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Cold Sore Treatment - Hot Remedies For Cold Sores


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									                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

     Cold sores are also referred to as fever blisters. They are caused by the herpes simplex virus. They are small,
     painful, fluid-filled blisters that show up one at a time or in little bunches. They usually occur on your lips and
                                                    they last 7 to 10 days
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                                     Cold Sore Treatment - Hot Remedies For Cold Sores
                                                                  By Denny Bodoh

  There are many cold sore treatment products and methods available to you today. Some work and
some do not. How do you know whom to trust?

 In this article you will learn of three favorite cold sore treatment options that have proven themselves
to work for nearly everyone who tries them. Give them a try before wasting money on another cold
sore treatment.

 One big problem with cold sores, they can be quite painful. Most of the cold sore treatment products in
the stores contain numbing agents - such as benzocaine - that helps relieve the pain.

 These products work very well for immediate comfort, but do not expect them to shorten the duration
of your cold sore.

 To get rid of your cold sore quickly is most important for you to reclaim your social life. These three
cold sore treatment methods are some of the most effective tactics for cold sores, fever blisters and
oral herpes that we know about today.


 Lysine is a very powerful cold sore treatment when used as an internal therapy. There are some
salves that promote using lysine as a topical remedy. It does not work well this way because it does
not absorb well through the skin.

 When you flood your body with lysine, your cells will get rid of some of the cold sore friendly arginine
and replace it with lysine. Arginine is the main protein in the herpes simplex virus. Without sufficient
arginine, cold sores cannot continue and will heal up quickly.

 To get extra lysine you can eat high lysine foods such as fish and dairy products. Usually this is not
enough to quickly get rid of a current cold sore.

Better yet are lysine capsules. They are a very easy and cheap way to get a lot of lysine in a hurry.
Most folks use about 2000 to 4000 milligrams per day as a cold sore treatment, and 500 milligrams per

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

day between cold sores.


 Aloe Vera is a very easy to grow green plant. The leaves contain a thick liquid gel that is an amazing
healer. You will be surprised how fast your cold sore heals with application of this gel. It is like skin

 Keep in mind that bottled Aloe Vera gel does not work very well for cold sores. You will be much more
successful using LIVE gel from a live plant. Every home should have one of these plants.

 Simply pinch off a few millimeters of a leaf and the leaf sap will start oozing out. Apply this to your cold
sore using the leaf section as an applicator. The plant heals itself very quickly.


 Garlic is a powerhouse when it comes to disease healing and prevention. It is a tremendous cold sore
treatment. Garlic is a great internal, as well as external, remedy. It can actually enter your body right
through the skin. (Put some on your feet and you will taste it within 20 minutes.)

As with Aloe Vera, fresh garlic is best. When it is more convenient, garlic oil and powder will work fine.
Garlic oil is available in bottles and gel caps you can snip open.

Take a garlic clove, cut off a chunk and rub the oil on your cold sore area. This cold sore treatment
works great at every stage of a cold sore. Crushing the clove into an oily paste works well too.

 Taking garlic internally will more than double its effectiveness as a cold sore treatment. Yes, it does
have a strong smell. If it bothers you can use the odorless garlic capsules, but they do not work as

 There are several other great cold sore treatment tactics, but these are some of the best as reported
by many cold sore victims worldwide. You can use these together or with other remedies for enhanced

As you can see, you do not need to waste money on prescriptions or expensive salves or lotions. You
will find that the best cold sore treatment techniques are simple, cheap and often in your cupboard.

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

                              Remedies For Cold Sores and Oral Herpes
                                            By Denny Bodoh

Beware of remedies for cold sores and oral herpes available in the stores and pharmacies.

 Many of them are good for comfort but fall far short when it comes to preventing or getting rid of your
cold sores fast.

 Don't get me wrong. Cold sores are quite a pain and a cold sore treatment that gives comfort is very
important. But the quicker you can get rid of it the sooner you get back your life.

 The following remedies for cold sores are well documented to give you immediate relief. And they will
help your cold sore to heal much faster than store-bought salves and lotions.

Don't spend another dime on miracle cures before you give these remedies for cold sores a try. They
work for others and they will work for you.


 Tea tree oil is an oil from the bark of the Australian Tea Tree. This oil was a very important antiseptic
and wound dressing during World War II. It tastes and smells much like turpentine, but tea tree oil is a
powerful anti-virus, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal remedy.

 There are currently some studies in progress regarding tea tree oil and cold sores. You don't need the
studies. All you need to know is that people have been successfully using it for cold sores for over 100

 Tea tree oil is not for internal use. As a topical treatment it soaks into the wound, chases away the
herpes virus, sanitizes the entire cold sore area and greatly speeds healing.

 During the scab stage, tea tree oil will keep the scab soft and pliable. This prevents painful cracking
and the need for re-healing. Look for this essential oil in the vitamin section of bigger department

 Tea tree oil is inexpensive and will come in handy time and time again for a multitude of uses. A little
goes a long way.


 Calcium is a key player in cold sore healing and prevention. Calcium is the main mineral that keeps
the body alkaline. Your body is healthiest when it is slightly alkaline. The cold sore virus hates an
alkaline environment.

 It is almost a sure bet that if you have a cold sore, or get them frequently, your body has turned slightly
acid due to stress or illness. Sufficient calcium intake every day can help prevent these cold sores by
helping to reduce the acidity of your body.

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                                     Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Most good multi-vitamins should contain a daily dose of 1000 milligrams of calcium. If yours does not,
you may need to get an additional calcium supplement.

 If you are under a lot of stress, or get a lot of cold sores, a daily dosage of 2000 milligrams would be in
order. With supplements, calcium is poorly absorbed. Search for a high-absorption formula.

 The best form of calcium is from real food. Canned salmon (with bones in) is an excellent food source
for calcium. Asparagus, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower are also excellent sources of body-ready

 Usually a combination of food calcium and supplement calcium is the right choice of remedies for cold


 Tea - in the form of tea bags - is one of the more powerful remedies for cold sores. Most of those who
use this remedy use black tea. A growing number of folks, however, are discovering herbal tea to be
even better.

 You can experiment with different herbs, but it seems the most success has been with mint tea. There
are many blends that contain mint. As long as the tea contains mint, you will do fine.

 Make as strong a batch of this tea as you can take. Sipping on it is quite refreshing and will help attack
the cold sore virus internally.

 The best results come from applying the hot, wet tea bag to the cold sore area. The phyto-nutrients
from the tea will stop the progression of the virus and heal the cold sore quickly.

These are just three of several great remedies for cold sores that have been well proven over time.
Give them a try the next time you get a cold sore.

 The more cold sore treatment options you have, the more you can combine them and fine-tune them
for your personal needs. Keep searching and discover the best remedies for cold sores for a lifetime of
cold sore freedom.

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A Great Intro Into Herbal Remedies
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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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