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					Immigrant Investor Program
    Quebec / Canada
                                                                                    Immigrant Investor Program

The advantage of VIP Business Immigration
We do not charge the investors to prepare their files. Local            Business Immigration is not like regular immigration in terms of
immigration lawyers will ask up to 10,000$CAD just to prepare           what is needed to apply. For immigrant investor applications, we
the immigration file. These lawyers and consultants are paid in         must prepare a file which usually has over 100 pages and explain
advance, therefore there is no guarantee that they will invest          the assets, the business experience and how the investor has
all the efforts in obtaining your Permanent Residency Visa.             accumulated his/her Net Worth . The only way to ensure success
                                                                        in this type of immigration is to have the file pre qualified by a
Our guarantee is that we are paid by the brokers authorized by
                                                                        Canadian accountant. At Vip business Immigration, our reputation
the Canadian and Quebec governments only if we succeed in
                                                                        with the Immigration industry is so good that the immigration firms
obtaining a Selection Certificate and if the applicant finalizes
                                                                        agree to process our clients immigration files without charging any
the required investment. Therefore we must succeed.
                                                                        fees to the investor. Our success could be also yours.
Our offices are located in Montreal, Qc, near the immigration
                                                                        We offer a complete assistance in Canada before and after you
offices, therefore we understand very well how to process the
                                                                        obtain your Permanent Residency : See the list of services
applications and present the candidates in their best interest.
                                                                        •    Limousine from the airport to the Montreal Office or Hotel
We have success in obtaining the Selection Certificate in over
90% of the applications as we invest a lot of efforts in each           •    Hotel referral or/and furnished apartment rentals
                                                                        •    Priority Real Estate services for finding a residence or a good
                                                                             investment and business , accounting and tax services
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Minimal and mandatory requirements to be accepted as an Immigrant Investor
1 Demonstrate that he/she has legally obtained a Net Worth              3 The immigrant investor will make a passive investment of CAN
  of at least CAN $800,000 mostly by doing business or by               400,000$ (not the choice of the investor) with the government
  receiving a salary under a qualified management position in a         for a period of 5 years without receiving any interest payment
  private company, a government position or an NGO.                     or will pay the 120,000$ of financing fees to avoid making the
                                                                        For more details click here to visit the Questions/answers
2 Demonstrate that he/she has owned a business for a minimum
                                                                        section of the web site
  of 2 years during the last five year or owns a company that is
  still functioning since at least 2 years or has a minimum of 2
  years of management experience as an employee in the last
  5 years in a private company, a government position or an

The Investor must respect ALL 3 criteria described above to be approved as an Immigrant Investor.
If you have less than the required assets , visit the (questions/answers) section to see how to do.
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                                                                                   Immigrant Investor Program

Option 1                                                                 Option 2
Details of the required investment                                       Details of the 120,000$CAD
of CAD 400,000$                                                          financing alternative
The investor must deposit 400,000$CAD in a brokerage firm                Most investors do not wish to loan the entire 400,000$CAD for
chosen by the government for a period of 5 years. The investment         a period of 5 years without any interest. Canadian banks are
will generate interest which will be sent to the government. The         accredited to transfer the loans directly to the government.
Government uses this money to help start-up companies or                 Once you are accepted by the Quebec government as an
investment planning for mid size companies.                              investor , the bank will transfer the 400,000$CAD to the
                                                                         government and you will only pay in advance the financing fees
The investor will therefore not receive any interest on the
                                                                         related to the 400,000$CAD for 5 years. This is 1 time payment
400.000$CAD he/she deposited for the entire 5 year period. After
                                                                         of interest of 120,000$CAD payable in advance once you are
5 years the entire deposit of 400,000$CAD is returned. The entire
                                                                         accepted by the government. This is the most popular option for
deposit is 100% guaranteed by the government. There are no
                                                                         investors as the interest rate less than 6% per year, any investor
financial risks for the investor.
                                                                         can have a better return than that.
After the investor receives the approval from Quebec, he makes
                                                                  That’s why over 90% of investors choose this financing solution
the deposit of 400,000$CAD (or pays the financing fees), and then
                                                                  in order to be accepted.
there is an average of 12 months wait to receive the Canadian
Permanent Residency Visa.                                           Click on this link to visit related page on the web site
If the Immigrant Investor does not wish to invest the 400,000$CAD
required, he/she can chose option 2 which is located on the right
side of this text

                                                                             Example of a personal Net Worth
What is a required Net Worth                                                 In Canadian $ CAD

Means that the investor (and spouse or common law partner)                        Main residence                                      500,000$
must have at least $800,000 to qualify under the Immigrant
Investor class. The total Net Worth means that the assets of an                   Less Loan on residence                            - 200,000$
investor minus the debt owned by an investor = the net assets or              Net value of this residence                                   300,000$
Net worth of the investor. See the example of a personal Worth                    Apartment, office or land                           300,000$
of 800,000$CAD. Remember that the investor does not need to
                                                                                  Less loan                                           - 50,000$
sell any assets, just demonstrate that they belong to him/her.
                                                                              Net value of theses assets                                    250,000$
As an example, you own a main residence worth 500,000$, with
a loan of 200,000$ on your property; the net value of this property           Money in the bank or insurance                                100,000$
is 300,000$. As a second asset, you own an office that you rent               Investment on the stock market or in                          150,000$
or an apartment or land on which you have a loan of 50,000$ and               private companies
which is worth de 300,000$ on the market : the net value of this              Total Net Worth of the investor                               800,000$
asset is 250,000$. You Net Worth considering your properties is
300,000$ + 250,000$ = 550,000$. If you add money in the bank                 Note: This is a simplified example for general understanding
and some other investments for a total of 250,000$, you than
have the 800,000$ of total Net Worth required.
As an investor, you need to have accumulated at least 800,000$
or about 550,000euros in your lifetime to be admissible. You do
not need to sell your assets to come to Canada, you can still
run your businesses and keep your properties where they are
located. The minimal amount of money you need to transfer to
Canada is the 120,000$CAD for the financing fees.
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                                                                                    Immigrant Investor Program

Government fees for the evaluation of your business immigration file
(estimated and can vary in time)
Step 1 :                                                                 Step 2 :
Receive your Selection Certificate from Quebec (CSQ)                     Receive your Permanent Residency Visa from Canada
• 3,850$ for the Investor (main applicant)                               • 1,050$ for the Investor (main applicant)
• 150$ for the spouse (married or common law partners)                   • 550$ for the spouse (married or common law partners)
  and the children above 22 years old (if qualified)                       and the children above 22 years old (if qualified)
• 150$ for each dependant child of less than 22 year of age              • 150$ for each dependant child of less than 22 year of age

Refundable security deposit for applicants (not always required)
A small deposit could be asked to the applicants in order to ensure that they will go through the entire process of getting the
Selection Certificate and will be fully refunded under these conditions: the applicant receives the Selection Certificate or is not
granted the Selection Certificate. The refusal must not be based on false information provided by the applicant and the applicant
must make the investment or pay the financing fees on time. The Reimbursement will be executed after the Certificate is received
or after the refusal letter is received.

             Timeline for the entire Business Immigration process                                            Time        Cash Flow
 Step 1      Verification of status—Questions and document exchange ( by e-mail)                 2 Weeks
             After completing the assessment form on the web site, the applicant to the business depending
             immigration program must be pre-qualified by answering some informal questions on the
             and providing some documents like banks statements , company ownership and client
             property evaluation
 Step 2      Transfer of the file to a documentation specialist                                    1 to 2                Pay Quebec
             The specialist will request all required documents to the applicant and the applicant months                evaluation fees
             must sign an authorization of investment and representation. Once the file is                               to receive the
             completed, it is reviewed by lawyers and approved prior to submission to the                                Selection Certificate
 Step 3      Waiting time to receive a letter of approval or an interview date                       3 to 5
             In most cases a letter of conditional approval will be received . In some cases the months
             applicant can be called for an interview during this period. This is the most important
             step, if you are approved at this step you will almost certainly be granted the
             Permanent residency Visa
 Step 4      Deposit of the investment at the Brokerage firm or pay financing fees               1 to 3                  400,000$ or the
             The investor has 3 months to complete the process in order to maintain the approval months                  120,000$ fees
             and to receive the Selection Certificate, we help our clients open bank accounts in
             Canada once your file is deposited
 Step 5      Federal application to obtain the Permanent Residency Visa                            8 to 12               Pay Federal
             This is the last step in the process, if the investor does not have a criminal record months                evaluation fees
             and no major health problems a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa is issued for                               to receive the
             the family                                                                                                  Permanent
                                                                                                                         Residency Visa
 Arrival     The Immigrant Investor and his direct family will become Canadian Citizens 1 month                          Welcome to Canada
             after 36 months of living in Canada
             Minimal estimated time to receive the Canadian Permanent Residency Visa                         14 months   Goal is 14 to 18


Description: VIP Business Immigration to Canada offers the Immigrant Investor Program to all potential Immigrant Investors that qualified under Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. VIP Business Immigration can provide the entire Business Immigration program without charging legal fees for most Immigrant Investor Applications from over 30 countries. Our success rate is over 95 % of pre-qualified investors . Business or Management experience is mandatory in addition to a minimal Net worth of 800,000$ CAD. The Immigrant Investor Program of Quebec offers an opportunity to receive the Canadian Permanent Residency to many potential immigrants that would not qualify otherwise to regular immigration programs, or wish to access to a faster program. Contact us at
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