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               Write a descriptive essay on the topic "The Decorations and Rituals of a holiday you know".

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                                                              The Descriptive Essay

                                          The Decorations and Rituals of a holiday you know

                                                                A Year Long Wait

                      The word holiday by itself brings to one’s mind a sense of happiness, joy, and
              amusement. When the holiday turns out to be a day of celebration, it becomes even more
              pleasurable and brings tons of joy and mirth. Our entire family and friends wait a yearlong for
              one special day, which we rejoice celebrating. The day holds much significance in terms of the
              traditions and customs, the preparation and plans, the idea of decorations, and most
              importantly the union with family. The day that I eagerly look forward is the 25th of December,
              the Christmas day. Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ and brings to one’s mind the feel of
              joy and peace. The celebration mood begins right from Thanksgiving Day and spreads through
              the entire month of December. The whole atmosphere
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