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									                          RUDE PROM OTIONS

Rude Promotions is a promotional group set up with an aim to provide quality soulful
music nights at your venue.

We like to work closely with each venue so that the events can be as successful as
possible. We organise the advertising i.e., posters, flyers, vouchers and have an
experienced group of people who let people know about the event, and get feedback
from the public. This can help improve the promotion as well as other functions at
the venue. We also believe that bar promotions help the event for the first few nights;
a popular and inexpensive one is a free drink! We also have promoters handing out
bar promotion vouchers on the night.

We can also make the venue a little bit different if required, by enhancing the
surroundings, so it can be recognised as a different event. It also helps to create a
nicer atmosphere. We usually do this by adding decoration and extra sound
equipment and lighting effects.

Soulful music is becoming increasingly popular and has lots of variations & different
tempos to make it interesting to most crowds. This genre of music can include soul
from the 80’s as well as the more up to date style’s, such as funky house, R & B, US
Garage (not UK garage), so that it can appeal to a wide audience. The type of music
played would depend on the crowd wanted as well as the regulars. Rude promotions
uses Dj’s recognised by PW Audios who regularly provide venues with high-quality,
experienced Dj’s. We also have links with other agencies for the more famous DJ.

At present Rude as had an excellent success rate by increasing takings and
enjoyment in the venues we have gone in to.

We will work hard to provide a unique solution for each venue so please arrange a
meeting to enable us to discuss what we can do in more detail.

Paul Williams

                  58 Lark Vale, Aylesbury, Bucks Telephone. 01296415509 Mobile . 07930213001

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