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									                               Mr. Williams: Student Expectation Class Contract

Be on Time: “Tardy Policy”
    1) I agree to be in class everyday on time prepared to share in the learning process. I agree it is my responsibility
       to be prepared with a pencil or pen, paper, textbook, and required materials.
    2) Student will be counted tardy if not in their seat and prepared for the start of class at the beginning of class.
       This is important as being late will affect how well you do in this class. Repeated tardies will result in a 10
       minute in room detention will be given and be served during the lunch recess period.
    3) If continued tardies are received parents will be notified and a student /parent / teacher conference will be
       scheduled to find a solution to the problem.
Classroom Rules:
   1) Observe and follow all school rules listed in your student handbook.
   2) When you have something to say you need to raise your hand and be recognized. This is respectful of others in
       the class and the teacher.
   3) Do not wear hats, sunglasses, or headphones in class. If you make this choice they will be taken and your
       parents will be asked to come and pick them up.
   4) Do not write on tables, desks or walls. I will ask you to clean them if you do.
   5) The use of cell phones is not allowed.
   6) You will be expected to maintain an assignment list and be prepared to turn them in at Mr. Williams request.
   7) Please do not sharpen your pencil when the teacher or another student is talking.
   8) Do not rock on the chairs. I have seen one to many cracked open heads and wish not to in the future.
   9) Do not make rude remarks; put downs, racist, sexist or religious comments. If you choose to make these
       remarks you will be asked to write 50 “nice or complementary” words for the rude remark. Keep it positive!
   10) Do not hit, push, make inappropriate noises, move desks or engage in any other type of horseplay. This is for
       your safety as well as others in the room.
   11) The clock does not dismiss the class. Remain in the classroom or at your seat until dismissed by the teacher.
   12) Fighting and profanity will not be tolerated. Students will be sent immediately to the office and your parent
       will be called.
   13) Do not turn on any water, gas outlets, or open windows without prior permission. This is related to safety and
       there may be a reason they are closed or off. Please ask first.

Computer usage and going to computer lab.
          The use of the computers is a privilege. DO NOT change computer settings or load any programs or
             applications without prior approval. The computers are used by many people and changing settings
             will create problems and slow down machines. The changing of or the loading of programs onto the
             computer will result in your loosing the use of the computer and its privileges. When we are en route
             to the computer lab, you are to act appropriately and remain quiet because there are other classes going
             on while we are in the hall. While we are in the lab, work hard on your assignment, and if you need
             assistance, please do not disrupt anyone else’s work while you are waiting for help.

Plagiarism and academic dishonesty:
You need to know that you can be failed for even common forms of plagiarism. This includes the common "cutting
and pasting," where you use text from books or other sources (including the internet). You need to state where you
found this information and give credit where credit is due in the form of citation to that source. This is through the use
quote marks to indicate that you used the author's words and then state at the end of your paper where you received
that information. – The use of plagiarism will result in the receipt of a zero as a score for your work.

To avoid plagiarism, every direct quotation must be identified by quotation marks or by appropriate indentation and
must be properly cited. If you pull information from some place create a citation in your paper and give credit for its
use. Think of it this way, you would want to receive credit for your own work and so does the author of the
information you are using.

                             Continued on Page 2: Keep this page for your own records.
                                                          Page 2 Mr. Williams - Student Expectation Class Contract

                     Things you Need to Know and Have to succeed in class:

      You will need to create a section in your notebook to keep your science / literature notes and papers.
       You will also be provided a file folder in the classroom to help keep these papers. It is your
       responsibility to keep this file folder neat and organized. This is not a place to keep your text book.
       Some tests will be open notes so keep your notes organized so that you will have them for the test.

      Any textbook that are assigned to you during the year must be covered at all times. You are
       RESPONSIBLE for it. There will be periodic checks for points on this being done. Any marks made
       in it or damage will result in a fine.

      A pencil will be needed for charts graphs etc. Black, Blue or lead pencil are the only colors accepted
       for homework or assignments turned into Mr. Williams. Assignments written in "fancy colors i.e.
       colored gel pens, metallic pens" will not be accepted or graded. It is just too hard on my eyes to read
       some of those colors. You may use other colors if you choose to take class notes for your own use if
       you so choose.

      It is your responsibility to be in class everyday on time prepared to share in the learning process. It is
       also very important that you be prepared and come to class with a pencil or pen, paper, textbook,
       and required materials. If you do not have your “tools” it is very difficult to succeed.

      The class point distribution will consist of roughly the following. 30% quizzes and tests, and 70%
       labs, homework, papers, notebooks, oral presentations, group & individual projects and classroom

                                       Class grading scale is as follows:
                                     90 - 100% = A           80 - 89% = B
                                     70 - 79% = C            60 - 69% = D

There is no reason to earn anything less than a C. I will ride you if you're in the D - F area. I want you to
succeed so ask if your having problems or don't understand something. I am here to help you.

      All assignments and papers should have the following information in the heading: If paper is not
       properly headed points will be deducted from the assignments score.

                                                                                       First Name Last Name
                                                                                                 Class Name

                                   Title of lab / paper or assignment page

                                    Keep this page for your own records.
                              - Detach and Return this page for Class Credit -
                                  Mr. Williams: Student Expectation Class Contract
I understand that I am expected to come to class on time and be prepared to learn and participate. I understand that all homework
assignments are due at the beginning of the class.

I understand that Mr. Williams expects me to demonstrate a positive mental attitude, to focus on what we are learning while in
class, respect myself, my teacher, and my peers, work hard, and ask questions when I do not understand something or what is
expected of me.

I understand Mr. Williams expects me to take responsibility for myself and my education. This means paying attention and
participating during class, asking questions when necessary, and that I am personally responsible for getting and completing make-
up work.

I understand that my citizenship and participation grade is based on attendance, promptness, preparedness, and classroom
behavior. I understand that I will lose my participation points if I do not live up to Mr. Williams behavioral expectations.
Furthermore, I have read and understand Mr. Williams student expectation class contract.

I understand that cheating, in any form, is unacceptable and that I will receive a zero on the assignment if I am caught cheating.
Plagiarism is considered cheating.

I understand that Mr. Williams will call home when there is a problem that cannot be resolved in class or if I violate a term of this

_______________________________               _____________________________                 ___________
       student name                                 student signature                       date

I have read Mr. Williams Student Expectation Class contract with my son/daughter, and I understand its content I understand Mr.
Williams expectations and I will contact him if I have any questions or concerns. If Mr. Williams has any concerns or questions
regarding my son/daughter, he may contact me at:

______________________              ________________________             ___________________________
home phone                          work phone                           email address

_____________________________                 _____________________________                 ____________
parent/guardian name                          parent/guardian signature                     date

If you have any questions please feel free to talk to me in person. I can be reached at ________________or my email address at I will do my best to check the email as often as possible but at times might not get to it as
quickly as needed. Many of the class projects can also be found on my website at

I am committed to creating a positive learning environment where students feel safe and comfortable learning and asking
questions. I will be committed to doing everything I can do to help a willing student succeed in my class.

Thanks and again welcome to class!

__________________________________                              _________________
Chad Williams                                                          date

For ten extra credit points include a letter to me about your child. Tell me what is special about your child, the way he/she learns,
or any interests that I might help them learn. I am anxious to know as much about my students as possible, so as to better serve
their educational needs and make them feel appreciated as individuals.
                    Mr. Williams – Class Supply List
The following is a list of items that students should gather and have at the start of the
school year. Other teachers may have other requirements for their classes.

      1 box of colored pencils
      Pencils (24 pack, #2)
      1 block pencil eraser
      100 pack of College ruled notebook paper (loose leaf)
      Pens (black or blue, other colors not acceptable for homework that is to be turned in for
      2- spiral notebooks for journal and lab activities
      Glue stick
      Scotch tape
      2 highlighters (one green highlighter and one yellow highlighter)
      2 pens – (colors other than black and blue that can be used for editing and correcting)

Other Helpful items to have for success in class
    Pocket dictionary
    Pocket thesaurus
    Calculator – I realize the cost don’t go spend a lot on this item.
    A desire to learn and get ahead in life

             Students will need to have a planner / calendar in which they write their
              assignments for each class everyday. These will be checked for credit to see
              that they are being filled out. Parents please check your student’s planner for
              daily assignments and due dates for assignments that will be collected at a
              future date. Some assignments and project outlines can be found on my
              website at Student help resources as well as parent
              resources can be found on the website at

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