilian Balez, Acting Director - Head of Interim Secretariat, RCREEE   With this in mind MENASOL 2010 has
   countries though an intensive approach to integrated
                                                                                                                                         been tailor made not only to arm you
   sustainable management of water, energy and the
   production sectors
                                                                   lOCal legal Issues laId Out                                           with key industry knowledge but also to
                                                                   •	 Hear	direct	from	region	specific	legal	experts	that	can	spell	     help you make key connections that will
•	 Uncover	all	the	ways	Unite	Nations	ESCWA	can	benefit	your	                                                                            translate opportunity to real projects in
                                                                      out for you what hurdles you need to watch out for so you
   MENA project - your source for reliable forecast data, region                                                                         the region.
                                                                      can get your project underway without delay
   specific best practices, effective financial mechanisms,
                                                                   •	 You	need	a	legal	strategy	-	discover	what	you	have	to	know	        Hear are some unbeatable ways to make
   technological expertise and more
                                                                      about the local legal framework so you can plan ahead to           contacts and form long term business
Anhar Hegazi, Director, Sustainable Development and                   maximise your time and resources                                   partnerships in MENASOL 2010!
Productivity Division, UN ESCWA
                                                                   seCurIng InternatIOnal                                                   Networking Party
sOlar plans and OppOrtunItIes                                      InVestMent FOr Mena prOJeCts                                          With over 250 solar industry leaders
regIOn By regIOn                                                                                                                         in attendance you’ll want to meet and
                                                                   •	 International	and	regional	bodies	will	detail	what	funding	is	
                                                                                                                                         do business with everyone you need
Region specific keynote panels                                        available to kick start your project developments and guide
                                                                                                                                         to. That’s why we have organised the
1) North Africa 2) Middle East                                        on how to secure it
                                                                                                                                         MENASOL 2010 Networking Party after
Benefit from exclusive insights from Ministries of Energy          •	 Defining	‘renewable’	-	understand	what	can	be	classed	as	a	        the first day of the conference. Make sure
from both regions as they discuss the projects currently in           ‘renewable	project’	and	see	exactly	which	type	of	plants	you	      you clear your diary for this important
development in their area - giving you the knowledge you              need to focus on to qualify
                                                                                                                                         networking event!
need to enter these markets with confidence. Get these crucial     •	 Forward	thinking	finance	-	find	out	how	long	funding	will	be	
questions answered:                                                   available for and what long term support incentives are in            Site Visit
                                                                      place                                                              Enjoy the unique opportunity to visit the
•	 What	is	the	demand	for	electricity?	What	is	the	demand	for	
   water?                                                          •	 Discover	how	to	speak	the	language	your	investors	want	            Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Power
                                                                      to	hear	-	Find	out	how	to	clearly	explain	how	your	project’s	      Plant (ISCC) and talk with delegates
•	 What	policies	concerning	renewable	energy	goals	are	
                                                                      development can contribute economically to the region,             outside the conference room in a relaxed
   currently in implementation and what is expected of solar          create jobs and stimulate growth                                   and informal atmosphere.
                                                                   Chandrasekar Govindarajalu, Senior Environmental Specialist,
•	 What	tenders	are	available	and	when	will	they	be	up	for	                                                                                 Expo
                                                                   World Bank
   grabs?                                                                                                                                Our new bigger exhibition hall gives you
                                                                   Dana Younger, Global BD Renewable Energy, International
•	 What	solar	technologies	are	forecast	to	succeed	in	the	         Finance Corporation                                                   space to meet the service providers that will
   region?                                                                                                                               help take your business to the next level.
•	 What	projects	are	planned	and	on	the	horizon?                   InVestMent Case study:                                                   Online networking
•	 How	solid	is	the	government	commitment	to	solar	energy?	        •	 Gain	a	rare	glimpse	about	the	Mediterranean	Solar	Plan	            New for 2010! Connect with top level
   What legal and regulatory framework is being put in place to       goals, the technical and financial barriers to be overcome to
                                                                                                                                         delegates, speakers and sponsors before
   foster solar project development?                                  achieve them
                                                                                                                                         and after the event and build relationships
•	 What	guarantees	are	going	to	be	made	to	secure	and	             •	 Hear	about	the	European	Investment	Bank’s	contribution	to	         with the people that really matter – set up
   stimulate ongoing solar investment?                                the Mediterranean Solar Plan and how your business can             your meetings right away.
                                                                      learn from their strategy
•	 What	are	the	best	locations	for	solar	plants	and	what	land	                                                                              Workshops
                                                                   David Gonzalez, Energy Engineer in the Projects Directorate,
   and grid connections are available?
                                                                   Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Division, European               More time to connect, meet people and
Jamila Matar, Ministry of Energy, League Of Arab States            Investment Bank                                                       discuss the key questions you want
Mohamed Berdai, Director International Cooperation, Centre de                                                                            answers for including as how to solve the
Dèveloppement des Energies Renouvlables (CDER)                     IdentIFyIng and WInnIng prIVate                                       water issues and what technology is best
Walid Shahin, Acting President, National Research Energy           InVestMent                                                            suited to the environmental conditions in
Centre (NERC)                                                      •	 Give	your	solar	project	the	greatest	chance	of	long	term	          MENA.
Ziad Sabra, Director of Alternative Energy And Energy Efficiency      success by finding out where best to target your financing            Extended coffee and lunch breaks
Department, Jordan	Ministry	of	Energy	and	Mineral	                    campaign
                                                                                                                                         All networking breaks have been extended
Resources                                                          •	 Hear	directly	from	banks,	private	equity	and	venture	
                                                                                                                                         – giving you more time to walk the floor,
Egypt Minister of Electricity -Representative TBC                     capitalists on how they evaluate new investments so that
                                                                                                                                         talk to the people that matter and build
                                                                      you know how best to pitch your project to secure the
New and Renewable Energy Authority - Representative TBC                                                                                  relationships you need for long term
                                                                      capital you need
Ayadi Ben Aissa, Managing Director, Agence Nationale de la                                                                               success.
                                                                   Daniel Calderon, Investment Manager, Masdar
Maitrise de l’Energie (ANME)
                                                                   Simon Monk, Managing Director, Instrata Capital
                                                                   Ravi Suri, Investment Manager, Standard Chartered Bank
Masdar – Representative TBC
                                                                   Thomas Ruschen, Global Head Asset Finance & Leasing,
Pierre El Khoury, Acting Project Manager, Syria Ministry of        Deutsche Bank
Energy & Water
                                                                   Shereen El Gazza, Reporter, Dow	Jones

  Check Out the latest program updates!
scale solar projects in MENA, May 2010, Cairo
                                                                                                                                                      Mohit Abraham
   CONFERENCE DAY TWO: TOTAL GUIDE                                     tOp teCH CHOICes - CHOOsIng

                                                                                                                                                        US Digital
    TO SOLAR DEvELOPMENT IN MENA                                       tHe rIgHt teCHnOlOgy FOr                                                   The conference was an
                                                                       yOur regIOn*                                                             excellent way to meet the
 keynOte address: InternatIOnal                                        •	 Which	applications	are	CSP,	CPV	and	PV	best	suited	for?	              players in the MENA Solar
 suppOrt FOr Mena sOlar                                                   Through real life case studies hear lessons learned and               Market. There were some
                                                                          practical advice on what worked and what didn’t and how that           eye-opening discussions
 •	 Get	an	update	from	the	World	Bank	on	how	you	can	benefit	
                                                                          is now affecting future development plans for upcoming solar            that were held. On the
    from	the	‘Clean	Technology	Fund	-	a	concentrated	solar	power	

                                                                          projects                                                             whole, it was a very valuable
    scale-up program in the Middle East and North Africa region
                                                                       •	 Gain	an	insight	into	how	solar	costs	have	come	down	and	                  experience for me.
 Chandrasekar Govindarajalu, Senior Environmental Specialist,
                                                                          when the industry can expect to compete with traditional
 World Bank
                                                                          energy solutions on a level playing field in this region
                                                                                                                                                     Antoine Echard
 CrItICal COnsIderatIOns FOr                                           utIlIty OFF-takers - tHe Way                                                 Delta Solar System

 desert plant deVelOpMent                                              FOrWard FOr Mena?                                                         A good mix of technology
 •	 ‘Desert	conditions’ experts speak on the environmental                                                                                     aspects along with interesting
                                                                       •	 Discover	which utility companies want to use solar and how
    challenges your solar project is going to face and what vital                                                                                 economic global views to
                                                                          they plan to push forward with developing projects
    expertise and knowledge you should plan to have before you                                                                                   better understand the CSP
    start building                                                     •	 Meet	the	utilities	needs	-	find	out	what	needs	to	be	done	to	

                                                                                                                                                business development in the
                                                                          overcome their concerns, win their partnerships now and
 •	 Avoid	costly	surprises	and	guarantee	your	plant	gets	off	                                                                                           MENA region
                                                                          lock in the long term relationships that will position your solar
    the ground by hearing about the various country specific
                                                                          project for long term success
    considerations you need to be aware of
                                                                       •	 US	and	European	utilities	case	studies	-	benefit	from	the	solar	             Suntrof Mulk
 •	 Hear	case	studies	directly	from	up	and	running	solar	projects	
                                                                          development lessons learned by utilities across the globe                    Energy Group

    and how they have managed to maintain high performance
                                                                       Gerhard Gleissner, Managing Director, Abu Dhabi Water and               It was great. Looking forward

    even under harsh environmental conditions
                                                                       Electricity Company, (ADWEC)                                                     to next year!
 Peter Heller, Project Manager, German Aerospace Centre, (DLR)
                                                                       Houda Allall, Mediterranean Observatory Energy (OME)
 OVerCOMIng desert COndItIOns
                                                                       lessOns learned FrOM spanIsH                                            Dalya Al Muthanna General
 teCHnICal CHallenges*                                                                                                                                   Electric

 •	 Water	-	find	out	how	to	maximise	the	desert’s	scarcest	                                                                                    A very successful event and a
                                                                       •	 Hear	direct from the heart of Spanish CSP, with over 2GW
    resource and discover how often and where water can be
                                                                                                                                               great opportunity to network

                                                                          of CSP construction on the way. Get the inside track on why
    supplied from
                                                                          Spain is considered the global leader in solar                            with industry peers
 •	 Discover	the	‘know-how’	needed	to	combat	environmental	
                                                                       •	 Benefit	from	real	lessons	learned	in	Spain	and	hear	the	best	
    issues and maintain the efficiency and cost effectiveness of
                                                                          practice tips, expert advice and strategies that you can apply            Khaled Badr-El-Din
    your plant
                                                                          to MENA region developments
                                                                                                                                                    BADR Investments

 •	 An	A-Z	guide	on	how	to	plan	your	O+M	strategy	in	desert	
                                                                       Luis Crespo, Secretary General, Protermosolar
    conditions*                                                                                                                                   This was my first Solar
                                                                       leadIng Mena regIOn prOJeCts                                             conference and I thought
 tHe epC COntraCtOrs COnundruM*                                                                                                                   it went very well, I was
 •	 Save	yourself	time	and	money	and	find	out	who	are	the	EPC	                                                                                     presented with all the
    contractors in the region you are targeting                        •	 Does	MENA have the potential to power Europe? Hear an                  opportunities to network
                                                                          update on how Desertec is reaching for this goal and how they        and discus ideas with lots of
 •	 EPC	contractors	speak	about	their	experience	on	the	ground,	
                                                                          plan to get there
    providing you with a comprehensive guide to navigate the                                                                                    people that are involved in

    pitfalls you might not otherwise hear about when preparing         •	 Who	is	promoting	solar	in	MENA?	Get	an	update	from	the	              the same market worldwide
    your MENA project                                                     various renewable energy and solar specific associations
                                                                          planning to push up solar capacity in the region including the
 epC super panel*                                                         Mediterranean Solar Plan                                                   Michael Jungreis

 •	 Get	answers	to	the	big	questions;	risk	sharing	with	the	owner	     •	 MENA	efforts	across	technologies	–	hear	about	the	new	CPV	
    of	the	plant,	sourcing	components	,	O+M,	local	partnerships	          test centre, solar projects in Masdar City and the projects            Overall, very well planned.

    and environmental assessments. Key knowledge that will save           being planned                                                             Good mix between
    your bottom line!                                                  Philippe Lorec, Direction Generale de l’Energie et du Climat,              networking and panels
                                                                       Mediterranean Solar Plan
 Case studIes: plants COnstruCted &                                    Oliver Steinmetz, Member of the Supervisory Board & Co-Founder
 under COnstruCtIOn                                                    at DESERTEC	Foundation DESERTEC                                               Samer Zureikat,
                                                                                                                                                     MENA Cleantech

 •	 Hear	a	detailed	description	of	all	the	essential	and	logistical	   Klaus Wenzel, Team Leader, MED ENEC
    considerations in running an operational plant                     Pedro Banda, Director Principal, ISFOC                                   The conference provided the
                                                                       Representative TBC, Masdar City                                          perfect venue for those who
 •	 Real	data	from	the	field	on	costs	of	construction	–	the	vital	
                                                                                                                                                 are serious about the solar
    bottom line figures you want to hear to create more accurate
    and realistic fiscal predictions                                   desalInatIOn - HOW sOlar Can                                            industry in the MENA to move
                                                                                                                                                 forward with their business

 •	 Best	practice	operations	and	maintenance	strategies	–	lessons	     serVe tHe regIOns Water needs*
    straight from the field that will tell you how and where you can   •	 Gain	an	overview	on	the	potential of solar energy as an
    save money                                                            attractive alternative to existing methods of water desalination
 Tamer Shafik, Deputy Commercial Director, Orascom                        in sun drenched MENA countries                                       * If you would like to get involved
 Michael Geyer, Director International Business Development,           •	 Why	solar	desalination	should	be	on	your	radar	-	hear	the	very	      in this session please contact:
 Abengoa Solar                                                            latest projected growth for solar desalination and which locations   Mark Wheeler
 Jose Manuel Nieto, Thermoelectric Projects & Construction                present the most promising opportunities for your company            email:
 Director, Acciona                                                     •	 Find	out	who	are	the	key	figures	who	are	looking	to	invest	in	       +44(0)207 375 7177
                                                                          desalination projects that you need to partner with

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