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									                      Dealing with Short Pitches
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I'd like to briefly go over short pitches.

Do you have trouble with getting them close? Most amateurs do...and heck, a
lot of pros do too. So how in the world do you deal with these shots?

I used to use Dave Pelz's system...the one where you take each of your 3-4
wedges and you make back swings such that from a face-on view, your left
(for a right hander) arm goes back to 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30 positions. Once
you measure the distances of each of these shots, viola, you have some exact
yardages that you can use for those odd distances.

However, there three problems with it. First, it's a lot of shots to keep track
of...especially if you don't play a lot (a good work-a-round to this is to only
do the 9:00 shots). Second, this system won't work if your tempo is off. As an
example, I recently had a tournament where in the first round I kept coming
up 11-12 yards short on these shots. This was causing me to miss greens and
not make birdies or save pars...not good for my score! After the round, I
noticed what was going on, so for the second round I picked up my tempo
slightly. All of a sudden, I was flying the pin by 5-8 yards and getting in to
worse trouble still (usually it's better to miss short than go over a green).
Third, the focus is too much on swing mechanics and not a much on the

When I think back about my best scores of 64 and 65, those two days I
remember hitting the green from long approaches or missing in good spots,
getting my short pitches really close, and making putts. Regarding this short
pitches, I was mostly creatively using my 6-iron to hit little bump and runs in
to the green and up to the flag. It worked very well - I was just focused on
hitting it from there, without any thoughts of back swing arm
So what's the answer here? I's not sure there is a right answer, but at least
you've got three options- use the clock system, get creative, or just don't leave
yourself those kinds of shots in the first place.

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