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The Business Owners Legal Solution Plan


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									The Business Owners
 Legal Solution Plan
 Want to know the Legal Secrets that
 create high dollar success for small
   business owners just like you?
Business Owners Legal Solution
Pre-Paid Legal Services,
Inc., and
GoSmallBiz.com have
teamed up to bring you
an unparallel service that
your business can not be
with out in today's
market place.
    Business Owners Legal Solution
   If you can answer yes to any of these following
    questions then this is Secret you have been missing in
    your business!
   Have you ever needed to talk with an attorney
    about a business move or tax situation but
    couldn’t because you could not afford the hourly
   Have you ever been in a situation where a letter
    or phone call from YOUR attorney would have had
    a better outcome then the action you did take?
   Have you ever had problems with collecting on
    outstanding debt?
    Business Owners Legal Solution
   Have you ever signed a contract without
    having an attorney review it for you?
   Have you ever had a city zoning problem?
   Have you ever wished that you could talk
    with a Successful Business Advisor to help
    you make a profitable decision?
   Have you had problems with a bad joint
   Have you had trouble with incorporating
    and knowing which entity has the best tax
    strategy for what you do?
     “The Ace Up Your Sleeve”
  If you answered “Yes” to any of those
  questions then this is the “Ace up YOUR
                  sleeve” .
 See, there is no place in the world where
  you are going to get solid business advice
  without it costing you something precious
 to you, either YOUR Time or YOUR Money!
What is sad is when you try to go it alone it
               costs you BOTH!
Making Decisions To Make Money!
When YOU are trying to make solid business
 decisions that will have a positive outcome
     to YOUR financial situation it is often
 difficult to find someone who can help you
    without them taking advantage of you
                     isn‟t it?
It seems that someone out there is always
   trying to take advantage of you the little
                    guy right?
        This Is Not For You…
The SECRET BUSINESS Solution I am about
  to share with you is not for someone who
   is looking to take advantage of someone
 else. It is not for the person who thinks
   that they can do it all on their own. This
 SECRET is not for the person who thinks
      that they have all the business tricks
  figured out. This is not for the guy who
   has his head in the sand thinking that he
     knows everything about his business.
  This Is For The Business Owner
  This Business Secret, is for the small business
   owner who wants to work smarter not harder.
   This is for the person who wants to build an
   empire on a solid foundation of correct
  business principals that have transcended
                  the ages.
The Business Secret I am going to share with you,
  will help you to work worry free, which will help
   you make more money, while doing business
        from a place of power, and credibility.
The Secret About Donald Trumps
This Business Secret is so powerful that the
  very wealthy have been the only ones to
 tap into until now. This Business Secret is
  what has kept people like Warren Buffet,
   Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Michael Dell,
   Robert Kiyosaki, and Oprah Winfrey, to
  keep building multiple streams of income
       with no hassle and no stress.
The Secret That The Wealthy Pass
      To Their Children…
 This is the Business Secret that only the
      wealthy have passed down from
  generation to generation. It is how the
 family business keeps getting bigger and
 bigger. It was has made the families like
    the Kennedy‟s, Gates, J. Paul Getty,
 Trump, Ford, Rockefeller, Bell, and many
         others American Royalty.
  And I am going to share it with you!
    What The Big Successful
Businesses Have That YOU Don’t.
As a private wealth manager, it is my job to study
    how money, estate, and businesses can be
   protected. Protected from eroding factors like
   taxes, family members, technology, inflation,
    death, divorce, market risk, Identity Theft,
 disability, creditor claims, and law suites. So as I
     studied the wealth strategies of the most
    wealthiest people on the planet, I noticed a
    common ground with all of them…are you
Playing By The Rules of Business
       & Extreme Wealth!
 They all had similar strategies that were laid out
   by those who knew the rules to the game that
        they were and still are playing today!
You are playing the game of being in business for
  yourself to make a good living that you hope will
    set your family up for generations to come.
   Well how in the world can you play this
     game if you do not know the rules,
   especially when the rules are changing
     constantly and rarely in your favor?
     It’s Like Playing Monopoly!
    What YOU must understand is that a
      business Principal or Strategy usually
  means that there is a law or rule allowing
   it to be played a certain way by a certain
        person in a certain position right?
Look at Monopoly, can you just put up big
  red hotels the minute you buy a property?
       NO, you know the formula, 4 green
           houses, equal 1 red hotel.
Do YOU KNOW ALL The Rules?
So it is in business. Especially YOUR BUSINESS!
If you do not know the rules, or have someone
 that does, what are the chances of you winning
                      the game?
              That is right, very slim.
 Which is why there is a huge failure rate in the
 small business world. I am sure that you know
 your statistics. If not, the odds are not in YOUR
                  But they can be.
  How Much Does One Question
         Cost YOU?
For quite some time, having access to an attorney
     has been the privilege of only the wealthy.
 I have a friend in Texas who owns a health care
     company, and he is on the phone with his
    attorneys constantly! Why because when he
   decides to buy a health care company, expand,
    offer new services, or understand tax law, or
     gain leverage with local, state, and federal
  government, it is his attorneys that let him know
               how to play the game.
       Do You Have Than Kind of Leverage?
 Business Owners Legal Solution
  Can YOU afford that kind of leverage?
I am going to guess not, seeing over 70%
    of you do not even have your will or
  estate planning up to date or even done.
Access to attorneys has been like a country
            club for only the elite.
           BUT NOT ANYMORE!
     YOU Now Have Access!
Thanks to a large publicly traded company
      on the NYSE called Pre-Paid Legal
 Services, Inc. They have broken down the
  wall that once kept you from getting the
 much needed information for you to make
           solid business decisions.
 Until today you had to ask friends, family
   members, and sometimes competitors
          how to handle situations.
       Access is NOW YOURS!
                   Not anymore!
As of right now you will have access to top quality
      attorneys to help you make those crucial
  business decisions. You will have attorneys that
  specialize in business law, tax law, immigration,
  contract, employee hiring / firing, at your finger
Here are some testimonials of people like you who
   have used this „Ace‟ and will never be with out
           What This Member Said…
“Dear Pre-Paid Legal;
   Recently I was in a Worker‟s Compensation case involving companies in both Texas,
   and California. [One of your lawyers from] Ross & Mattews in Fort Worth, Texas
   responded IMMEDIATELY providing an outstanding summary of the procedures and
   WHAT MY OPTIONS WOULD BE under Texas law. He further recommend a
   consultation with a California lawyer and said he would make a referral for me.
   Within 2 hours I was called by [another lawyer] from Parker Stanbury in Los Angeles
   California. [He] provided me an outstand summary of the procedures and MY
   OPTIONS under California laws.
   Both lawyers created the impression that answering my numerous questions was
   their most important task of the day. I was most impressed with the efficiency of
   the Pre-Paid Legal System as I was provided outstanding service involving laws in
   two states with only one phone call!
   Subsequently, I have had further question as the case has progressed and have
   called each lawyer with follow-up questions. Each time, I was provided the same
   outstanding service and been so thankful that I was a Pre-Paid Legal member.”
    J.L. Harter
 What Real People Have To Say…
Dear Pre-Paid Legal;
  I am writing this letter to express my complete satisfaction with my
  services received from my Provider Law Firm.
  My Provider Law Firm was one of the most dedicated,
  persistent attorneys I have ever experienced.
  I received a cash settlement and a two year reduction on my lot
  rent. Please acknowledge my complete satisfaction with Pre-Paid
   Legal Services and my Provider Law Firm Lawyer‟s dedicated hard
  M. McCauley
  New York
                        This Could Be YOU!
“Dear Pre-Paid Legal;
    I‟ve been in business for over 15 years. I have used lawyers for various business matters & also
    for many personal matters. I’ve paid rates from $100 to $350 per hour. I must tell you that
    never in all those times did the lawyers I have dealt with, give me the exceptional service I
    received time after time with Ross & Mattews.
    My recent dealing [was] with [a lawyer from] Ross & Mattews. She is the reason for this letter
    She returned my call promptly and from that point she just got better. Not only was her
    knowledge of the law dealing with my case comforting but the fact that she made sure I
    understood each issue she addressed before going forward. [This lawyer] not only gave me
    legal OPTIONS but showed empathy and made me feel that she personally was concerned for
    my feelings and frustrations that I was suffering while dealing with this legal matter.
    I ask [the lawyer] to write a legal letter to address my issues. [She] promptly faxed a copy of the
    letter, reviewed it with me, and sent the letter off in the mail. When the party responded by
    letter to her she called my office to give me an update. I was not in the office. Knowing how
    distraught I was about the outcome she beeped me. I was very impressed that she would go to
    the extra trouble to reach me! I felt that she sincerely cared for my feelings.
    I rarely write letters like this because I feel I‟m not very good at it but certainly could not pass up
    the opportunity to express my appreciation for Ross & Mattews and particularly this attorney. I
    believe she goes far beyond the bounds of moderation to help people like myself. She
    should be commended and recognized for her extraordinary efforts.
    [Her] achievements certainly are an exceptional reflection on what Pre-Paid Legal
    has to offer its members!


    A. D. Noblitt
    Does YOUR Attorney Impress
Dear Pre-Paid Legal,
  I just wanted to send a note to give praise to [my
  Provider Lawyer]. I was very impressed with him
  and the way he went over some contracts and the
  suggestions he made for me. After talking to him, I
 felt as though I‟d known him as a long time friend. He
 really looked out for my interest. And I am very grateful
 for his input. Even my realtor was impressed with his
 D. Mattson, Jr.
           In Their Own Words…
Dear Pre-Paid Legal,
  The service from Dunn, Carney, et al, has been superlative! On every
   contract they have promptly returned my call and have written me a letter
   of response when they couldn‟t reach me by phone.
   I have consistently been treated as a valued “full price” client. I have
   never had the feeling that they felt I was a discount –program customer. I
   was extremely impressed upon seeking legal advice regarding a situation
   involving a former employer and reputation in my profession. The lawyer
   sensed my concern over the matter and not only provided a clear
   answer to the legal matter, but also added a few encouraging and
   affirming words which really helped. My experience was similar when I
   called regarding an auto accident about which I was quite upset.

  W. Arabak
  But I Still Don’t Know HOW…
So here is how it works, You now have access to a
   nationwide network of AV rated attorneys who
  specialize in business law, trial defense, business
                tax law to name a few.
 You will be sent a Small Business Owners Legal
     Solution membership card that grants you
  access to the top rated law firm in your state via
                 a TOLL-FREE number.
  When you have a question about the rules to
   making your business run better you can call
               YOUR ATTORNEY!
With YOUR membership you will be able to
  call and ask YOUR ATTORNEY unlimited
    questions that you need to know the
   Your attorney will then offer you high
  quality advice concerning your business
    matter as well as offer you the best
 The Right Answer at The Right
 You will have access to a wide variety of legal
solutions at no extra cost to you done in a timely
You will have unlimited consultation on matters
 like, Employee hiring / firing, Equipment leases,
   bankruptcy, city zoning, verbal contracts,
 incorporation, small claims, Landlord / tenant
issues, Vendor problems, Intellectual Property,
Worker‟s comp., Bad Check Recovery, Customer
  Complaints, Creditor Harassment, Disclaimer
          Verbiage, and many others.
    How Do Your Letters Fair?
You have written letters to
   people and what was
   their response like? It
  probably went right in to
      the trash, right?
How would you like to
 have YOUR Attorney
 write your next letter
   at NO additional
Want To Collect Some Debt?!?
              How valuable would it be to
                 YOUR Business to have
                  debt collection letters
                written on your behalf by
                 YOUR Attorney? Your
                business can have up to
                    10 separate initial
                collection letters written
                    per month at NO
                  Additional Charge!
           Don’t Sign It!!
You can have YOUR
Attorney review up to
 3 contracts up to 15
pages each month, at
   NO Additional
But I Already Signed it?!?
             Your Business can have
               1 signed contract per
              month up to 10 pages
                reviewed by YOUR
                  Attorney, at NO
                Additional Cost!
Be Sure Those Legal Documents
        Are Done Right!
Attorney will review 3
 business documents
 up to 15 pages each
 & give you accurate,
prompt advice as part
of YOUR Membership!
  Designated Consultations?
  For certain legal          Securities
   situations, YOUR          Patents
Business is entitled to   
                              Anti- trust
 receive 2 telephone
                             Complex Tax Issues
consultations per year       Import / Export customs
  arranged by YOUR            matters
    Attorney- each           Issue arising outside your state
                              within the U.S.
  consisting of up to         Commodities
one half hour on legal
                             Trademarks
   matters such as:          Admiralty
                             International Law
                             Immigration
What I’m Really Concerned about
         is Being Sued!
                Your Business will have up
                   to 75 hours of your
                    Attorney’s time if
                    YOUR Business is
                   named defendant or
                  respondent in a covered
                  civil action filed in court
                      which is related to
                 business activities. Up to
                 15 hours are available for
                    pre-trial work, and the
                   remaining 60 hours are
                     available upon actual
                  commencement of trial.
 So How Much Do I have To Pay?

Your Business will receive litigation representation
 and other legal work within YOUR Business state
     at a 25% discount from YOUR Attorney‟s
               corporate hourly rate!
    Your Business will also receive a Reduced
     Contingency Fee of up to 5% from YOUR
  Attorney‟s contingency fee for contingency type
   cases if YOUR Attorney agrees to accept your
                 case on this basis.
 This can save YOUR Business $1000‟s with this
  So How Much Does It Cost??
 The annual price of this membership is less then it would
     cost you if were to use your own average attorney.
What does your current Attorney cost you? $100 per
 hour on the low end and $350 on the higher end?
    So let‟s shoot for the middle $200 per hour with an
   attorney. They Charge for email questions, phone calls,
     faxes, copies, talking to court people on your behalf.
 If they are talking to you, or about you to someone else
        they are charging you for it at $200 per hour.
         So just for 5 hours that would be $1000!
  Well this Business Success Secret does not even
                   cost that much!
Free Business Secret Bonus # 1
 As a special bonus
  gosmallbiz.com is
  giving these FREE
  Business Building
  Secrets to you for
 becoming a member
FREE Business Bonus #1
           Through gosmallbiz.com you will
              have a place to go when you
                  have a question about
                anything concerning your
               business! This is absolutely
              free and available 24 hours a
                   day! You now have
                  professional business
               consultants ready to answer
                those important business
            It is easy to do as well, you can
               submit your question online at
                 gosmallbiz.com‟s website or
               fax it in and the next business
              day you will have your answer!
   FREE Business Bonus #1
  If you should need or desire direct hands on
  business advice or counseling, gosmallbiz.com
      will attempt to provide you with no-cost
      consulting in your region and make the
                appropriate referral!
    Can you imagine having a successful
   business advisor at no-cost helping you
                build your empire?
This bonus is a huge time, and money saver and
   should get you into profit mode as quickly as
         Business Bonus # 1
Our members ask for help       Internet
 with answers & direction      Marketing
    on various business        Management
      topics such as:
                               Finance
                               Technology
                               Insurance
                               Tax
                               Retirement
                               Travel
                               Accounting
  FREE Business Bonus # 2
How much faster do you think you could make
  changes in your business if you had Timely
Business Articles that covered and array of
 current information at your fingertips to
       help you grow your business?
 Via gosmallbiz.com YOU will have access to
 constant updated material where you can find
  information on subjects that are essential to
 YOUR Business. You can also receive this via
    FREE Business Bonus # 3
Are YOU taping Your Business‟s full potential
               on the Internet?
 The power of the internet has changed the
  way business works and it critical to Your
    Business Success! You can create and
   maintain your own multi-page business
    website using gosmallbiz.com‟s online
  builder. Your Business site is then hosted
    FREE Business Bonus # 4
Imagine having a complete         Business Plans
  guide and resource to use       Time Management
    in starting or building       Banking
        Your Business!
                                  Accounting
  You will receive a FREE
 “Home Office & Small             Psychology of The Home
 Business Program CD-              Office
   ROM”. You will have            Insurance
   hours of university level      Telecommunications
    information to refer to       Investments
    whenever you need it!
                                  Computers
 It covers topics such as:
                                  Finance
       Business Bonus # 5
As and ADDITIONAL Bonus you will receive
    a FREE 1 HOUR of Tax & Accounting
   Consultation as soon as you enroll your
               business today!
       Business Bonus # 6
How would you like to get actual monthly
     information that will give you the
             competitive edge?
 Every month FREE you will receive the
 GoSmallBiz.com‟s monthly e-newsletter!
    In this newsletter you learn about
 strategies, plans, and situations that can
 help you make business decisions in the
  direction of success rather then failure!
   The Small Business Success
 Now you have found out what has been
         eluding you for sometime now.
     It is now time to put an end to the
  frustration of not knowing what to do and
                 when to do it!
Today you have the opportunity to put your
    business on the Fast Track to Success.
         Let’s Get Started!
   To get started with this program just
     contact us by sending an email to
We will answer any questions you may have
   and help YOUR Business start having
               success today!

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