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					iTunes and iPod
     Katie Floyd
   MacPeople MUG
        Loading iTunes

• The most recent version is always available
  as a free download from Apple’s website
• Comes on any iPod installation CD
• A part of Apple’s iLife Suite
• Pre-loaded on all new Macs and some PCs
        System Requirements
                   Mac                                      PC
                                          Music Requirements
Music Requirements                        •Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 or later or
•Mac OS 10.3.9 or later                   Windows XP
•500MHz G3 Processor or better            •500 MHz Pentium Class processor
•Quicktime 6.5.2 or later (included)      •Quicktime 7.1.3 (included)
•256 MB RAM                               •256MB RAM
•Combo or SuperDrive for burning          •Supported CD-R/DVD-R drive for burning
•Broadband Internet Connection            •Broadband Internet Connection
recommended (for buying music)            recommended (for buying music)

Additional Video Requirements:            Additional Video Requirements
•1 Ghz G4 Processor or Better             •2.0 GHz Pentium Class Processor
•Quicktime 7.1.3 or later (included)      •512MB RAM
•16MB Video RAM                           •32MB video RAM
•Broadband Internet Connection Required   •Broadband Internet Connection Required
(for buying video)                        (for buying videos)
        Installing iTunes

                          Step 2: Double Click
                           on the installer and
                           follow the prompts

Step 1: Download iTunes
Getting Music in iTunes

• After instillation, iTunes will attempt to scan
  your hard drive for any compatible files and,
  with your permission, add them to your
  Music Library.
• You can load music from any CD you own
• You can buy music from the iTunes Store
Choosing an Encoder
iTunes gives you several
options for encoding your
music. For most people,
using the default AAC
encoder will give you the
best balance of audio
quality and file size.
Audiophiles may choose
to encode their music at
higher quality. If you use
the default encoder, you
don’t need to change
these settings.
        Comparing Options
                   File Size
                 (5 Minute Song)          Pros                       Cons
                                                                Not computable with
    AAC                             Best balance between
  (128kbps)       4.8MB                      size.
                                                               some third-party music
                                                                   Large files, not
                                                               compatible with older
Apple Lossless     34MB            No loss in audio quality.
                                                                iPods or third-party
                                   Broadly-compatible with At lower bitrates sound
  (192kbps)         7MB             non-Apple players and
                                     computer systems.
                                                            quality may not be as
                                                                good as AAC.

                                   Uncompressed files with      Both create very large
WAV and AIFF       52MB                no data loss.                   files.
Importing From A CD
To import songs into
iTunes, just insert a CD
into your computer and
click Import CD. Or set
up iTunes to automatically
add music when you
insert a CD.
 Song and Album Titles
By Default, your CD will look
like the picture below. It’s a
good idea to go ahead and
input your album and song
names as you import your
CDs. If you’re connected to the
Internet, iTunes will attempt to
automatically get track names.
You can also do this manually
as shown on the right.
    Song and Album Titles
iTunes usually does a good
job of matching up CDs with
their proper album and song
titles, but you do want to
double check the information
and correct any errors.
Before your import a CD,
simply double click on the
Titles to change them.You can
also highlight songs and use
the Get Info command to
change information for
individual or a group of songs.
    Buying Music From the
         iTunes Store
•   Music you purchase from the iTunes store will automatically be
    added to your Music Library with proper song and album titles.

•   Songs cost $0.99, Most Albums are $9.99
•   A Podcast is like as a
    talk radio program
    broadcast over the
    internet and available
    for download.

•   There are thousands
    of free podcasts
    available for
    download on iTunes
    on hundreds of
    different topics.
          The Source List
    The Source List gives you easy access to
         everything in your collection

•    Your library contains    •   Shared shows you
     all your media               music libraries you are
     organized by category        connected to over a
•    One click takes you to
     the iTunes Store.        •   You can create new
     iTunes automatically         playlists and drag in
     adds purchased songs         songs, or create Smart
     to your library.             Playlists that
                                  automatically update
                                  based on criteria your
•    Devices include iPods
     and CDs. Click a
     device to see more
     info. or a burn.
                   Basic Controls
                              Expanded View:

 Close, Minimize and             Toggle
                                                  Change Views
  Restore Window                 Display

Previous Song                     Song Name
  Pause/Play  Volume Slider   Artist/Album Name              Search Field
 Next Song                          Timeline
                                                  Minimized View:
Playlists organize
your music
manually by
dragging and
dropping songs
from the library
into Playlists. Or,
setup criteria for
automatic sorting
using Smart
          CDs and DVDs
You can burn your
music to audio CDs
playable in standard
CD players or to a
Data CD or DVD
which allows you to
backup more songs
per disk and is
playable in certain
specialized players.
      FairPlay Restrictions
The iTunes Music Store uses FairPlay, Apple's digital rights
management system that's designed to be fair to the artist, to
the record companies and consumer. Fairplay only applies to
songs and videos purchased off the iTunes Store. In a nutshell,
your FairPlay agreement entitles you to do the following:

  •   Play music on up to 5        •   Unlimited burning audio
      authorized computers.            CDs of individual songs

  •   Unlimited synching with      •   Burn playlists of songs
      iPods                            up to 7 times.
Authorizing Computers
You can play your music
downloaded from iTunes on
up to 5 computers at any
one time. To authorize a
computer, simply type your
password when prompted.

It is important that you
remember to deauthorize a
computer when you no
longer wish it to play your
    Keeping Organized
Songs take up space on
your hard drive, and over     •   Consolidate your music
                                  into your iTunes Library
time your iTunes Library          so you don’t have
can have a tendency to            multiple copies of the
become a little                   song on your Hard Drive
disorganized. Here are a
few tips for keeping things
running soothly:              •   Delete duplicate songs

                              •   Make sure song and
                                  album information is
           Sync With iPod
•   You can sync your iTunes
    Library with any of
    Apple’s current or
    pervious lines of iPods

•   Music will Sync on all
    iPods up to the space
    limitations of the iPod.
    Videos will sync to the
    full size iPod.
                iPod Controls
 Menu Button

Previous/Rewind                  Next/Fast-
  Click Wheel

Dock Connector                   Pause/Play
Navigating the iPod
             Sync Your iPod
You choose exactly what syncs to your iPod
using iTunes built-in iPod preferences.

•   Music

•   Movies and TV Shows
    (Full Size iPod)

•   Podcasts

•   Photos

•   Contacts and
  Sync Your iPod
Sync all songs or specific playlists.
iPod for File Storage
You can also use your iPod as a portable
   drive to backup or transport files.
iPod Accessories
iPod Accessories
Live Demo

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