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              Which TV is better LCD or Plasma for video games and in graphic wise so u just have to compare
              it the two types of TV with each other to see which one is better.

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                                                 Which TV is better: LCD or Plasma?
                     The ‘Day-to-day’ advancements in high technology have affected every field of activity
              indulged by the mankind. Of course, there are certain fields where advancement of technology
              is making its impact so strong that changes happen every hour. While communication and
              computer come in this category, the consumer durables sector is not far behind. Televisions
              have long past entered the ‘essential’ category as a household requirement even in the
              developing and under-developed countries. The latest technology has made phenomenal
              improvements in the television industry. There has been a consistent improvement in different
              aspects: the viewing comfort, the picture clarity, the audio quality, viewable range, flexibility in
              watching time, etc.

                     The modern televisions, with flat panels, are quiet popular among people. These are
              made from two different technologies. The first type is known as ‘LCD’ (Liquid Crystal Display);
              the second technology is known as ‘Plasma’. Both their screens are flat, making viewing more
              pleasurable with less strain on the eyes. Both LCD and Plasma TVs are attractive and it is
              worthwhile making a thorough study and a decision after marking the intended applicati
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