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English: Essay Art History Three Works of Art from the Baroque


A critical Essay about the three works of art from the Baroque period through Post Modern Era.

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									              Sub: English                                                                               Topic: Art History

              Write a critical essay about three works of art from Baroque period to postmodern era. Answer
              the following points:

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              • A description of the works including the style. Describe basic facts, as well as the visual
              appearance of the work (what does the viewer see? Where are key figures located? What tells
              us that the work is of a particular style?)
               • A summary of the artists' personal philosophies of art (if they can be found in published
              sources), and the prevailing trends and schools of thought in the art world at the time and in
              the place the artist was working. For instance, discuss what was taking place in the artist's city,
              country, and/or church that may have provoked a reaction from the artist or the greater
              society. Include any information that might help the reader understand the artist's point of
              view or why the artist made his or her choices in this work of art.

              • An explanation of how the works fit into the context of the time period.

              • Compare the three works in terms of form, content, and subject matter. Using the
              terminology and concepts that you have learned in the course, explain the similarities and
              differences in the styles of the works and the context in which they were made. Compare and
              contrast their aesthetic qualities and symbolic significance, as well as the artists’ points of view.
              Your personal point of view that you have developed throughout the paper will be summarized
              here. As with the preceding three sections, you will write in your own words, supported by



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