Cognitive Therapy Treatment For Health Anxiety

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                                        Cognitive Therapy Treatment For Health Anxiety
                                                      By Karen Hastings, Edinburgh

   Health anxiety refers to having a preoccupation with a fear of having a serious illness or disease,
despite medical investigations that show the person is healthy. A person with health anxiety will often
misinterpret normal physical sensations as a sign of serious illness. For example, flu-like symptoms
may be misinterpreted as a sign of HIV and tests that indicate the person is HIV negative may be
discounted as unreliable.

 Health anxiety can be treated effectively with CBT therapy, Edinburgh. The approach used is very
similar to that used for treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This involves helping the person with
the anxiety to realise that the current way they are dealing with the worrying health thought and feeling,
actually keeps the problem going. Factors that keep the problem going include: trying to block the
thought, giving health thoughts over –importance such as “It means I will never get better”, constantly
seeking reassurance from others, reassuring self with certain phrases or thoughts, looking on the
Internet, seeing numerous health practitioners, stopping life activities and giving the thought lots of

 CBT therapy, Edinburgh can help you to accept that in fact your problem is not that you have a health
problem and must constantly check whether this problem is real, but that your problem is that you
worry too much about your health and that this is what's keeping your anxiety going.

 A CBT therapist, Edinburgh, will help you become habituated to your anxious health thoughts, which
basically means learning to accept your thoughts, let them come and welcome them in. They are just
thoughts, not the truth or a prediction of your future. Accepting and letting our thoughts in, will trigger
more anxiety at first but if you practice this regularly then your anxiety will naturally fade. This is called
exposure therapy and must be done alongside a technique called response prevention, which means
not seeking reassurance or trying to make the thoughts feel better!

 Practising a form of meditation called mindfulness can help you develop the tools to accept unpleasant
thoughts and feelings without trying to change them. This acceptance will mean that you will be able to
overcome your problem. It’s the worry that is keeping it going.

Karen Hastings is a NHS experienced senior mental health occupational therapist, Master NLP
practitioner and hypnotherapist. Karen uses hypnotherapy in Edinburgh, along with cognitive therapy
and NLP approaches. For more information visit

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                                           Behavioral Therapy For Anxiety Attack Support
                                                             By Keld Frantzen

If you are struggling from anxiety attacks, it is essential you realize there is a plethora of diverse ways
you can seek therapy. There is anxiety attack support out there waiting to help you get through this
trying patch in your life. One form of treatment you can seek is behavioral therapy, which offers a few
unique options.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy and exposure therapy can be exceptionally beneficial. These are two
very useful treatments that can provide you with the anxiety attack support you need. Both are
behavioral therapies which means they focus on the behavior side of the problematic as oppose to the
psychological issues you have been dealing with.

To help you better understand these two concepts, let�s break them down into additional detail.
First, cognitive-behavior therapy is going to focus on your thoughts as well as behaviors. This type of
support and therapy is going to help you identify any kinds of destructive thinking patterns that you
have developed over time. Often it is your thought-process that ultimately leads to a panic attack or
anxiety attack.

In addition to focusing on your harmful thinking patterns, it is also going to challenge any irrational
beliefs that may be fueling the anxiety. It is of the essence you understand what is causing your
problems so you can face them head-on.

The second kind of behavioral therapy that can offer you anxiety attack support is exposure therapy.
Exposure therapy will have you face your fears directly while in a safe and controlled environment. It
can be trying and upsetting looking at your fears and stepping up to them, but doing so in a controlled
setting allows you to stay calm and relaxed.

The goal is to get you to face these fears multiple times through your imagination or in actuality. In
doing so, it will allow you to gain control over these situations that you otherwise would have broke
down to. The more you face these fears without being damaged or harmed the easier it will be to
reduce your overall anxiety.

There is no question that anxiety attacks can be disconcerting and trying to deal with. It is crucial you
seek anxiety attack support so you can get through these rough patches in your life. While there are
several treatment options for you to look into, taking the behavioral therapy approach can prove to be
exceptionally beneficial. This article has highlighted two of the chief behavioral therapies that you can
use to get through your anxiety.

About the Author:
Keld Frantzen

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