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									              Sub: English                                   Topic: Essay Writing-Experiental Marketing

              Whole foods, Bath and Bodyworks, Starbucks, and Sephora are highly experiential stores. What
              makes for sensory engagement in these stores? How do they use design, layout, products to
              engage the senses, stimulate emotions? How do different zones appeal to particular sense? Use
              examples and quote from the PowerPoint notes.

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              Conduct an ethnography to compare and contrast these stores for how they promote and
              encourage styles of shopping and interaction/behavior within the store. Explore issues of store
              design, store layout, items/products sold, flow of traffic as well as apparent social relations,
              people's interactions, styles of shopping, issues of gender and class to analyze your findings.

              The current scenario shows that shopping is a part of everyday activity. Looking around, there
              are many stores trying to compete in the world of continuous transformation and changes.
              Every moment of alertness is required to survive in this modern world of expectations.
              Experiential Marketing is trying to make its place to realize the needs and requirements of the
              consumers. Many of the shoppers make their purchase at the point of sale. The obsession on
              particular brands is slowly reducing to give room to experiments with the upcoming of many
              supermarkets, malls, shopping centers, which displays in-number of products with multiple
              brands. There are more number of promotional activities that take place in the stores to ensure
              consumer awareness of the products and experimentation with new brands. Adding to the
              packages are freebies and incentives for certain products, which catches the immediate
              attention of the consumers.


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              Sub: English                                   Topic: Essay Writing-Experiental Marketing
                        In recent years, ‘experiential marketing’ has come along with ‘marketing execution’. The
              reason behind this is that it focuses on promoting or developing highly visible, interactive and
              sensory-engaging environments in which the products are showcased (Interact, n.d. para.1).
              Experiential marketing focuses on diverse areas. A large emphasis is laid on the walk-in
              experience of these environments. This is done in order to support customers for undergoing a
              positive, intuitive, memorable and engaging atmosphere. For many people, the place of
              shopping helps in connecting with their identities. The image, structure, content and place of
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